Monday, June 29, 2009


Everything happens for a reason! I am sure about it now :) I was suntanning out in the garden and then my friend Laura called me and asked me out. They were going to swimming some place near to our town. But i told i will skip this time coz my fav tv series will start soon and my older sis was suntanning with me. I was just lazy. But i promised to do something cool with her upcoming weekend :):D
Well, and i am SO happy i told her i will skip. Because when we finished talking i came to the net for a sec and i saw Demi Lovato was online on myspace and she was on myspace IM too. I decided to write her. I just asked how she is. And she ANSWERED!
I will write the whole conversation:)

hey demi! how are you?
6:07 PM
Demetria Lovato:
Im great, you ?
6:07 PM
its my first time to be online with u at the same time:-D
im good thanks:-)
wts the time in USA?
it must be rly early..or not?
6:09 PM
Demetria Lovato:
Yeap! It's pretty early.
6:10 PM
okayy:-) btw i sooo love ur music!u r one of my fav!=] and ur new music video is super great!im just right now watching
is ur new album out already?
6:10 PM
Demetria Lovato:
Sorry! I gotta go! Loved talking to you :-) And AWEH! Thank you! <3>
6:10 PM
you're welcome:-)
have a cool day =]
love u

back from Palanga!

Oh boy!I had super cool vacation in Lithuania. I never thought it would be so awesome!I loved every second of it:) And i have a lot to tell about it. I even don't know where i should start. Hmm..i guess i will talk about each day.

25th- we started driving from the bus station at 9am.Came out that the bus had two floors. I was in the second floor.It was my first time to be on a road with a double bus. And there were over 60 seats and there were only 30 of us. So it means every one of us had two seats. It was such a confy trip:) It was quite long driving to Lithuania. First stop was in Latvia. Sure we made some little stops more. Boys were drinking too much. When we arrived to Lithuania we stopped in a restaurant. It was cool there. We arrived to Palanga at 8 pm. The motel was really nice. I was in a room with my friends Laura, Elise and Kersti. First thing we did when we arrived there was changing the clothes and went out to the main street and went to the restaurant. Me and Laura also went to the London Eye(well it wasn't really London Eye coz we weren't in London, but it was the similer one).It was AWESOME!It sunset time. So beautiful!I took a lot of pictures up there. After that we went to the beach. We walked there and took pictures and then three Lithuanian guys came to talk to us. We chatted quite long and they asked us out to a drink. So we went to. And it was so cool with them.One was super cute:D haha We sure took pictured with them and changed contacts. We also told them we are going to the beach next day and they wanted to meet us again. Then we left. And later in the motel we told everyone about the guys and stuff. It was cool coz we were the only ones who already met new people in the first night. Me and Laura were so tired and we decided not to go out that late night anymore.Others went to the night club. We went to the bed about 3 am.

26th- breakfast was 9 am. We were a bit disappointed because the breakfast wasn't that delicious as we hoped. We had yogurt and sandwishes and tea. But it all tasted good so it's okay.
That day we all went to a amber musium with our teacher and bus driver. After that everybody did their own things. I got a text msg from the Lithuanian guy who Laura and i met the day before. They asked where are me. Oops. It was 12 pm alreadyand we told them we will go to the beach at that time. But i texted and told we are shopping and will come later. We shopped around. I bought new flipflops coz my others were hurting me. Well, then we went back to the motel and had a lunch. About 2:30 pm we went to the beach. Finally. LOL By the way, in the way there something funny happened. On a street there were people walking quite fast everybody behind others.. Like on a line or something. And some people who they passed by joined with them. It was funny. We decided to join too. It was hilarious. Later they turned to a park and we saw they had some kind of meeting there. Maybe it was a religious stuff. I don't know. Anyway, i forgot to say that we went to the beach with other friends, not only me and Laura. There were 7 of us. Then we met the guys and sat on the sand and just chatted with them. Their English weren't that good. But they understood us and we understood them:) Then we walked on a beach and we told them we gotta go to eat. Well, then we all(girls only) went to a restaurant and had an early dinner. Me and Laura both bought earrings. And then we saw a street artists. There were guys who were drawing a pictures of people. And i really wanted to get a portree of myself too. It wasn't expensive at all. The picture came out pretty cool. Well, maybe it doesn't look like me, but the picture is pretty and it's how the drawer sees me. LOL
My friend Sille also let him to draw her and my friend Elise got a caricature picture of herself. It was so funny! Well, then we went back to the motel and changed the clothes. After that we went out to have fun. It was about 11 pm. There were so many of us. We were walking on the main street and talking to the people.It was cool how we didn't know anybody but still chatted with them. Lithuanian guys are so cute:) haha Our two classmates were CRAZY!There were a lot of attraction..more scarier than London Eye(lol. London Eye isn't scary at all). But well, there two girls went to the MOST scariest attraction. They sat in a big ball and some ropes or whatever they were threw them high up to the sky and back. It was rlyyyy scary. All of us who were watching them and we screamed sooo loud. They also screamed up there but we deffo screamed louder. haha. By the way, we saw there the same cute guy who me and Laura met the day before and who we were together at the beack that day. He just chatted with us a bit and then he had to go wsomewhere with his friends. Then we all went to the beach. And after that most of them went to the night club,but my friends Sille and Elise didn't want to go and i decided to stay with them also. We just walked around and met one guy. He was waiting his two friends. When they came we started walking together. But Elise went home before we did. And i must say i didn't like these guys. Especially one. He was so rude and weird. He kinda forced me and my friend to go with them. And i told clearly that i don't wanna go with them, but they still said come and come and hold even quite tight us.uhh..then i thought thats IT! And i just got myself free and told Sille i don't know what she does but i am going back to the motel. I really didn't understand if she wants to go with these guys or not. But i knew i didn't!Well, i started walking home and Sille called me and told she is coming too and i waited her on the other street. Back in the motel we went to the bed.

