Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday..friendship talk..

O'boy, time flies. It's already Wednesday:P And it's rainy today. Not good! I would like to go out with my friends or go jogging or do SOMETHING.But rain ruins every plan i have. I guess only thing i can do is to read a book.
I am just looking at the note-board where are my friends' pictures.Gosh, i am so lucky to have such a good friends!But sometimes it makes me sad i live so far from some of my friends. Long distance sucks. Although it doesn't change that much. My friends from other countries are the same important to me(or even more important to me) than some of my friends here in Estonia..

"There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart."

I wish i could meet with all my closest friends from the net. Well, Sharon(from Holland) and i have met 3 times and these have been one of the BEST days (actually weeks) of my life! I really hope we can meet more and more. Sometimes i think it would be so awesome if we could meet at least once a year..even if we have our own familes and children and so on..
And there are some many more friends who i would love to meet!!SO SO BAD!
But right now i must be happy what i have. I really thank God for having me the friends i have.They are all so amazing. I wish i never have to loose them. But as you know i have lost my very best friend Clara already.But she is always deep in my heart!

"Though we are drifted apart in distance I still think of you as being right here. And although we have many new friends, it is our friendship that means the most to me."

Love ya all

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