Wednesday, May 30, 2012

best things


crazy days

I have had soo many thoughts in my head last couple of days.. especailly today. I feel so weird and numb, but it'll be alright. My Prince is with me! He's my rock!
We are going home, back to Estonia tomorrow. We'll shop a bit in Helsinki and then we are off to the ship. I can't wait to get home and sleep on my biggg cozy bed. Jay is always waiting for our bed, we both are!!! What a joy is to watch tv from bed :D
Today is Jay's birthday. I woke before 5am this morning...waiting from him to get back from wokr (he had night shift). Well, I kepts sleeping, and then I woke up again just to realize it's only 6 am...and I kept sleeping.. till, bam, I open my eyes and I see Jay looking very close to my face :S Geez! That scared the hell out of me! But then I jumped up and hugged him and wished him happy birthday. I actually sent him a text msg at midnight too, but his cellphone was home. Lol. Anyway, Jay ate the sandwich cake I made him. He said its better than a sweet cake coz he doesn't like sweet cakes so much..especially in the morning. Well, I am glad he liked it :):) After eating the cake, he came to bed and we talked and then fell asleep. I woke up around 10am, I was on the Internet, did a little workout, made pancakes, took a shower and then Jay woke up too and we went to play basketball (he and his friends played, I was just watching and talking to Kristjan...he couldnt play because of his yesterday's injuries :D). Anyway, it was a fun evening. After the basketball game, we went to the shooping center called Willa. Jay was thinking of buying xbox 360 ´kinetic, but since we already ordered one (without kinetic) then we'll wait a bit and maybe buy that one later. But we decided to go to the McDonalds...tho I am against fast food I was so hungry that I ate one ruisfeast (donnot how its in Englihs). One of the healthiest burger they had there I guess, with black bread. Pretty yummie. But I have one very fav buger that they sell in Helsinki near the railway station.. it's the morning special. So healthy and good..and of course NO meat. And you get an apple juice too :) I love it! But still, I prefer no junk aka fast food.
These days when I will be in Estonia are going to be crazy busy I guess. I have so much to do and so little time.
I can't wait till the forest camp with my uni friends is over. I want to rest (like I haven't been doing it for at least two weeks alread!Lol). But still, I want to be with Jay and enjoy the summer! :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I don't know why I started thinking of mulberries, but I did. And now I can't get them out of my head. I havent had these for years I think, but right now I want them!!! A lot! I remember the sweet taste of them! Where would I get them? Are they selled in the marekets?? I guess not yet? I gotta wait till summer is going to end.. in August? Or in July already?  Well, I wish I'll come across with them somewhere! :)


Tomorrow's Jay birthday! He's turning 23 y.o. He says he's getting sooo old, but actually it's not old at all:) I want to surprise him tomorrow morning with the sandwich-cake I made him and also new boxers :) He actually got the birthday gift when he was in Estonia :P
I hope tomorrow will be a fun and nice day to remember, especially for him!!! Birthday is just once a year! So, no matter what Jay says, it IS a special day!!!!!! :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yet another day

The weekend was so good because Jay had a day off and we were able to do nothing. But that doesn't mean we actually did nothing. We sure slept long, watched a lot of tv, but we also went to the new shopping center. I got a new summer dress that I love and 3 new nail polishes, all by Rimmer London of course! My fav! We also did some food shopping and then I made a new dinner for us - Paris potatoes and white fish in the oven. And I also baked a banana-cottage cheese cake. Yesterday was Eurovision song contest, so it was nice to eat the cake and watch the show! Even Jay watched it tho he keeps saying how pointless it is..and it actually is, but whatever. I still like to watch it. Estonia got 6th place, Swiden got 1st place. I like Swedish song although it sounds too much of one JLo's songs. I also liked Denmark's song, but it got the last place :S I really love the voice of this singer, but the song itself wasn't anything that speical...but a good radio hit I suppose.
Anyway, yesterday i was reading news from Internet and I saw a news of a killing in Hyvinkää. I quickly told Jay and we both started reading news about it.. one 18 y.o boy shot dead two people in the middle of the night and bunch of other people who were on the street.. He was shooting from the gun on the roof in the city. So scary. He even didn't know the people he killed. That's the scariest. It could have been anyone.. Jay said he was even thinking of going out that night coz next day he didn't have to go to work, but I am sooooo glad we didn't go out. Because the shooting took place exactly where all the nightlife is in Hyvinkää city. Anyway, when Jay and I went shopping we saw a lot of flowers and a note on the street there, but we didn't know about the shooting at that point. We discovered it while we arrived back home from shopping. It's awful how this happened so near to us. I mean, I am afraid of walking around here late at night. Sometimes I used to walk to Jay's work around 11pm, but now I am afraid of walking outside alone that late.. and Jay won't let me do that anymore anyway.
I can't believe it's 27th already. Only 4 more days and Jay and I are going back to Estonia. I can't wait till the forest camp is over (who needs to kill bugs every year?). But I bet it's going to be fun.
Oh, I am so tired, but I don't want to go to bed yet. I will probably watch a movie or something. I finished reading "The Lucky One" and now I am ready to see the movie. I know it won't be as good as movie, but I still want to see it. Probably tomorrow.

