Friday, November 30, 2012

Last day of November

It started snowing few days ago which I absolutely love. Jay bought me a winter hat today because it's very windy and well we had a little snow-storm. Winter hat is totally needed! 
Anyway, we actually wanted to go to ice-skating yesterday, but when we went out and felt the cold wind plus heavy snowing, we changed our minds. Jay said he had better plans..and he just took my hand and walked with me to the bowling :D Nice surprise! It was very fun to play bowling with him. I got strike in every game! Yay! But overall Jay won! 
I have been cooking us delicious dinners. Nothing fancy, but sometimes old and the more tried recipies are so good! 
It's Friday and Jay went back to Finland today. I walked to the harbor with him and then we waited till his boat was leaving, but surprise-surprise, the boat was late because of the storm. So, they said it'll arrive to the harbor 1 hour later. But Jay got to change his ticket and go with another boat that was coming earlier, but actually that boat was due to arrive at 4.30pm. Some people had been waiting for that boat for almost 4 hours :S Poor them! Thankfully Jay got to that boat with the massive amount of other people. He said he was fast and got to the boat very fast and even got a good seat!
Before we went to the harbor we went to the foodshop so he could buy some food to take with him and we bought some for me. He surprised me with 12 little sweets (different chocolates and candies). These are for these 12 days when he's not at home. I put them to my stocking and every morning I can take one sweet, just like my little Christmas dwarf has put it there :) Jay is so wonderful and caring fiance. And he has the biggest heart ever. I am so lucky to be in his heart! 
I cannot wait till he comes home again! I have only 2 weeks left of internship. When Jay comes home I have only 3 days of intership left and after that I am going to Finland with him! We'll come back on 23rd December and next day will be Christmas Eve. By the way, I alreay bought and gave a Christmas present for Jay. I gave him Black Ops II computer game. I actually have something else for him too, but he will get it when it's Christmas Eve!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas feeling

I am totally waiting for Christmas! I decorated my bedroom and I listened to christmas songs yesterday. I really want to have a  christmas tree this year! I hope next weekend I have time to bake ginger cookies! I love the holiday season!!!  And the weather prodcast said it's going to snow this week! How wonderful!
I have a little christmas wish-list even tho we are not going to make presents this year (just one with they lottery - our family tradition). So, but I still have few things I have noticed while shopping and I think I'll just buy myself a little present. Lol.
So, here's my short list:
1) long and short PJ pants!
2) a puppy /(I know I must wait with that one!)
3) Joik candle (christmas scent)
4) Cranberry showergel from The Body Shop

There are few other small things..

Anyway, Jay is coming home 30 minutes! I made him lunch and after he has eaten we are going to the movies to watch Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

4 more weeks

I have been on my internship for the last 3 weeks. Two of them I have given classes myself. So, it means there's 4 more weeks to go. Actually five, but the last week will be more of different Christmas parties and such. Not an actual teaching. I also need to write 10 pages about a porblem that came out while I was teaching at primary school. It's a hard task. Last year I basically had to came up with the problem coz my class was so good and there weren't any problems. But it seems that the problem I was writing about last year is actually this year's problem. Not a big one, but well I think I can manage and write aomething about it. Not sure about 10 pages though. Tough! 
I also have to think of university classes that I'll have on 7th and 8th December. For one class we have to make a doll. So, since I had free time yesterday I decided to make the handmade doll so it's done and I don't have to think about it any more. It came out pretty creepy, I must say. Jay named her Sofia and apperantly she's from Madrid, she's an exchange student and she's learning design. It's all Jay's idea. He even introduced me Sofia talking with Spanish accent which was cute :)

I really want next week to be over already. I want Jay home! I have done all my internship work that needed to be done for next week. So, today I am going to clean home and I'll just rest and relax. My friend Laura is coming to my place tomorrow. I haven't seen her for few months, so it'll be nice to catch up:) 
I'll have a guest on my two history classes on Friday. A lectorer from university is going to watch my class which makes me nervous. I hope students with behave and that everything goes well!

The weather is so frustrating. It's so cloudy, so dark. It is quite rainy. But I need snow to get an energy. Snow reminds me of Chirstmas and well I LOVE Christmas. Snow makes me happy and inspires me. I need that right now. I really hope it'll start snowing soon!
I am so excited for so many things. First, Christmas! Secondly, January because I can spend it with Jay in Finland. Thridly, summer, haha. I know it's quite far away, but still, I cannot wait to spend it with Jay. I am espeically waiting August :) And of course I am waiting the last year of university because as I learned I have classes only in September and October, one class is in November and December. And after that no classes anymore. How wonderful! Of course there's a lot of writing - the research for master paper. But it'll go well. It has to be! I'm trying to be optimistic and not worry about it yet!

