Saturday, June 20, 2009

graduation :D

Oh, it's really over. High school is OVER! I'm more sad than happy. I know i will see my friends all the time and it's super great we don't have to study that crazy anymore(donno abt the Uni actually:P), but it's not the same. We won't ever be ALL together.. joking around and just having fun school days. Ohh, i'm gonna miss it all.
The graduation was awesome. I got my gold medal and i had to write my autograph to school's book. I also got a money from my city headminister because i graduated with gold medal. Niceee ;) lol
After the ceremony we all went outside and everybody's familes were there saying congrats and giving flowers. It was CRAZY how many flowers i got. We had a class photoshoot. And later me and my friends got lots of pictures togethers!!It was so sweet :)
When i came home soo many relatives were at my house! I had no idea. lol So, i got even more flowers and candies and Oh, we had cooked so much so there was a lot of food!!!!
Everybody were having a super cool time. I took few pics with my sisters and cousins.

Me and my older sis :)

Me and my younger sis :)

Me and my two lil cousins :)

It was surprising how my guests didn't ask so much about my future plans. It was nice! I still haven't decide yet and i don't like if people it makes me feel
Anyway, i really can't wait the last class trip to Lithuania. I am really excited :):D

Oh, and i forgot to mention that my grandpa is the BEST at keeping promises. When i finished 9th grade he told that if i'm gonna graduate 12th grade with gold medal then he will gave me 1000 euros. And that's what he did today! :)

Weather news told tomorrow will be super hot - 30 C degrees! Awesome! I hope we will go to the beach! If not then we will go to Tallinn to the shops. I need new bikinis. And i wanna put my money to the bank. So, my day is planned. lol

Okay, it's a midnight in 4 minutes. I am going to take a shower and go to bed then.


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  1. hey sandra, how's it going? wow ur graduation ceremony day seems like a joyous occasion, ure gonna be successful someday! btw u look sooo pretty in ur pink dress&heels! im jealous =P