Saturday, November 3, 2012

internship has started!

O'boy. I have an internship and o'boy is all I can say! No, actually it's very good. I am just not used to all this work yet. Last week I was in the class, watching the lessons and didn't have to give any lesson. But next week I will start giving lessons. So, it means I have been planning the next week's lessons the whole day today. I am so tired now. I still have 4 more lessons to plan tomorrow. All maths! Good luck to me!
Anyway, what makes me happy is that Jay is coming home on Monday. I actually have only one lesson to give on Monday and I'll arrive back home just a bit after Jay. I miss him so much! He has a holiday so he'll stay in Estonia for 2 weeks :) Yay!
I decided not to go crazy with this year's internship. Last year I really planned the lessons like crazy and I honesty worked so much. I decided that this year I'll take it easier. I mean, real teachers never do THAT much work as we are supposed to do in our internship. So, yeah, I better be like real teacher :) My class teacher is very nice and supportive and just tells me to take it easy! I like it! She also wants me to plan all sorts of class activities and class "minutes" - every morning they have 15 minutes to talk about upcoming stuff, problems, week topic and so on. Next week's topic is forgivness. I am going to talk about it on Thursday before the 1st lesson. We are also going to a history museum on Friday so I have been organizing that. And we are also going to a water cleaning factory which I have also been planning. It's actually fun to be like real teacher who has to organize different activities and such. Ohh, and teacher told me they are going to have a big party which includes all three 5th grades. And she wants me to do there something. Okay, that freaks me out a bit because I have no ideas. But she said the date is not decided yet and she'll let me know about it later. 
I really like this school because everybody is so nice, helpful and I feel like part of this big family! 
Well, these are my emotions and feelings right now. I even haven't given any lesson yet. I suppose that when I start giving lessons then I'll see how easy or hard students I have to teach and I'll probably get more tired and I won't be as excited anymore. But it's okay. I'll try to do my best, but I won't try to jump out of my own skin. I'll take it easy! :)

My sister Anni stayed over last night and we watched Katy Perry's tour movie which was so good, but very sad at the end. It made me think how fortunate I am that I have the love of my life next to me and he is supporting me! I love Jay! 

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