Friday, October 26, 2012

first snow, 2012!

I am back in Estonia. I didn't want to leave. Believe me! I love being in Finland with Jay! But oh well, I have to stay focos on my studies till I graduate. So yeah, as I said in another blog I will post some photos that I took in Finland and some that I took in Estonia :) 
By the way, I finally bought today a Joik candle..with the scent of Creme Brulee. It smells sooooooo delicious! Can't wait to burn it :)
Oh,and I forgot to mention that I got amazingly soft new slippers and a thermos traveller mug from a Tiger shop in Hyvinkää. I love that shop! There are sooo many awesome stuff with very good price! I am definitely going back there ;)

PS! It started snowing! We have soooo much snow on the ground already. And today was +1 C degrees. It's cold. Brrr!!!! I am already wearing my winter coat! But guess what? I love this weather :) It reminds me of my fav holiday, Christmases :) 

These are the dark chocolate candies that Jay bought me in Finland! I love these!

Sweet dinner for me and Jay! Pancakes with cottage cheese and strawberry jam!

My sweet breakfast - pancake with cottage cheese, pieces of banana and orange.

View from my window in Hyvinkää.

Another view :)

                        The leaf is frozen!                                                               A beautiful autumn morning!

Apples near railway station in Hyvinkää.

More apples..and bikes. No surprise, it's Finland.

Got the books that Jay and I ordered from England!

First snow in Estonia. I took this photo today morning :)

It's so cold outside. But I am in my room with the hot tea, apples, mandarines, candles, my new book! 

A random shot of my room :P

Me after the interview for KSA. I had a heavy make-up on...this photo doesn't show it very well tho.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Autumn to-do list 2012

Every season I have made a to-do list or such. I know it's already the end of October and autumn is all around us, but it's not like it's going to end already... So, I decided to go ahead and write my this year's list for autumn :)

I want to do:

  • drink hot chai latte
  • succeed as a teacher (have an intrernship coming!)
  • burn a lot of scented candles
  • cook a lot!
  • bake a blueberry-banana cake
  • enjoy dark days as much as possible
  • have a bowl of Ben&Jerry's New York Chunky flavor!!!
  • spend awesome time with Jay
  • go to movies to see the last 2nd part of "Breaking Dawn"
  • read Cecelia Ahern's new book
  • do all the Christmas shopping (so I wouldn't have to deal with it in December!)
  • celebrate 13th of November with Jay
  • go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner!
  • be well and healthy! (not getting cold anymore!!!)
  • have a shoulder haircut?! (still deciding to do or not to do that)
  • drink fresh smoothies for breakfast
  • have fun and my dad's 50th birthday!
  • clean windows :/ (it needs to be done before winter!)
That's it for now. Autumn will be here for 2 more months, winter will starts 21st December :) So, I should manage to do and cross out what I want to do this autumn!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chai Latte & travel mug

After I blogged about the tea I want I got a new graving. I want Chai Latte. It's weird that I want it because I have never even had it. But it just seems appealing and since I don't drink coffee I think this would be a nice hot drink besides tea that I could drink. So, now I want to find and buy Chai Latte powder so I could make it at home :) I am going to look for it here in Hyvinkää and I really hope I will find it! The other thing I am looking for is thermos travel mug! Hoping to find them both :)

so lovely!

I am so happy!!! I just love being here in Finland with Jay! I have been cooking, which I love! I really like to cook!!! When I am at home in Estonia I do cook, but not so much. I like to cook here way more coz here is a bigger kitchen! Lol :D Yesteday I made fried potatoes with onion and ham. It was so delicious. Simple but good! I also made mozarella sandwiches in the oven with ham and tomates! Today I made fries with fish and for desert I made pancakes. We are them with cottage cheese and strawberry jam. When Jay went to the foodshop to buy milk, he came back with a big candy box for me - Geisha Dark choclate candies! I LOVE these! He knows me so well :) He also bought me Activia yoghurt. Lol. It keeps my stomach calm! :) He's a sweetheart!
I have had such a nice feeling yesterday and today. Like christmases are so close. When Jay and I lay on the bed and only one small lamp is switched on, the room is so romantic and cozy!
I took two photos of today too, but I don't have my cameras cable here, so I'll put the photos up when I get back home!
Since it's so cold outside already, I am graving for hot tea!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Willa grand opening