27th- breakfast was 9 am like always. At 10:30 am we started driving by bus to the Klaipeda and Nida. To get to the Nida we had to go to a barge. Acrossing the sea took about 10 minutes. Then we drove about 20 minutes to a city where was Delfinarium. There was a big show with dolphins. I loved it <333 It was so cool and the dolphins were so awesome and really cute! The show was about 40 minutes. Then we went to the Nida what is also known as a Nordic Sahara coz there are a lot of sand dunes. It was super cool there. We went to the part where was written 'do not enter'. There was quite high and sand was sliding down when we walked there. We went down the dunes and we hoped we can go where we started, but we couldn't and we had to walk up again. We decided to go straight up although it was a very craggy sand dune. But we made it!:) Then we went to the beach and walked in the city. We went back to the bus at 5:30 pm and drove back to the motel. We asked the bus driver to let us out near to the main street. We decided to spend our all money as it was the last day there. I bought a pair of earrings, a necklace and a ring. And then we went to the foodshop and i bought a lot of candies, cookies and chocolate for my family. Then we went to the motel, ate and changed the clothes. All of us went out again and had SO MUCH FUN that night! We met so so many cool and weird and fun people. We wanted to go to the night club, but we had no money coz we spent all already. The night club owner told she will let us in cheaper if we will kiss their body guards.But we still didn't have enough money so the deal was broken. We also filmed all the time and took pictures. We went to the beach and chatted there. Everybody were joking already and it was all the time very fun!=] Gosh! We met these two guys who were very weird. My classmate was sure they were high. I don't know.I didn't like them much. We also met two Estonian guys who were pretty cool. But it was already 4:30 am and me and most of us decided to go home. But three of my friends decided to stay with them weird(high) guys. Back in the motel we went to the bed at 5 am.

28th - I woke up 8:45 am and saw Kersti was sleeping in her bed all the clothes on. I later heard she arrived back to the motel at 8 am. When we were eating breakfast at 9 am Sille came back to the motel. Came out she was out with the Estonian guys we met yesterday night. And Anna-Liisa was also out with them and came back also at 9 am. But Kersti was the only one who stayed with the weird(high) guy.Well, she was thrilled. She really liked that guy. I actually don't know if he was high, but i didn't like him much. But he was a good looking guy. Oh, the trip was quite crazy! There was also a bit drama and action. My two classmates who are a couple were in a fight. And the action part was that one of my classmate's wallet was stolen in the night club.And came out that body guards were the ones who stoled it. Uhh. He didn't get his money back, but just an enpty wallet. But he was glad he got his documents back!
Back on a bus it was so quiet. We were all so tired and we were sleeping. Later we just watched movies and some guys were drunk and some were just energic coz they hadn't got much sleep. Oh, but the whole trip was so funny and so cool!I so wanna go back to the Palanga! The city wasn't that beautiful or something, but the whole atmosphere were awesome there. It was a very nice trip with my classmates!=]

So, it was a short conclusion of out trip. But there happened so so much more!:D

Now today is 29th and i just sent my applications to the universities. All i have to do is wait now. And on 14th July i must go to the University of Tallinn to make a test and have an interview with some people there. Wish me luck! Tomorrow i will go to Tallinn to my grandmom's place because my work will start day after tomorrow. Geez!I still think i must stay at my grandmom's place. How nice!!:P Anyway, it's super hot outside so i think im going to get some tan now.

=] I will upload some pix of my trip later!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I had a fun and weird day today. I went to Tallinn with my dad. I bought two pairs of new shoes. And then dad drop me off in the city center and he went to work. I walked through the Old Town of tallinn(which i LOVE btw..coz there're so many tourist)..One old Italian couple stopped me and asked the way to the Center of Old Town. They didn't speak english so it was quite funny to describe how they must go. But finally the understood and they also asked how i call the center of the old town in estonian..i told Raekoja Plats.And they tried to was funny and cute :):)

Well, then i went to the bus stop and called my older sis and asked what bus should i catch to go to a Kristiine Shopping Center. She said no.4. So i went to no.4 bus and guess what? IT WAS A WRONG BUS! But i didn't notice. I was listening to my iPod and was thinking abt what i wanna buy and then in the end i wa slike: this the right place where we are driving. Anyway, when the last stop came i understood it's a wrong place. haha. Totally wrong. I had never been there
So, i had to wait there abt 5 min and caught a new bus back. And i decided not to go to the Kristiine Shopping Center. And i decided not to tell anybody abt my stupid day in Tallinn. haha:D It was funny though. When i arrived back to the start i bought an ice-cream and caught a train back home. :)

At home mom and i grilled meat and ate salad. It's a Victory Holiday today here. Then later i came to the net. Right now im talking to Ruby and listening to JB new album ;)

Btw, today i shopped for the food i'll take with me to the trip to Lithuania. In the motel we only get breakfast. But girls and i decided we will take some snack with us. But sure mostly we will go eat out.

I wanna eat cookies right now!Chocolate cookies. so ttyl ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today was a good day!
My lil sis went to the country-side to the summer cottage. So, i have few days to enjoy the freedom at home:) I went to Tallinn with my dad. I bought new bikini which i LOVE <333 And then i bought new headphones for my iPod. My old ones broke down and i needed new ones quickly because when we go to Lithuania we have about 9 hours bus drive..And i wanna listen to my iPod :)
Well, i met today one very cool guy -Teddy. Not face to face though. Just on myspace. I like making new friends.
Anyway, i just had a serious conversation with my parents.LOL Not that serious actually. Mom and i were laughing, but dad was mad. LOL He wants so bad me to study something else from what i want. And he don't understand why we don't agree with him and me and mom just couldn't stop making fun at him. Actually it was nice to talk. I told mom i wanna try and see if i can get into the University of Tallinn to study english&culture and then i maybe will try to get into to study being primary school teacher and english teacher in secondary school. Dad didn't like the last idea. But it's my life. He said that i graduated with straight A's and i got gold medal so it means i should study something better. But he doesn't understand i want to study something i will like to do the rest of my life. And teaching is exactly what i would like to do!:)So, i have decided!yay :) It feels good! Now i just must cross my fingers and hope that i will get into these and that i will get to the free studying(it means that i don't have to pay for my's like a stipendium or something..). I guess i need another MIRACLE! A very very important one!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

graduation :D

Oh, it's really over. High school is OVER! I'm more sad than happy. I know i will see my friends all the time and it's super great we don't have to study that crazy anymore(donno abt the Uni actually:P), but it's not the same. We won't ever be ALL together.. joking around and just having fun school days. Ohh, i'm gonna miss it all.
The graduation was awesome. I got my gold medal and i had to write my autograph to school's book. I also got a money from my city headminister because i graduated with gold medal. Niceee ;) lol
After the ceremony we all went outside and everybody's familes were there saying congrats and giving flowers. It was CRAZY how many flowers i got. We had a class photoshoot. And later me and my friends got lots of pictures togethers!!It was so sweet :)
When i came home soo many relatives were at my house! I had no idea. lol So, i got even more flowers and candies and Oh, we had cooked so much so there was a lot of food!!!!
Everybody were having a super cool time. I took few pics with my sisters and cousins.