It's exactly what I need right now - palmtrees, sand, and fresh fruits! :):)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


It's been so beautiful and sunny weather these last few days in Hyvinkää. Of course I have been out as much as possible. I have gone rollerskating, running with dad and Jay, walking around, and reading a book outside. I just wanted to get some tan and get the energy from the sun. But I guess I didn't think straight. I didn't think of protection. And at first I was so happy that I got some tan, but then today I read a book in sun about an hour and when I went inside I realized my chest was iching. And it was really red and now it looks so bad. And it BURNS! Then Jay and I went to the shop and bought sun protection lotion and also a calming gel for sunburn skin. I also read from the Internet that I should take some cold showers and should drink a lot of cool water and also should but some cool thing on my chest. I realllllly hope I won't get any blisters and that my skin won't unpeel. It wouldn't look great. But to be honest, it doesn't look great right now either. My chest is red as a lobster :/
Well, at least I learned from it and I will never ever go to get some tan when I don't have protection on. And I must learn to understand when enough is enough. But actually I wasn't on the sun so much at all. All together about 3 hours plus the time I went rollerskating, but I don't think I got so much sun at that time. Anyway, all I know is that sun is very good and I love it, but it can also be dangerous!
Next time I'm smarter!

Oh, but other than the sunburn everything has been so great! Like I said the weather is so warm and nice, I have been enjoying reading my room outside, going rollerskating, having nice walks with Jay, going running with dad and Jay, and so on. It's great here! Jay has the weekend off so it'll be extra fun! We have some plans, but we'll see how it'll all will work out :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, yesterday was May Running Day. It was such a cool day! I think it was my 20th time to take part of this sporty event. It's my family's tradition to go there! We had a blast! These 7 km went by so fast, I didn't walk at all.. tried to keep running all that distance. The weather was very nice too. Sunny and warm! Really great!
I had to wake up 5.45am today morning. I couldn't sleep much at all last night because I just woke up in every 30 minutes to check the time..I was afraid of sleeping in (althought I had put my alarm ring). Anyway, when I finally woke up, I had 25 minutes to get ready and then I went to the harbor. I had SO heavy bags!But once I was on the ship I slept a bit and then I read a book and the trip went really quickly. When I arrived in Helsinki I bought a bus ticket and went to a bus...and then I saw there Ave and Kristjan. They were on the same ship:) The both live in Hyvinkää and work at the same company as Jay. So, we had the same way home. We went to the railway station by bus and then the train came pretty quickly too and after 45 minutes of train trip we were in Hyvinkää. Ave's bf came to pick us up and they drove me to my dad's place. I'm so glad I saw Ave coz it wasn't that boring to go all the way alone, we got to talk and so on. And of course it was nice to get ride home other than walking with heavvvvvyyy bags for 35 minutes. Luck was on my side today!
I'm at my dad's now. Jay is still at work. He's gonna finish in an hour and I'll probably walk there to meet him.
I already had a little lunch (a banana, chocolate and cherries). And I watched two episodes of Gossip Girl. Omg, I have been watching this show since the first episode came out in USA. I was 2007, so I was 17 years old. I so remember how I read about this new show on M-magazine and I decided to check it out. I fell in love with it. I had read few Gossip Girl books too, but not all of them. But well, today when I watched the last episode of this season, I just understood again how much I like this show. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It's just so different world, interesting, but something I still wouldn't want for myself. Anyway, long story short - Gossip Girl is such a fun show to watch! I am looking forward to autumn to see the new episodes of the new season :)

I am so happy to be here in Hyvinkää. I feel so free. I can taste the freedom in the air! I will have tons of free time and I can read and watch my fav tv shows and go rollerskating. And when the weather gets even more warmer and it's more summer-ish weather I will go to the swimming pool and get some tan!:) So nice! And the best part of it all is that I can spend the whole summer with JAY! :D

