Sunday, May 20, 2012


So, yesterday was May Running Day. It was such a cool day! I think it was my 20th time to take part of this sporty event. It's my family's tradition to go there! We had a blast! These 7 km went by so fast, I didn't walk at all.. tried to keep running all that distance. The weather was very nice too. Sunny and warm! Really great!
I had to wake up 5.45am today morning. I couldn't sleep much at all last night because I just woke up in every 30 minutes to check the time..I was afraid of sleeping in (althought I had put my alarm ring). Anyway, when I finally woke up, I had 25 minutes to get ready and then I went to the harbor. I had SO heavy bags!But once I was on the ship I slept a bit and then I read a book and the trip went really quickly. When I arrived in Helsinki I bought a bus ticket and went to a bus...and then I saw there Ave and Kristjan. They were on the same ship:) The both live in Hyvinkää and work at the same company as Jay. So, we had the same way home. We went to the railway station by bus and then the train came pretty quickly too and after 45 minutes of train trip we were in Hyvinkää. Ave's bf came to pick us up and they drove me to my dad's place. I'm so glad I saw Ave coz it wasn't that boring to go all the way alone, we got to talk and so on. And of course it was nice to get ride home other than walking with heavvvvvyyy bags for 35 minutes. Luck was on my side today!
I'm at my dad's now. Jay is still at work. He's gonna finish in an hour and I'll probably walk there to meet him.
I already had a little lunch (a banana, chocolate and cherries). And I watched two episodes of Gossip Girl. Omg, I have been watching this show since the first episode came out in USA. I was 2007, so I was 17 years old. I so remember how I read about this new show on M-magazine and I decided to check it out. I fell in love with it. I had read few Gossip Girl books too, but not all of them. But well, today when I watched the last episode of this season, I just understood again how much I like this show. It makes me laugh and cry at the same time. It's just so different world, interesting, but something I still wouldn't want for myself. Anyway, long story short - Gossip Girl is such a fun show to watch! I am looking forward to autumn to see the new episodes of the new season :)

I am so happy to be here in Hyvinkää. I feel so free. I can taste the freedom in the air! I will have tons of free time and I can read and watch my fav tv shows and go rollerskating. And when the weather gets even more warmer and it's more summer-ish weather I will go to the swimming pool and get some tan!:) So nice! And the best part of it all is that I can spend the whole summer with JAY! :D

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