Friday, June 5, 2009


Good morning:)

I had an amazing day yesterday!I went to Tallinn to culture center of Salme. I helped there to help to organize a dance-show. I entertained the dancers who came. They didn't dance all at the same time and so they came to the culture center in different times. I also helped back stage with the costumes. The show was awesome!!! And these little dancers were so cool. They were from the age 6 to age 15. It was very very fun!!!

But today hasnt been so good day. Well, my cellphone got wet and i brought it to the fix-it shop. Few days ago i got a text that i can go and get it back.They told the fixing cost 250.- I was so happy i can get it. My dad went to Tallinn today so i gave him the money so he can get my cellphone back. And later he called me and told me the bad news: he payed the money and got my phone back, but came out that they couldn't fix it. My phone was too damaged. GREAT!! Why did i have to pay then? Besides i had guarantee. It's so unfair. Now i have to buy a new cellphone. I think I'm going to buy the same one...

Oh my gosh!Yesterday happened a weird thing.I was in front of my mirror and suddenly i smelled this so familiar smell.And i was thinking soo hard where have i smelled it before.And then i remembered. It smelled just like my friend's home in Holland. lol I know it sounds weird, but its true. When i closed my eyes and only smelled it it felt EXACTLY like when i was there. I visited her last Christmas time. By the way, i was wondering where does this smell come from because i haven't smelled it before in my room. And they i saw it comes from the air cleaner machine that mom put to my room. I am allergic to dust so sometimes when i have runny nose and im sneezing i take the air cleaner machine to my room. But i hadn't had it for so long. Anyways, i really like what i discovered.LOL

By the way, i took a pictures of my super sweet dog Bonnie and my two cats! Aren't they adorable. They mean a world to me!

"I promise i love you forever- every single day of forever."

I forgot one thing. I think i have mentioned that i will graduate this summer. And i hope after that i can go to University. Right now i don't know yet what i want to study.Well, i know what i want, but i don't know if i can. But sure i will try. I need to get my exam results back. I know i didn't do that well as i hoped i might do. It's kinda scary that my future depends on these exam results. And even more scarier is that i must decide what i want to do the rest of my life. I know i love English so i would LOVE to study English language and culture. But it's not that easy to get an opportunity to study that subject. As i said everything depends of my exam results.

"It is okay to be afraid.It is not okay to let the fear hold you back from accomplishing great and wonderful things."

I try to do my best to study what i really love because i don't want to regret my decision.
Oh, and another thing.When i finished 9th grade with straight A's everybody in my family started talking about Golden Medal. Not many students get Golden Medal when they graduate high school, but only these who have straight A's. Now they have all been hoping that i will graduate high school with golden medal. And i really have had straight A's. But the school i go to made a new system. Only these who have straight A's AND very good exam results (al least 80 points) can graduate with golden medal. And to be honest i never thought of this medal or anything. I have studied for myself. I haven't felt any pressure from my mom either, or from my dad. But i can see they would be so proud. And they were really hoping i will get it. Sure i would LOVE to get it. Like who wouldn't?! But i can't change the fact that i didn't do my exams so well. Today mom told that she read from the local news paper that in my school 4 student will graduate with golden medal and 4 with silver medal. I know that three classmates of mine will graduate with golden medal, but i don't know who is the 4th?! It can't be me. But mom and i were talking about it and came up that maybe they meant there's a possibility that 4 will graduate with golden medal. But sure our school staff don't know that i messed with with my exams. I even don't know the points yet, but i feel and know i didn't do a great job. But whatever. Why i am talking about it is that i just wanted to get it over my chect. lol Everything. Now i don't want to think about the graduation or this golden medal.Nor do i want to worry about my exam results.

"Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday."

Anyway, changing the subject..
It has been raining last few days.But i can see the clouds are going away. I think tomorrow won't rain anymore. I don't have any plans for today. Too bad i watched all the 1st season's episodes of Privileged. And all the episodes of College Life also. Now i have to wait till 7th June because then will air a new episode of CL! That reminds me that yesterday was new episode of Myspace Wedding.I am going to check it out!:)
And later i want to read Marley&Me. I haven't had time to read it much...


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