Friday, May 18, 2012

THE days

As usual the days that I spent with Jay were so fun and full of happiness! Hehe! We spend quite a lot time at home, just watching tv, cooking, talking, joking and so on. We also went out - to have lunch or to the movies. Whereever we went or whatever we did, I enjoyed it because I was with Jay!
He went back to Finland today morning. I went to Rocca al Mare school to give some classes. When I came home I went for a run and did some workout. It's May Running Day tomorrow! I gotta be ready to run 7 km. When I was younger 7 km seemed so long distance, but now it doesn't seem so long at all.
But anyway, I am enjoying the spring and my fav fruits that they start selling at food markets. Right now I am eating blueberries and cherries. I also have strawberries, kiwis, oranges, apples and bananas. And some more cherries and blueberries. Gosh! I loveeee fruits and berries so much!
Day after tomorros (on Sunday) I am going to Finland with the very first ship. So, I gotta go to bed right after football tomorrow ;) I can't wait to be in Finland with Jay already! it's awesome that I can spend the whole summer with him! :)
Jay's birthday is coming up soon! I already bought him a birthday present. Actually he chose it :) Two computer games - Diablo III and Lord of the ring game (dont's know it's actual name). I am glad I got him something he wanted :)
We'll be in Finland on his birthday, but it's okay, as long as we are together!
I am going to watch my fav soap opera now and later I wanna watch new episodes of Make It or Break It and Gossip Girl :)
I hope I can watch with Jay on skype later!

Monday, May 14, 2012

a moment

I want a biggggg bookshelf like that one!

Oh I want blueberries, SO MUCH!

I wanna go to Greece!

happy days

I had the last classes of this spring semester on Saturday. After that I went home and my dad came and picked me and Chuck up. We went to my parents' house. It was Chuck's first time there. Everything was really new for him. My dog Bonnie was so happy she got one more cat to play with (she gets a long with our family cats so well!). I was so happy to see she became friends with Chuck the minute we arrived. I told her to be nice with Chuck coz he's going to stay there for the summer. It seems Bonnie understood :) So, I had to teach Chuck how to go to the garden and so on. He had never been on a grass, never seen a dog, never been with other cats. It was a lot to take in for him. But he did fine. He was sure a little careful at first, but he got used to the new environment pretty quickly! I really hope he'll enjoy his summer there. He'll have much more fun playing in the garden that living in apartment, that's for sure!
It was Mother's Day yesterday. We had a BBQ and my grandparents came also over. It was really nice to catch up and celebrate that special day! Later that evening I went walking with Bonnie, then I went running and did some workout (I felt so heavy because of all the cakes and other sweets I ate.LOL).
Today I had to wake up 6:15am coz dad went to work and I decided to go with him to the Tallinn coz I had so many bags and I didn't want to go train with all the bags I had. Now I am at home. When I arrived here I was sooo tired so I slept for two hours. Then I talked to Jay on the skype and now I am here. Around 12 o'clock we'll get our electricity back! Then I want to clean the whole apartment, will go shopping and then I'll cook myself a nice lunch and watch TV! I also wanna go running.
I am so excited for tomorrow. Jay is coming home! I cannot waiiiiittttt!!!!!! I miss him so much and I really really really want to be with him already!!!!!! It's gonna be so great! I am going to walk to the harbor to wait him there when he arrives!:)


Isn't it a cute photography? :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

one more day of uni

It's Friday night and tomorrow will be the last day of university for this school year! I cannot believe it! So great!
I am at my granny's for some stupid reasons, but it's okay. I try not to think of it and stay positive! I will go to Kohila tomorrow after classes. I am taking Chuck with me!
It's Mother's Day on Sunday, so I bet it'll be a very nice day!
Did I mentioned that it was so warm yesterday - 22 C degrees! I walked to the Solaris center, had a dinner there (alone:/ ) and then I walked back home eating ice-cream. It was nice, but I felt a bit alone. I really cannot wait till Tuesday! Jay is coming home! It'll be my happy day! Gosh, how much I love him. He's the sweetest guy ever. And i wonder every day how I was so lucky to get him all by myself! I feel so so so lucky! He's the best!

Oeh, I ate too much chocolate and now my stomach feels so weird. I better go and eat an orange! :)

I am waiting for Jay to come to skype! I need to see him every day coz he makes my day shine! (it's night tho).



Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nick, Mick or Sick?

I am not Nick, nor am I Mich, so it leaves only one option - I'm sick :S I would say I caught a cold, but that's not entirely correct...I caught hotness. Got too much sun (no, I wasn't trying to get tan!). I was just jogging and sun was shining so bright and ugh, I just became so tired and I started feel so bad. I hate being sick.
But it's good to talk to my sweet fiance on the skype who is making me feel a lot better! :) Such a sweetheart!

Saturday, May 5, 2012


I know that recently my blogs have been all about Jay. How I miss him, or what we have been doing and so on. But it doesn't mean I don't do anything else than miss him. He's so important to me. He's my life. So, whenever I come to write here I realize I end up mentioning how much I love him or miss him. But it's all true. So, who cares, right?? I blog for myself.