Me and my older sis :)

Me and my younger sis :)

Me and my two lil cousins :)

It was surprising how my guests didn't ask so much about my future plans. It was nice! I still haven't decide yet and i don't like if people it makes me feel
Anyway, i really can't wait the last class trip to Lithuania. I am really excited :):D

Oh, and i forgot to mention that my grandpa is the BEST at keeping promises. When i finished 9th grade he told that if i'm gonna graduate 12th grade with gold medal then he will gave me 1000 euros. And that's what he did today! :)

Weather news told tomorrow will be super hot - 30 C degrees! Awesome! I hope we will go to the beach! If not then we will go to Tallinn to the shops. I need new bikinis. And i wanna put my money to the bank. So, my day is planned. lol

Okay, it's a midnight in 4 minutes. I am going to take a shower and go to bed then.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Big day tomorrow!:D

WOW! Time flies! I will graduate tomorrow. Geezz!!I remember the time i went to school for a first time..It wasn't that long was, but doesn't seem so.
I am happy to graduate, but there's still something sad about it too. One part of my life will be over and i must start with a next one. I hope me and my closest friends will stay in touch and see each other all the time. I also wish the University i will pick out and the subjects i will study will be the ones i really love. Making such an important decision isn't easy. I must choose what i wanna do rest of my life.. It's hard!
But tomorrow i don't wanna think about it. I want to enjoy the day and spend a super good time with my friends! I am glad we will go to the class trip because then we will have so so much fun quality time together:):D

Gooooo class of '09 :)

I wonder...

My best friend Clara passed away 19th June 2007. She was a cheerful girl who made my day shine. Now she has been gone for two years and there's been no day when i haven't thought about her.She's always in my thoughts and in my heart!

"There is no distance too far between friends, friendship gives wings to the heart."

I thought i could never be happy again or move on. But Clara wanted me to be happy.She wrote me a poem "Smile, Sandy". I think i never told her how much she taught me...Her poems have a deep message and i have learned from them so much..from our friendship.
I know she knows i love her and that she means everything to me!

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."

Clara was the most sweetest girl i have ever known. She was very very special.

I really like song "I wonder" by Kellie Pickler. I changed some of the lyrics and it's my song for Clara:

Sometimes i think about you
i wonder if you're out there somewhere thinking about me.
And would you even recognize the woman that you little friend has grown up to be.

Coz when i look the mirror all i see is everything you ever gave to me,
you're the only best friend who mattered me the most.

Oh i heard the heaven is an amazing place.
There's sunny sky as far as i can see.
And if you ever could come back home where you belong
i wonder what you'd tell me.

I think about how it ain't fair
that God took you away from me,
you should be here..
You were around to cheer me on,

i never though you would be gone,
i don't know why...
Did God think i didn't need you here
to hold my hand, to dry my tears.
Did he think i didn't need you here at all...

Oh i heard the heaven is an amazing place.
There's sunny sky as far as i can see.
And if you ever could come back home where you belong
i wonder what i'd tell you.

Dreams, they are such a easy to come to mind,
but it's so hard to make them come true.
From now on i'll dream even harder

though i know we won't meet, though i know we won't meet
before it's my time to come to heaven..

Love is missing someone whenever you're apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart. I love you, besty<333

"Where you used to be, there is a hole in the world, which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime, and falling in at night. I miss you like hell. "

I miss you, C !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

confused. :S

Today i went to Rapla to the best student's ceremony.It was nice. They took a pictures of us and there was a concert. They also asked all the best students to the stage and we got a book. And later there were a lot of delicious food. So, it was all very nice.
BUT..why there must always be but..?!! Anyway, when we were driving home we talked about universities in the car. Gosh! My dad wants me to study god knows what! And what i hate the most is that i don't know what i want to do the rest of my's so bad. I feel so helpless.. I hate making decisions. And this decision will affect my whole life. I need help. I want to talk about that with my mom. She always supports my decisions and she gives a good advice. Right now mom is going to Drama club and tomorrow we will clean the house and cook whole day.I don't know if we will have a free time to chat alone. Oh, and on Saturday the guests will come to my graduation and i KNOW they will start asking what i will do next.. I always told them i don't know until i get my exam results..But now i have them and i must decide something. If it only wasn't that hard...
I'll graduate will staright A's and i will get a gold medal. I feel like i should study something hard or very special..but to be honest, i have always liked psychology or teaching. My dad always says i have potential so i could do whatever i want. Maybe he is right, but i don't wanna study something i don't love only because i have this opportunity. It's so complicated.
I just want to see a light and an answer somewhere. Please!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

before and after the storm..

Yesterday and today have been so unreal..i really don't understand how much of this was real and how much of it was a dream..well, actually i know it was all REAL. And that's what surprises me the most. How one thing can change so quickly. Yesterday i was so sad because i was sure they won't round up the average of my exams' results. Today i went to school and my teacher told that i will get silver not gold because the headteacher had made her decision and she doesn't support rounding up. Anyway, i wasn't that sad. Well, i was inside, but i didn't let it show out because i knew i did all i was able to. I talked to Sharon yesterday and she told i should keep my head held high. And that's exactly what i did. It's funny, but even though teacher told i will get silver medal i still hoped for gold. I didn't loose my faith because i have seen lately that miracles DO happen.
Today after school when i was home my mom called and told me big news. She told granny had just called her and the teacher's meeting voted and i'll get the GOLD! Yay! I knew i couldn't loose my faith. And see the miracle happened. I'm so happy :)
My mom even cried over the phone. She was so happy:)
Now looking back to these two days it all feels so far and hazy. First i hoped i would get gold,then i loosed it, then i hoped again, and loosed it..and then i hoped more although it seemed over...but i got it back! Unbelievable. And it all happened in two days.
Right now im truly happy. Very very thankful. Now i know for sure my angels are always with me and looking after me. They hear me and make some of my wishes come true. And it means so much to me :)

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe."

Honestly, i haven't feel that happy and that relieved for so long.. i think tonight i can sleep one of the best sleeps of my life!!!

