Monday, June 29, 2009

back from Palanga!

Oh boy!I had super cool vacation in Lithuania. I never thought it would be so awesome!I loved every second of it:) And i have a lot to tell about it. I even don't know where i should start. Hmm..i guess i will talk about each day.

25th- we started driving from the bus station at 9am.Came out that the bus had two floors. I was in the second floor.It was my first time to be on a road with a double bus. And there were over 60 seats and there were only 30 of us. So it means every one of us had two seats. It was such a confy trip:) It was quite long driving to Lithuania. First stop was in Latvia. Sure we made some little stops more. Boys were drinking too much. When we arrived to Lithuania we stopped in a restaurant. It was cool there. We arrived to Palanga at 8 pm. The motel was really nice. I was in a room with my friends Laura, Elise and Kersti. First thing we did when we arrived there was changing the clothes and went out to the main street and went to the restaurant. Me and Laura also went to the London Eye(well it wasn't really London Eye coz we weren't in London, but it was the similer one).It was AWESOME!It sunset time. So beautiful!I took a lot of pictures up there. After that we went to the beach. We walked there and took pictures and then three Lithuanian guys came to talk to us. We chatted quite long and they asked us out to a drink. So we went to. And it was so cool with them.One was super cute:D haha We sure took pictured with them and changed contacts. We also told them we are going to the beach next day and they wanted to meet us again. Then we left. And later in the motel we told everyone about the guys and stuff. It was cool coz we were the only ones who already met new people in the first night. Me and Laura were so tired and we decided not to go out that late night anymore.Others went to the night club. We went to the bed about 3 am.

26th- breakfast was 9 am. We were a bit disappointed because the breakfast wasn't that delicious as we hoped. We had yogurt and sandwishes and tea. But it all tasted good so it's okay.
That day we all went to a amber musium with our teacher and bus driver. After that everybody did their own things. I got a text msg from the Lithuanian guy who Laura and i met the day before. They asked where are me. Oops. It was 12 pm alreadyand we told them we will go to the beach at that time. But i texted and told we are shopping and will come later. We shopped around. I bought new flipflops coz my others were hurting me. Well, then we went back to the motel and had a lunch. About 2:30 pm we went to the beach. Finally. LOL By the way, in the way there something funny happened. On a street there were people walking quite fast everybody behind others.. Like on a line or something. And some people who they passed by joined with them. It was funny. We decided to join too. It was hilarious. Later they turned to a park and we saw they had some kind of meeting there. Maybe it was a religious stuff. I don't know. Anyway, i forgot to say that we went to the beach with other friends, not only me and Laura. There were 7 of us. Then we met the guys and sat on the sand and just chatted with them. Their English weren't that good. But they understood us and we understood them:) Then we walked on a beach and we told them we gotta go to eat. Well, then we all(girls only) went to a restaurant and had an early dinner. Me and Laura both bought earrings. And then we saw a street artists. There were guys who were drawing a pictures of people. And i really wanted to get a portree of myself too. It wasn't expensive at all. The picture came out pretty cool. Well, maybe it doesn't look like me, but the picture is pretty and it's how the drawer sees me. LOL
My friend Sille also let him to draw her and my friend Elise got a caricature picture of herself. It was so funny! Well, then we went back to the motel and changed the clothes. After that we went out to have fun. It was about 11 pm. There were so many of us. We were walking on the main street and talking to the people.It was cool how we didn't know anybody but still chatted with them. Lithuanian guys are so cute:) haha Our two classmates were CRAZY!There were a lot of attraction..more scarier than London Eye(lol. London Eye isn't scary at all). But well, there two girls went to the MOST scariest attraction. They sat in a big ball and some ropes or whatever they were threw them high up to the sky and back. It was rlyyyy scary. All of us who were watching them and we screamed sooo loud. They also screamed up there but we deffo screamed louder. haha. By the way, we saw there the same cute guy who me and Laura met the day before and who we were together at the beack that day. He just chatted with us a bit and then he had to go wsomewhere with his friends. Then we all went to the beach. And after that most of them went to the night club,but my friends Sille and Elise didn't want to go and i decided to stay with them also. We just walked around and met one guy. He was waiting his two friends. When they came we started walking together. But Elise went home before we did. And i must say i didn't like these guys. Especially one. He was so rude and weird. He kinda forced me and my friend to go with them. And i told clearly that i don't wanna go with them, but they still said come and come and hold even quite tight us.uhh..then i thought thats IT! And i just got myself free and told Sille i don't know what she does but i am going back to the motel. I really didn't understand if she wants to go with these guys or not. But i knew i didn't!Well, i started walking home and Sille called me and told she is coming too and i waited her on the other street. Back in the motel we went to the bed.

