Thursday, June 18, 2009

confused. :S

Today i went to Rapla to the best student's ceremony.It was nice. They took a pictures of us and there was a concert. They also asked all the best students to the stage and we got a book. And later there were a lot of delicious food. So, it was all very nice.
BUT..why there must always be but..?!! Anyway, when we were driving home we talked about universities in the car. Gosh! My dad wants me to study god knows what! And what i hate the most is that i don't know what i want to do the rest of my's so bad. I feel so helpless.. I hate making decisions. And this decision will affect my whole life. I need help. I want to talk about that with my mom. She always supports my decisions and she gives a good advice. Right now mom is going to Drama club and tomorrow we will clean the house and cook whole day.I don't know if we will have a free time to chat alone. Oh, and on Saturday the guests will come to my graduation and i KNOW they will start asking what i will do next.. I always told them i don't know until i get my exam results..But now i have them and i must decide something. If it only wasn't that hard...
I'll graduate will staright A's and i will get a gold medal. I feel like i should study something hard or very special..but to be honest, i have always liked psychology or teaching. My dad always says i have potential so i could do whatever i want. Maybe he is right, but i don't wanna study something i don't love only because i have this opportunity. It's so complicated.
I just want to see a light and an answer somewhere. Please!

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