Okay, another talk now.
Miley is filming The Last Song already and there's already some pictures on the net. She is kissing her co-star Liam Hemsworth.
I'm totally in love with that pic. I don't know why,but it makes me even more excited to see the movie! I love Nicholas Sparks' books. And i bet The Last Song is going to be a very very good book!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad/sad mood...

Ohh, i have such a bad mood right now...
I should be strong, but it's so damn hard. Mom came home and told me two bad news: 1)my classmate failed estonian exam and he won't be able to graduate. I feel so sorry for him..
2)they won't round up the average of my exams' results. Well, tomorrow they will have some special meeting at school where all the teachers and school principle will decided it, but mom told that the headteacher doesn't hold with it. And this headteacher is my classmate's mother. How could she! I am really pissed off right now. Now i can't wait even more to graduate and get rid of this stupid school! I'm really sad and i really don't know what to think of my school anymore.

Oh, right now all i can ask is for a miracle and for a justice!

Another miracle!!!

Oh my gosh!I am sooo happy right now!I love my angels!
Well, i will started at the beginning. I was on myspace writing a comment to my best friend Clara(she passed away 3 years ago). I keep writing her because i want her to know she is always my best friend and she meant so much to me! Anyway, i was writing her and i told her that i have got all the exam results but one- estonian. And i told her that i probably won't get the golden medal because my exams haven't gone so well. Oh, and then i got a text message. Everything inside of me jumped.I was literally shaking. I just felt that this txt msg is from Exam Center. I took my phone and went to look out of my window. I looked to the sky and told out loud: oh, the time is here!i need a miracle!. I knew my angels would hear me. So, then i took a deep breath and i opened the text message. I was right- it was from the exam center. I got my estonian exam result -96 points!yay! I was so happy. I still am! I was shaking and i couldn't believe its true! It really was a miracle! You don't know how hard is to get such a good result in estonian essay! But i got it and i'm very very happy!:) And i'm so thankful for my little angles who are always looking after me! They knew how much it meant to me! Clara always promised to be with me even when she is gone..and i know she is keeping her promise! And i know my little pets who have passed away are always with me too!
My teacher called me a little later after i had got the exam result. She asked me to say my all exams result. She has to calculate the average of the exams results. If it's 80 then i will get a golden medal. But i already calculated the average and it's 79,8. I have no idea if they will round up or not. Now i am asking another miracle. I know i have asked them so much and sometimes i feel i don't desevre it all. But i really wish that they will round up. I know my parents, especially my mom, would be so proud if i graduated with straight A's and also got a golden medal. So, i'll just hope for another mircale! Thank you, my angels!

Well, i am still very happy for the good estonian exam result. Even if my average isn't that good, i'm so proud of myself i got 96 points. I didn't think i will get so high result.But i did! I think i owe a big thank to my estonian teacher. She was quite rigid and that made me always want to do better! And she always encouraged me to write. She told it's good that i read a lot because then i can use this knowledge in my essays. Sometimes when i wasn't that secure about my essay, she told it's very good. That made me realize that if she believes in my writing skills then i have to do that too. I have tried to write about things i care of. I try to write honestly. All that helped me to write a good essay as a estonian final exam. I am very happy :)

friends,hair&magazines!:)good combo!

It's 11:40 am here. Still morning! I haven't done much yet.I did some workout and then i came to the net. On msn one girl started talking to me. I totally forgot who she But now i know!!We met on facebook and i remember when we chatted there we both realized we have so much in common! So, thats really cool! Anyway, so today we chatted a bit and traded our blogs! Another thing we have in common- we both keep blogs! NICE :) None of my other friends like blogging. haha. Well, her name is Shafiqa! I just wanted to write it down here so i wont forget.LOL Her name is quite hard to remember.
I think it's nice to have friends over the net. I am very glad she started chatting with my today on msn. I had already forgotten i had such a cute friend!! Anyway, it was a good start for a day :)

I don't have any special plans for today.I think i must help my mom in the garden because she wants it to be perfect by Saturday because its my graduation then and all the relatives will come here. And today mom will try to put some hair stuff to my hair because we need to see if this thingy is good for my hair. I have such a bad hair. I mean it's sooo straight:S And if i want curls and deffo must but some geel or something to my hair..But not everything is good..Last time i made curls after 1 hour my hair were totally straight again:S How annoying! So yeah, we will try today and see how long the curls will stay!Wish me luck!:)

I hope i have time to read Gossip Girl #8 novel today. I started reading it yesterday.It's so good!

Oh, i think i forgot to mention that i finally ordered Twist Magazine from USA.It took me forever to order it.They always told something is wrong with the credit card and hundred other things..But then few months later they now wrote me that it was their mistake and now everything is okay! First issue i will get will be August's. I am so happy! Year ago i so wished i could have Seventeen and Twist magazine. And now i have ordered them both!=]

PS! I need a miracle! I can't say what it is, but i so need it!!!

By the way, i found a quote i really like:

"They say a person needs just three things to be truly happy in this world: someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for."

I should say that i am a happy person. I love my family, pets and friends. I have always something to do. And i definitely have something to hope for right now!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mission #2! Let's cross fingers =]

Okay. Today i went to check the mailbox and what i found?! The letter i sent about two weeks ago to Miley Cyrus. Yeah, to Miley :) I sent her book cover and her pic and letter(i wanted her autograph to the pic and book cover).I also put IRC(international reply coupon) to the envelope. Anyway, but i got it all back. And in the envelope was a tempel that said it's impossible to deliver it to the address. I used MileyWorld address and i don't know why it doesn't work. Maybe because i'm not a member of MileyWorld? Could this be the reason? But i won't give up. So, that's why i went to the post office again and now i sent these stuff to her Disney Channel mailbox. I hope she will get it this time! :) So, mission #2 has started! Let's cross fingers! =]

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Miley made my day!!!!
I was on myspace and i saw Miley was online. I commented her pictures and just looked around. And i wrote her in IM. I love that thingy on myspace!It makes able to talk to the friends who are online at the same time. I wrote her quite long message. And as i saw she didn't answer (i didn't actually really hope either.I just wanted to write her and show my love). Anyway, then i was just looking around and suddenly there was a new online message sound. GOSH!It was from Miley :D I will write here what she wrote: "Thank you soooo much =] =]"
Isn't she the BEST ever! I really didn't think she is gonna answer. Oh, and you may wonder why she thanked me. Well, i just told her how much i love her music!And i asked her to come and give a concert in Estonia.And then i told that i went to the cinema on Friday to watch HM movie and that i absolutely loved it! And so on..
It was so sweet of her to write me back!