But right now the most I wait Jay home! He's my sunshine! He really makes me happy and now matter how hard time I have with schoolwork or something else, he always helps me get through everything. He's my special man!

Oh, I finished reading a book "One Hundred Names" bu Cecelia Ahern yesterday. It was such an amazing book. I am blown away! She's my absolute favorite author. All her books are so amazing. I cannot wait till she writes a new book!!!!

Here are my new super confy and cute slippers! :) They keep my legs so warm!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

love is in the air..

When Jay came home everything was so perfect. I love having him around, I feel so good then! We had a great time together. On 13th Nov we celebrated our 2 and quater years anniversary and we went to a restaurant Wabadus. It's was a very nice evening :) He had to go back to Finland yesterday and now I am waiting till he comes home again! I miss him so much! :(
I try to keep myself busy with my internship. 
The good thing is that I can move to Finland in a year, at the end of December next year. I won't have any classes in spring on my last uni year, so I can move to Finland after autumn semester already! I just have to wait a year..only a year! I am so excited! I wanna be with Jay each and every day!

Even tho Jay and I have been together more than 2 years, love is still in the air..and will be forever! :)

Strawberry smoothie and Gossip Girl.


My new haircut!

Autumn in Tallinn.

Jay and I were walking in a dark autumn night. It was so beautiful!

Monday, November 5, 2012


My fiance is the most thoughtful and romantic guy on Earth! I came home from my internship today and he was waiting for me. There was a romantic lunch on the table with candles, wine and roses. So beautiful! It all came to as total surprise. I loved it! I just wanted to cry. It was so beautiful and I was just sooo happy that he did this all for me! We had a nice romantic lunch. And when we finished with this Jay asked me if I have more space in my stomach - for desert :) I was so surprised that he has a desert too! It was my all time fav -Ben&Jerry's New York Chunky ice-cream! I love it! There was another sweet waiting for me. He said it's in our bedroom. When I opened our bedroom door I saw a room filled with candlelight. He had lightened so many candles and had put them all over the room. It was sooo pretty! And in the table were more candles and my fav chocolate candies - Ferrero Rosher! Yum! Everything was so perfect. Beyond perfect! I have no words to describe how special this all was! I was so happy to be with Jay! And I still am. He's sleeping right now. My little baby :) Hehe! I love him with the bottom of my heart!!!!!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

internship has started!

O'boy. I have an internship and o'boy is all I can say! No, actually it's very good. I am just not used to all this work yet. Last week I was in the class, watching the lessons and didn't have to give any lesson. But next week I will start giving lessons. So, it means I have been planning the next week's lessons the whole day today. I am so tired now. I still have 4 more lessons to plan tomorrow. All maths! Good luck to me!
Anyway, what makes me happy is that Jay is coming home on Monday. I actually have only one lesson to give on Monday and I'll arrive back home just a bit after Jay. I miss him so much! He has a holiday so he'll stay in Estonia for 2 weeks :) Yay!
I decided not to go crazy with this year's internship. Last year I really planned the lessons like crazy and I honesty worked so much. I decided that this year I'll take it easier. I mean, real teachers never do THAT much work as we are supposed to do in our internship. So, yeah, I better be like real teacher :) My class teacher is very nice and supportive and just tells me to take it easy! I like it! She also wants me to plan all sorts of class activities and class "minutes" - every morning they have 15 minutes to talk about upcoming stuff, problems, week topic and so on. Next week's topic is forgivness. I am going to talk about it on Thursday before the 1st lesson. We are also going to a history museum on Friday so I have been organizing that. And we are also going to a water cleaning factory which I have also been planning. It's actually fun to be like real teacher who has to organize different activities and such. Ohh, and teacher told me they are going to have a big party which includes all three 5th grades. And she wants me to do there something. Okay, that freaks me out a bit because I have no ideas. But she said the date is not decided yet and she'll let me know about it later. 
I really like this school because everybody is so nice, helpful and I feel like part of this big family! 
Well, these are my emotions and feelings right now. I even haven't given any lesson yet. I suppose that when I start giving lessons then I'll see how easy or hard students I have to teach and I'll probably get more tired and I won't be as excited anymore. But it's okay. I'll try to do my best, but I won't try to jump out of my own skin. I'll take it easy! :)

My sister Anni stayed over last night and we watched Katy Perry's tour movie which was so good, but very sad at the end. It made me think how fortunate I am that I have the love of my life next to me and he is supporting me! I love Jay!