Friday, October 26, 2012

first snow, 2012!

I am back in Estonia. I didn't want to leave. Believe me! I love being in Finland with Jay! But oh well, I have to stay focos on my studies till I graduate. So yeah, as I said in another blog I will post some photos that I took in Finland and some that I took in Estonia :) 
By the way, I finally bought today a Joik candle..with the scent of Creme Brulee. It smells sooooooo delicious! Can't wait to burn it :)
Oh,and I forgot to mention that I got amazingly soft new slippers and a thermos traveller mug from a Tiger shop in Hyvinkää. I love that shop! There are sooo many awesome stuff with very good price! I am definitely going back there ;)

PS! It started snowing! We have soooo much snow on the ground already. And today was +1 C degrees. It's cold. Brrr!!!! I am already wearing my winter coat! But guess what? I love this weather :) It reminds me of my fav holiday, Christmases :) 

These are the dark chocolate candies that Jay bought me in Finland! I love these!

Sweet dinner for me and Jay! Pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberry jam!

My sweet breakfast - pancake with cottage cheese, pieces of banana and orange.

View from my window in Hyvinkää.

Another view :)

                        The leaf is frozen!                                                               A beautiful autumn morning!

Apples near railway station in Hyvinkää.

More apples..and bikes. No surprise, it's Finland.

Got the books that Jay and I ordered from England!

First snow in Estonia. I took this photo today morning :)

It's so cold outside. But I am in my room with the hot tea, apples, mandarines, candles, my new book! 

A random shot of my room :P

Me after the interview for KSA. I had a heavy make-up on...this photo doesn't show it very well tho.

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