By the way, when it was about two months ago online chat with Miley then all her fans were able to send her questions. It was the reason why i made a twitter account. Anyway, i sent questions too. But i saw hundreds and maybe even thousands of questions were sent for her. But she wasn't able to answer to all of them. Anyway, when the live web cam chat started i was so so excited!It was very awesome to see her live. She was so pretty. Well, but then the website froze and i started to panic. But then i refreshed the page and it started working again. I saw her again! And guess what?!!!!??? Just when the video started working again she said: Next question is from SandyLovesMiley..thank you, Sandy! ...Where would you like to travel? And where would you love to travel?..hmm like and love...."
And then she answered. Well, first- I am SandyLovesMiley :D:D So, it means she answered my question. And it really was my question:) Only, someone who picked the questions out had written these to the paper and she probably didn't understand the handwriting very well. Actually i just ask her that: Where would you like to where you have never been to?
Well, i was super happy when she answered my question..and mostly when she said Thank you,Sandy! :)

And today Miley totally made my day again! I am so happy! Thanks, Milez=) You showed today again that miracles DO happen! i love you <333

Oh, and i LOVE Miley and Nick's song "Before The Storm". It's so so beautiful<3

old memories have been waken up!

Yeah, i was right-yesterday was lightening and lots of rain. So big storm!But i didn't mind because Sigrid's birthday party was inside. And i must say that her party was so cool!We had really fun time.There was 7 of us, plus Sigrid herself. Three boys and five girls. We ate so many delicious food.Sigrid had cooked and baked quite long i guess! We also chatted a lot about everything.
"Boys said: Gosh!Girls, every time you get together you all start gossiping!!"
Actually boys gossiped too.And even more!Way way more!Honestly, i heard things i now wish i never heard How can i look into few people's faces now..i know too much about them.And trust me, what i know isn't that nice!But i know at least one of them doesn't even mind us all knowing about what we know now. LOL

Anyway, we also played one cool game called Imago.It is always a fun game to play at birthdays! Oh, and we watched old videos.Sigrid's mom and dad always filmed when Sigrid was a little girl. Me and Sigrid went to the same kindergarten class so i was in every video too. It was soo cute to watch when we were three year olds and there was a little concert for our parents. We all sat in seats and then we had to stand up and sing..Everybody stund up, except me!haha. Then i waved my hand and my mom (who was our kindergarten teacher) came to me and whispered something to me. She probably explained that i must stand up and sing. But i was so mommy girl. But thank God when the next song started i stund up too and sing along with everybody else:) But then Sten(who also was at Sigrid's birthday party) decided to sat and not to sing.Funny kids, right?! Oh, and my mom went to weird old clothes! When we were 4 year olds we were in the new class and had new teachers. All the singing and dancing concerts were so cute in the kindergarten.I really liked the very last concert.We were finishing the kindergarten in May and were supposed to go to school in September.So it was our last time in the kindergarten. We had learned so many dances and songs and a little play. I so remember when we were learning these stuff and when the concert was! And of course it was awesome to see it all in the video now again becaue before it was just in my head, just a memory that i though i can never see so clear again. I am very happy that Sigrid has all these videos!It's amazing!:)
They have filmed all Sigrid's birthdays too. So, when she got 4 she invited me to her birthday too! I looked so adorable and we seemed to have such a fun time! It's weird to know i have been friends with Sigrid since i was's 16 years already! Pretty awesome!:)

The birthday was fun in many other reasons too. We all go to the same class and have been friends so long. We had much to talk about.Now as we are gonna graduate everything will change. But i really hope we will stay friends and have these cool birthdays more and more. I think it's important to stay friends because after so many years we are like a big family!:)

"When life is too crazy, and things are moving too fast, look to the constant stars... and remember, like them, our friendship can last."

Oh, i hear my sister is talking to her boyfriend's daughter that she will come to the net as soon as her sister(me) finishes here. I guess that means i must finish soon.Nice!

By the way, yesterday i heard some more student from our class got the invitation to the Rapla County ceremony..the best students thingy. I don't know how they pick them out..these students.
I honestly, wish it was over.And mostly the graduation!
And on 25th-28th we are in Lithuania.It is going to be our last trip together!
Okay, i will go to read a Gossip Girl 8th Novel:Nothing can keep us together. Today i finished reading Marley and Me. It was so very sad.I cried when Marley died. So sad. I have lost two dogs in my life and 4 cats. It is so sad when a pet dies because she/he isn't only a pet but a family member, a good friend! My dog Ronni was my BEST friend!And i'll never forget her and my love will never die! She meant so much to me! It may soung weird how an animal can be a friend and so on, but you'll understand if you have any and if you really care of them! Dogs usually protect their family and they would do anything for them. They are so loyal to their family!

"A dog is the only thing on eart that loves you more than he loves himself."

But my dogs know i have always loved them more than myself :) So, they have always been beloved..if not by theirself then by me and my family!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

party after

Well, yesterday was absolutely awesome day!
First, the Hannah Montana Movie was super cool!So amazing!I really enjoyed it!Wanna watch again.haha Elise almost started crying at that part when Travis finds out that Miley is Hannah(or that Hannah is Miley:P). I personally liked the most part where Miley started singing The Climb.I love this song.It has a great message and this song always touches my heart. Oh, and in the cinema all the seats were full. There were soo many teenages, BUT we also saw a man in the back row(he was about 35 year and there were few more who was older or the same old as me and my friend. But most of the viewers were youger than i. I think i am gonna keep the movie ticker forever.LOL Just like i am keeping Enrique Igelsias' concert ticket. It was the BEST concert ever! And HM Movie was the best movie that i have went to see to the cinema. I really hope that when New Moon comes out i can go to watch it to the cinema too! I can't wait!
Oh, my friend Elise thinks now that she is gonna listen Miley Cyrus' music too!Cute! See what one movie can do. Change music tastes!haha

