Sunday, October 7, 2012


I read one of my favorite children book "Pollyanna". When I was about 11 y.o I got this book for my birthday. I still remember how happy I was where I got it. I had to go to school that day, but when I came back from school, I went to bed and read the whole book! It was my favorite book! I loved how happy girl Pollyanna was. I loved her "glad" game. Anyway, so now I read it again...for university this time. I want to post here one good thought that the author is trying to say with that book:

Try to find something to be happy about from every situation you come across in life and try to make everybody else happy too, because you can be happy only when people around you are happy.

Katsu leida rõõmu iga pisemastki elunähtusest ja püüa valmistada rõõmu ka teistele, sest õnnelik suudad olla vaid siis, kui kõik sinu ümber on samuti õnnelikud.

I love that. Such a deep message. I am definitely trying to follow that wish thought.

Now about everyday life. I have 2 weeks university left and then I'll have a week holiday that I'll spend in Finland with Jay :) Actually Jay is coming home on Tuesday morning (day after tomorrow!). I am so excited. I am going to clean home tomorrow, I also want to make a pizza for him and sandwich cake. 

I am going to post some photos here that I have taken in September.

                                         Jay and I went bowling! We had such a fun time! He won!

 I went to Finland with Jay when he had to go back to work. I was there for 4 days. Unfortunately I got sick and it sucked! But Jay took such a good care of me! He's a keeper! 
When I was feeling better, I went for a walk to get fresh air. I took my camera with me and I managed to take some photos before it started raining and I had to go back inside. 

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