Tuesday, October 23, 2012

so lovely!

I am so happy!!! I just love being here in Finland with Jay! I have been cooking, which I love! I really like to cook!!! When I am at home in Estonia I do cook, but not so much. I like to cook here way more coz here is a bigger kitchen! Lol :D Yesteday I made fried potatoes with onion and ham. It was so delicious. Simple but good! I also made mozarella sandwiches in the oven with ham and tomates! Today I made fries with fish and for desert I made pancakes. We are them with cottage cheese and strawberry jam. When Jay went to the foodshop to buy milk, he came back with a big candy box for me - Geisha Dark choclate candies! I LOVE these! He knows me so well :) He also bought me Activia yoghurt. Lol. It keeps my stomach calm! :) He's a sweetheart!
I have had such a nice feeling yesterday and today. Like christmases are so close. When Jay and I lay on the bed and only one small lamp is switched on, the room is so romantic and cozy!
I took two photos of today too, but I don't have my cameras cable here, so I'll put the photos up when I get back home!
Since it's so cold outside already, I am graving for hot tea!!!

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