Hannah Montana: The Movie

HM Movie ticket

Oh, and after the movie we(me&Elise) went shopping.First we went to a book shop. We bought Laura a book she wanted for her bday and for Sigrid we bought Eclipse book.She doesn't have it yet, but she really wants to read it!So, i think she will like to get it:) After the book shop we went to a shopping center.We bought two pair of earrings for Laura and one pair for Sigrid.
When we came back by train we went to Laura's place. Her birthday was really fun and cool. She loved the presents:) We had so much awesome time. We ate a lot(rly we were soo fullll:S) and we just chatted(like girls always..well,there were few guys too..)and we watched a movie later. It was really fun.We took pix and made some funny videos.But i don't have anything to upload right now.
Anyway, we left 1 am. I came home with Sille. She had bike too so she was riding a bike and i sat back.It was pretty good way to arrive home fast!:)
Sure, when i arrived home my lil sis was still awake.No surprise. At night i saw so many stupid dreams.Like totally nightmares!:S But im glad these were not true!
Well, today i had planned few graduation stuff with mom. It's gonna be lightening outside today i think.But i don't mind.I will go to Sigrid's birthday anyway. So, one party is over and one more to go:D I always like my friends' birthday parties because these are so fun!I love the people who go there!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hello again!
I'm in a hurry, but i just wanted to tell that i got math exam results today too. I got it 70 points. Not good!!!!!But to be honest it was so hard that i didn't believe i will get over 50 at all. But as i saw i got 70 i'm quite happy.

Okay. I'm so tired of being on the net so i don't even have a blogging mood.

Till the weekend!

Exam resultssss!!!!!!

Okay!I KNEW this day will come, but i tried not to think of it.And not to worry..Well, yesterday i was in Tallinn with my dad..i was in the car when i got a text msg. I don't know but i had this feeling inside that THIS msg is from the Exam Center. I was afraid to open it, but i finally did. I got my English exam 78 points. I wasn't very happy, but not sad either. It was a hard exam so my result is pretty okay, but i wished i could get at least 80 points. But whatever. And guess what? Just 5 min ago (10:30 am) i got a text msg.Again from the Exam Center. I got society exam 89 points. Now im happy:) This exam was quite hard too and to be honest i even didn't hope to get that much!So, im happy! Now i must wait 2 more exam results- math and estonian. I had no idea when i will get these...

But i am gonna change to subject because i really don't wanna think of the exams.I was thinking of them so much last night(not that i wanted..i just found myself all the time thinking about the exams again..:S) Oh, last night was weird. I cried myself to sleep. And i woke up am because dad came to my room and told i was sneezing a lot. Okay, i even didn't know that because i was sleeping..He checked the Air cleaner machine. I am allergic to dust. So, sometimes i start sneezing and i will have a runny nose. I hate that! But after he has waken me up and noticed too that i am sneezing and i have runny nose. And after that i couldn't fall asleep..But enventually i fell asleep and woke up 8:30 am because mom came to my room..i even don't remember what she was doing there.LOL I have no idea why everybody comes to my room all the time..mostly when i'm sleeping. And to be honest it's weird enough that my dad came to my room to check Air cleaner machine..there's only on explanation: he couldn't sleep because of my sneezing.It probably annoyed him!haha Poor dad!

Okay, but i forgot to say why i was in Tallinn yesterday. Well, my dad needed to go to some place to get one card and i don't know what. And i thought to go with him because i needed to go to the shops. I got a new dress for my graduation and i thought o buy new pra too.I needed with a see-through shoulder straps and geez i thought i will NEVER find one that's right for me. They didn't have many see-through ones, but they had the ones where u can change shoulder straps, so these were fine too..BUT it was hard to find the one that suits me and is normal. I got such a huge headache..Finally i found one.But i already decided i won't use it when it's my graduation.It's so unconfortable. Haha.Yeah i know, i shouldn't buy it at all.Well, i can't brought it back:P

So, yesterday i had very colorful day!
Tomorrow will be AWESOME day!I hope :)

I probs won't have time to write i will write now what i'm gonna do tomorrow.I hope there won't be any plan changes. Anyway, i must be at school by 11 am. There will be flag team meeting..:S Then me and my friend Elise will catch a train at 12:43 am. We will go to Tallinn. I already bought a movie tickets to Hannah Montana Movie. So, we will go to watch it. And after the cinema we will go shopping. We need to buy two gifts for our friends' birthdays. We will come back by train which leaves from Tallinn 5:25 pm. We arrive home 6:13 pm which means Laura's birthday party has started already. But we will be only about 15 minutes late. That's okay. haha. Great plan, right?!Busy but cool day!:) And on Saturday we are both invited to Sigrid's(our friend's) birthday party.It'll start 7 pm. These two days are gonna be really fun!:)

Oh, my granny just called and asked about my English exam results. She is English teacher so no wonder she wanted to know. But it sucks i didn't get that much as i wanted. I feel like i disappointed her. Although i know she is not that kind of person who would be mad or sad because of it. And they haven't ever given me pressure, but maybe i have pressured myself. My friend always says i don't give much credit for myself.It's probably true. But now the exams are over and i can't change anything. I better live with that!haha :)

"You can get anything, but not everything"

"The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday..friendship talk..

O'boy, time flies. It's already Wednesday:P And it's rainy today. Not good! I would like to go out with my friends or go jogging or do SOMETHING.But rain ruins every plan i have. I guess only thing i can do is to read a book.
I am just looking at the note-board where are my friends' pictures.Gosh, i am so lucky to have such a good friends!But sometimes it makes me sad i live so far from some of my friends. Long distance sucks. Although it doesn't change that much. My friends from other countries are the same important to me(or even more important to me) than some of my friends here in Estonia..

"There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart."

I wish i could meet with all my closest friends from the net. Well, Sharon(from Holland) and i have met 3 times and these have been one of the BEST days (actually weeks) of my life! I really hope we can meet more and more. Sometimes i think it would be so awesome if we could meet at least once a year..even if we have our own familes and children and so on..
And there are some many more friends who i would love to meet!!SO SO BAD!
But right now i must be happy what i have. I really thank God for having me the friends i have.They are all so amazing. I wish i never have to loose them. But as you know i have lost my very best friend Clara already.But she is always deep in my heart!

"Though we are drifted apart in distance I still think of you as being right here. And although we have many new friends, it is our friendship that means the most to me."

Love ya all

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Waiting for lunch...