27th- breakfast was 9 am like always. At 10:30 am we started driving by bus to the Klaipeda and Nida. To get to the Nida we had to go to a barge. Acrossing the sea took about 10 minutes. Then we drove about 20 minutes to a city where was Delfinarium. There was a big show with dolphins. I loved it <333 It was so cool and the dolphins were so awesome and really cute! The show was about 40 minutes. Then we went to the Nida what is also known as a Nordic Sahara coz there are a lot of sand dunes. It was super cool there. We went to the part where was written 'do not enter'. There was quite high and sand was sliding down when we walked there. We went down the dunes and we hoped we can go where we started, but we couldn't and we had to walk up again. We decided to go straight up although it was a very craggy sand dune. But we made it!:) Then we went to the beach and walked in the city. We went back to the bus at 5:30 pm and drove back to the motel. We asked the bus driver to let us out near to the main street. We decided to spend our all money as it was the last day there. I bought a pair of earrings, a necklace and a ring. And then we went to the foodshop and i bought a lot of candies, cookies and chocolate for my family. Then we went to the motel, ate and changed the clothes. All of us went out again and had SO MUCH FUN that night! We met so so many cool and weird and fun people. We wanted to go to the night club, but we had no money coz we spent all already. The night club owner told she will let us in cheaper if we will kiss their body guards.But we still didn't have enough money so the deal was broken. We also filmed all the time and took pictures. We went to the beach and chatted there. Everybody were joking already and it was all the time very fun!=] Gosh! We met these two guys who were very weird. My classmate was sure they were high. I don't know.I didn't like them much. We also met two Estonian guys who were pretty cool. But it was already 4:30 am and me and most of us decided to go home. But three of my friends decided to stay with them weird(high) guys. Back in the motel we went to the bed at 5 am.

28th - I woke up 8:45 am and saw Kersti was sleeping in her bed all the clothes on. I later heard she arrived back to the motel at 8 am. When we were eating breakfast at 9 am Sille came back to the motel. Came out she was out with the Estonian guys we met yesterday night. And Anna-Liisa was also out with them and came back also at 9 am. But Kersti was the only one who stayed with the weird(high) guy.Well, she was thrilled. She really liked that guy. I actually don't know if he was high, but i didn't like him much. But he was a good looking guy. Oh, the trip was quite crazy! There was also a bit drama and action. My two classmates who are a couple were in a fight. And the action part was that one of my classmate's wallet was stolen in the night club.And came out that body guards were the ones who stoled it. Uhh. He didn't get his money back, but just an enpty wallet. But he was glad he got his documents back!
Back on a bus it was so quiet. We were all so tired and we were sleeping. Later we just watched movies and some guys were drunk and some were just energic coz they hadn't got much sleep. Oh, but the whole trip was so funny and so cool!I so wanna go back to the Palanga! The city wasn't that beautiful or something, but the whole atmosphere were awesome there. It was a very nice trip with my classmates!=]

So, it was a short conclusion of out trip. But there happened so so much more!:D

Now today is 29th and i just sent my applications to the universities. All i have to do is wait now. And on 14th July i must go to the University of Tallinn to make a test and have an interview with some people there. Wish me luck! Tomorrow i will go to Tallinn to my grandmom's place because my work will start day after tomorrow. Geez!I still think i must stay at my grandmom's place. How nice!!:P Anyway, it's super hot outside so i think im going to get some tan now.

=] I will upload some pix of my trip later!

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