I am in Finland with my sweetie! I came on Thursday morning. I slept in the ship so it took so quick to arrive to Helsinki. I was so glad to see Jay again and I really enjoy every second I can spend with him! We watched a movie "Date Night" yesterday night and it was so funny! Jay has a day off today and we went to the city center. The shopping center Willa had a grand opening - 50 new shops plus tons of new dinner places. It was really crowded so we didn't look around for very long. We did go to H&M and I got a pretty red dress. Then we went to K City Market. I got new ballerina shoes. Oh, I also bought some veryyyyy delicious Fazer candies..I took a paper bag and got to choose different Fazer candies and they I had to weight it and get the price. I took Geisha regular, Geisha dark, Dumble, PätKis and Original Karl Fazer candies. They are all just so yummie!
Funny thing, Jay bought me two chocolate calendars for Christmas :D He knows I love these and I want these every December. So, he bought me one regular one and another was a Kinder Chocolate one. It's my favorite!!! I cannot wait till December now :D I also saw some cute Chirstmas things that would be awesome gifts. I am looking forward to Chirstmas time, but at the same time I feel it's a bit too early to sell all these Christmas stuff. I think right now it's a good time to enjoy autumn. Colorful leaves, apples, hot chocolate, tea, homemade cinnamon rolls, scented candles and so on. The Christmas will come too, for sure, but not yet! By the way, I had some mandarines yesterday and it felt like Christmas. I always think that mandarines are symbol of Christmas, don't you?
Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I am really enjoyin my time here. We ordered pizza and had a good lunch. Now we are just watching tv, eating candies (Jay is eating his potatoe chips) and I think I'll start reading a new book. Children book :D

Friday, October 12, 2012

the one

Jay makes me so happy. He's so special. And he's a keeper. I will always love him and always know he loves me. It's the best feeling ever. Ever since I met him I have known I will spend my whole life with him. He's the One. My One and Only. The love of my life! My Prince! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

blueberry cake

The other day I wanted to bake something. So, I looked into my fridge and tried to find a recipe with the ingredients that I already had at home (I was too lazy to go to foodshop). So, I ended up with this blueberry cake. While I was making it I was so doubtful that I will like it. But when it was ready and I ate it the next day, I realized it's such a good cake! I have been eating one piece of a cake every day! (it stays fresh and very good for a week or even more!)


I read one of my favorite children book "Pollyanna". When I was about 11 y.o I got this book for my birthday. I still remember how happy I was where I got it. I had to go to school that day, but when I came back from school, I went to bed and read the whole book! It was my favorite book! I loved how happy girl Pollyanna was. I loved her "glad" game. Anyway, so now I read it again...for university this time. I want to post here one good thought that the author is trying to say with that book:

Try to find something to be happy about from every situation you come across in life and try to make everybody else happy too, because you can be happy only when people around you are happy.

Katsu leida rõõmu iga pisemastki elunähtusest ja püüa valmistada rõõmu ka teistele, sest õnnelik suudad olla vaid siis, kui kõik sinu ümber on samuti õnnelikud.

I love that. Such a deep message. I am definitely trying to follow that wish thought.

Now about everyday life. I have 2 weeks university left and then I'll have a week holiday that I'll spend in Finland with Jay :) Actually Jay is coming home on Tuesday morning (day after tomorrow!). I am so excited. I am going to clean home tomorrow, I also want to make a pizza for him and sandwich cake. 

I am going to post some photos here that I have taken in September.

                                         Jay and I went bowling! We had such a fun time! He won!

 I went to Finland with Jay when he had to go back to work. I was there for 4 days. Unfortunately I got sick and it sucked! But Jay took such a good care of me! He's a keeper! 
When I was feeling better, I went for a walk to get fresh air. I took my camera with me and I managed to take some photos before it started raining and I had to go back inside.