I am waiting for lunch so i thought to come here and write a bit.
Me and my sister watched The Butterfly Effect 3 just a bit time ago.Hmm, it was good, but i think the 2nd one was the best of all the three. When the 2nd one was more about love and fixing it in the past and so on, then the 3rd one was more about fixing crimes and stuff like that. The main character messed everything up..made it a lot worse.So, it was a bit annoying. BUT the end was the best in the 3rd one. It was surprising and very interesting, i must say.
Well, now a little bit another talk. I was just surfing on the net and i found someone's website about chocolates. And there was even written about Estonia's chocolate fabric called Kalev. It is the only sweets fabric here. Most of the sweets we just import. Anyway, but i LOVE Estonia's chocolates.These are really really delicoius.And i am pretty happy seeing this website about chocolate. The owner wrote there that she has tasted Kalev's chocolates and she loves them.And there was bunch of comments.Everybody who wrote had only good things to say about our chocolates. As comes out people from USA, Spain and other countries really like our chocolate and they even want to order it. I think the best Kalev's chocolate is white chocolate with puffed rice and bilberries.Really delicious!!!!! Oh, who am i kidding with..all the chocolates are good. I mean like ALL. I have never tasted a chocolate i don't like. But still i have some favorites...

Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food."

Oh, i have a pretty good news. My grandmom called me today and told that she saw my teacher at school(you know my granny is a English teacher..) and my teacher had given her an invitation for The Best Students' Concert in Rapla County. Mayor of Rapla County will be there and i don't know who else..Of course other students..with their parents..Yeah, the invitation was for the student and parents. I heard that from my class 4 students got the invitation..3 girls and 1 boy. Teacher gave my friend's invitation to my granny too so later i will go to my granny's place to get the invitations and then i will go to my friend's place and give one to her.
Oh, and you can imagine how happy and excited my dad was when i told him about it.He was like a little child who gets a new toy.Super happy.LOL And he quickly called my mom and told her about that too. Like HELLLOO?!! I thought i could tell it. Besides, it's not a big deal. It's funny to see my parents so happy for something like that. But i let them be happy. I forgot to say the concert is on 18th June..2 days before i graduate. I don't know what to wear...
Well, i have time to figure it out. By the way, i think i will go to Tallinn on Friday with my friend Elise. First we want to go to the cinema to watch Hannah Montana movie. I have actually seen it already, but she hasn't so we will go:) And then we will go shopping. I need to buy two gifts. On Friday evening i will go to Laura's(my friend) birthday and on Saturday evening my friend Sigrid will celebrate her birthday. So, two birthdays in two evenings. Exciting.But it is so hard to buy a present. They don't even tell what they want.haha. I will figure out something though..i always do!

Okay, i'm going downstairs to see if the lunch is ready;)


Twilight l Edward and Bella Pictures, Images and Photos

I don't know if i have mentioned, but im obsessed with Twilight. The movie is an AMAZING! And all the books are super cool! I have read all 4 of them. I really hope S.Meyer will finish the 5th one too, Midnight Sun. I have read it a bit from the Internet, but it's not the same as reading it from the book. I don't know why, but i am that kind of person who LOVES to own books. I sometimes borrow some books from the library,but mostly i buy books. Maybe it is like that because after i have finished reading a good book i don't want to give it back to the library.I want to have it forever. I may want to read it again...

Anyway, my friend Ruby sent me few Twilight animated icons. I love them.

bella &amp; edward animation Pictures, Images and Photos

bella &amp; edward animation Pictures, Images and Photos

Monday, June 8, 2009


I have done so much today!
-i went to post office and post a package to my friend.
-i went to the library with my sister(they didn't have the book i i came home empty handed)
-i watched a movie with my sister (The Butterfly Effect 2)
-i watched new episode of College Life
-i helped mom in the garden(i had to!:S)
-i finally customized my blog a bit

So, that's quickly said what i did today. Day was actually way longer.

By the way, if you haven't seen The Butterfly Effect 2 yet then i totally recommend. It was very good. Tomorrow i'm planning to watch the 3rd one!
These are actually pretty good movies. And i think they have even a deep message.

Can you change your past without destroying your future?
Change one thing, change everything.
Such minor changes, such huge consequences.

It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. - Chaos Theory
(from The Butterfly Effect)

It's 10 minutes over midnight. I am quite tired. But i guess i can't sleep. Like last night. It's like that: i'm tired, i go to bed and i just can't fall asleep till 2 am. It is really annoying!

Anyway, changing the subject..
I was looking for a new laptop today..i think i want a pink laptop, but then again..maybe i will regret it later when i am a bit older..i don't plan to buy a new every year. lol But then i saw dark purple. I think that's pretty cool too. But, sure the color doesn't matter as much the laptop itself. Geez!It is really hard to pick out one because there's sooo many different laptop labels and so many different types of laptops. I still haven't made a final decision, but i found few i's a start at least.haha

Okay, i better go to the bed now.
As i wish every night to my sister i wish it for you all:

Good night, have a colorful dreams & i hope everything goes well tomorrow!:)


Sunday, June 7, 2009


Geez! I still don't believe it's summer. I mean summer holiday. I don't know the exact date when summer starts...
Well, i wish the graduation was over already because maybe then finally it will hit me that high school is over :) :( I'm not even sure is it a good or bad thing. Maybe not bad, but a bit sad. If i only knew what to do next.
But it is SUMMER! So, i must enjoy it. Today is quite good weather.I did some garden works and then i watched new episode of HM. I actually promised to myself not to come to the net today. Usually i can keep promises, but i guess not today. My friend Jake has a birthday today! So, that's one reason why i had to come to the net. I wished him "happy 20th birthday!". He is coming to Estonia this summer. He's from USA, btw. I can't wait to hung out with him. It's gonna be so fun summer!
Oh, and i will work from 1st July till 5th August(but sure weekends are free). I'm gonna work in a cafe in a hospital of Viimsi. I really like this job because i have done it every summer and i have so many friends there and they are all so nice! haha

Oh, Summer! I'm hoping they will be a lot of good beach weathers! I want to swim! :)

I forgot to mention that at that time when i work in the cafe i will live at my granny's. It will be interesting tribulation as always. Don't get me wrong. I love my granny and i like to be with her. But the whole month with her can be a real hard thing. Seriously, every summer after the one month work i am soooo happy to be back at home and i don't want to see my granny at all... She likes to control my life. Not only mine, all of our lives. I know she has only a good intentions though.