I went to have a massage yesterday. I wasn't totally happy about it coz the masseuse was a man. I know it's his job to touch whoever is laying there, but oh, I felt so weird, so uncomfortable. Jay is only man who can touch me. So, Jay told me that next time we'll make sure if the masseuse is a woman! :) And he told he's going to massage me when he comes home! How cute! I will enjoy that a lot!!!!!:)

Since May Running Day is getting closer I have been going for a little jog every day. It actually feels so good to run. After I finish I always feel like I have done somethin g big although the distance weren't so long at all. Lol. But it still feels great! I plan on going tomorrow too, if it isn't raining!

Yesterday I was a very productive. I cleaned the whole apartment, did some schoolwork, put clothes on the washing mashine and took them out:D LOL.
Today I tried to study for Tuesday's test, but ohh I got so bored!
Then I watched TV! Kate plus eight, Sister wives and What not to wear. All were on Diva Universal channel. They were really good ones. I especially liked Sister wives coz it was totally new for me. It was about polygyny - a man has more than one wife. It was pretty interesting. A man had 4 wives and they all had children. They all lived together and had a normal life. They told about their believes and how they were raised in such family type. I was thinking how the wives could possible like how their husband loves them all equally and shares bed with them all. I would never ever like that. I want my fiancee only for MYSELF! I would never share him with anybody!
But that doesn't mean I dont accept polygyny. If they like their life and they are happy with their situation then it's good :)

Well, tomorrow's Sunday. I don't know what I am going to do. I'll probably study for the test a bit, watch more TV, go for a run and made something good for dinner. Dinner alone is so ugh! Lonely! But I am glad I can talk to Jay every day on skype. Usually more than once. I love that! :)

Today I started thinking if 19 year olds should be more grown up and more independent and have more resbonsibility?! Or is it just me thinking it. Well, when I was 19 y.o I graduated high school. I felt so independent. I had saved my money, I did everything I wanted, I did everything to not to depend on my parents. Even though I lived with them I felt I was on my own. Because I was 19 y.o. I couldnt be like a little kid who asks everything from their parents and depends on them. It felt wrong. But was it only me? Are all other 19 year olds still like 12 year olds? Being irresponsible and they depend on everybody else?? Well, not only 19 years old. Also 20 years old and some even older??!! I wouldn't like it. It definitely depends on the parents and how they have been raised. I am really glad that my parents taught me what is wrong and what is right, how to be dependent when it's needed and how to achive the best it's possible. We all have our dreams. And we all should know that they don't come true if we dont work for them. we may fail on the way, but we still have to fight for them. I am always giving my best to move closer to my goals.

Days are passing by so slowly when Jay is in Finland. I am counting the days! 10 more days! I need him here!!!!

Okay, it's 11pm and I am getting tired...and hungry. Gotta wait till the morning comes. I'm going to have porridge for breakfast.



Thursday, May 3, 2012

12 days

Jay went back to Finland today and he's coming home in 12 days. I am waiting and missing him! :(

I try to keep myself busy, but it's pretty hard since most of my school work are done. Next week will be the very last week of university classes for this semester. So, after next week, goodbye university, and hello mega long summer holiday! :) I am so looking forward to it. Why? Because I can spend time with Jay. If he's in Finland I'll be there too, if he has break from work, we'll be in Estonia. So nice! I can't wait!
On 19th May will be May Running Day! Jay comes home on 15th May, but leaves already 18th. So, he won't be able to run next to me this year. But it's okay. My family will be there. And after the May Running Day I'll go to Finland and so we'll be there till the end of the month! Then back to Estonia for few days and then back to Finland. And so on! I can't wait till Jay has a summer holiday. He needs to have a longer break from work. I want my sweetheart to rest and relax and enjoy the summer and the hot weather ( I hope it'll be hot!!!!) :)
But yeah, right now I am counting the days...12 days to go.
Our cat Chuck had a surgery yesterday and next Saturday I am taking him to my parents' place. He'll spend the summer there.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

20 cheese burgers

How wonderful it is to spend time with my fiance. We have had so funny and nice days so far! We have been to the beach, had long walks, did some shopping, had dinners and lunches out. And today morning we went to the McDonalds coz Jay wanted to buy 20 cheese burgers. He's crazy! Now we are at home and he's eaten less that 10 burgers and he's full already! I told him to eat others later coz burgers will last very long, they wont get rotten or anything. He could eat them a year later and there wouldnt be a difference.
Anyway, I got some blueberries, and yesterday I ate strawberries. Gosh, I love them! And I made pancakes today morning! Yumyumyum!:)
It's 11:11. Make a wish!