But i must say im really lucky with my both grannies. My mom's mom lives here in the same city as i live and she is a English teacher. So, i see her all the time. At school i see her every day. She is my English grammar teacher. But my other granny lives in Viimsi(in North Tallinn). I don't see her every day, but still quite a lot. She comes here or we go there or we just meet i don't know where. Besides, she calles every single day..literally. Actually, usually she calles more than once in a day. One thing is sure- my both grannies are so caring!
Oh, a funny thing. The granny who lives near to my home likes to celebrate everything. I think it's so sweet. She remembers EVERYBODY's birthday, nameday, anniversary and so on.. And she always makes presents. Most of the people on Estonia even don't know when their nameday is. I know mine is on 19th April. And so i was sleeping in the morning and it was 10 am when granny called. I was so surprised. She wished me happy nameday. It was a huge surprise. I really had forgotten it's my nameday. I didn't think of the dates so much. Anyway, she told she will give me a little present at school. haha. She always gives some sweets. I have 6 letters in my name (SANDRA), so i always get 6 different sweets(chocolates, candies, bubble gums, waffels and so on..) It's so sweet of her, isn't it?! haha. You just gottttta love my granny :D
Btw, my both grannies have the same name:D hihi.

Few days ago my granny called me and asked how am i. I asked what she has done today. She said:"Oh, i have laughed a lot!Life should always be full of jokes and a good laughter."

That reminded me how much fun i always have with my granny. When im with her i always have belly laughter:) One burst of laughter comes to another..:D

my both grannies :)

Oh, guess what? My granny came here while i was writing this blog. That's why i made a pause of writing. But now she and grandpa left. And, i am back here. You can only guess once why they came here?!LOL My grandmom wanted to bring some sweets for my younger sister because school year ended. She likes to celebrate summer holiday start!:D So, she brought a lottt of chocolates, cookies and fruits. We had a cup of tea and just chatted. Grandpa took pictures. He is such a good photographer. It is really cool because we get a lot of pictures from him. I love photos and im very happy to have a grandpa who has taken a lot of photos of our lives.

"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away."

"All photographs are there to remind us of what we forget."

I think photographs hold our memories. Photographs are mirrors.

This is a photo of my grandmother's family. My grandmother is the little girl on the left. In the photo are also my great grandmother and my great great grandmother.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


"...nowadays my only dream is to dream another dream."

My best friend Clara once wrote me a poem called "Dreamer". It is one of my fav poems of the ones she wrote me. I really like the last line from the poem...

"...nowadays my only dream is to dream another dream."

I miss you, C!

Friday, June 5, 2009


Good morning:)

I had an amazing day yesterday!I went to Tallinn to culture center of Salme. I helped there to help to organize a dance-show. I entertained the dancers who came. They didn't dance all at the same time and so they came to the culture center in different times. I also helped back stage with the costumes. The show was awesome!!! And these little dancers were so cool. They were from the age 6 to age 15. It was very very fun!!!

But today hasnt been so good day. Well, my cellphone got wet and i brought it to the fix-it shop. Few days ago i got a text that i can go and get it back.They told the fixing cost 250.- I was so happy i can get it. My dad went to Tallinn today so i gave him the money so he can get my cellphone back. And later he called me and told me the bad news: he payed the money and got my phone back, but came out that they couldn't fix it. My phone was too damaged. GREAT!! Why did i have to pay then? Besides i had guarantee. It's so unfair. Now i have to buy a new cellphone. I think I'm going to buy the same one...

Oh my gosh!Yesterday happened a weird thing.I was in front of my mirror and suddenly i smelled this so familiar smell.And i was thinking soo hard where have i smelled it before.And then i remembered. It smelled just like my friend's home in Holland. lol I know it sounds weird, but its true. When i closed my eyes and only smelled it it felt EXACTLY like when i was there. I visited her last Christmas time. By the way, i was wondering where does this smell come from because i haven't smelled it before in my room. And they i saw it comes from the air cleaner machine that mom put to my room. I am allergic to dust so sometimes when i have runny nose and im sneezing i take the air cleaner machine to my room. But i hadn't had it for so long. Anyways, i really like what i discovered.LOL

By the way, i took a pictures of my super sweet dog Bonnie and my two cats! Aren't they adorable. They mean a world to me!

"I promise i love you forever- every single day of forever."

I forgot one thing. I think i have mentioned that i will graduate this summer. And i hope after that i can go to University. Right now i don't know yet what i want to study.Well, i know what i want, but i don't know if i can. But sure i will try. I need to get my exam results back. I know i didn't do that well as i hoped i might do. It's kinda scary that my future depends on these exam results. And even more scarier is that i must decide what i want to do the rest of my life. I know i love English so i would LOVE to study English language and culture. But it's not that easy to get an opportunity to study that subject. As i said everything depends of my exam results.

"It is okay to be afraid.It is not okay to let the fear hold you back from accomplishing great and wonderful things."

I try to do my best to study what i really love because i don't want to regret my decision.
Oh, and another thing.When i finished 9th grade with straight A's everybody in my family started talking about Golden Medal. Not many students get Golden Medal when they graduate high school, but only these who have straight A's. Now they have all been hoping that i will graduate high school with golden medal. And i really have had straight A's. But the school i go to made a new system. Only these who have straight A's AND very good exam results (al least 80 points) can graduate with golden medal. And to be honest i never thought of this medal or anything. I have studied for myself. I haven't felt any pressure from my mom either, or from my dad. But i can see they would be so proud. And they were really hoping i will get it. Sure i would LOVE to get it. Like who wouldn't?! But i can't change the fact that i didn't do my exams so well. Today mom told that she read from the local news paper that in my school 4 student will graduate with golden medal and 4 with silver medal. I know that three classmates of mine will graduate with golden medal, but i don't know who is the 4th?! It can't be me. But mom and i were talking about it and came up that maybe they meant there's a possibility that 4 will graduate with golden medal. But sure our school staff don't know that i messed with with my exams. I even don't know the points yet, but i feel and know i didn't do a great job. But whatever. Why i am talking about it is that i just wanted to get it over my chect. lol Everything. Now i don't want to think about the graduation or this golden medal.Nor do i want to worry about my exam results.

"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday."

Anyway, changing the subject..
It has been raining last few days.But i can see the clouds are going away. I think tomorrow won't rain anymore. I don't have any plans for today. Too bad i watched all the 1st season's episodes of Privileged. And all the episodes of College Life also. Now i have to wait till 7th June because then will air a new episode of CL! That reminds me that yesterday was new episode of Myspace Wedding.I am going to check it out!:)
And later i want to read Marley&Me. I haven't had time to read it much...