Friday, May 18, 2012

THE days

As usual the days that I spent with Jay were so fun and full of happiness! Hehe! We spend quite a lot time at home, just watching tv, cooking, talking, joking and so on. We also went out - to have lunch or to the movies. Whereever we went or whatever we did, I enjoyed it because I was with Jay!
He went back to Finland today morning. I went to Rocca al Mare school to give some classes. When I came home I went for a run and did some workout. It's May Running Day tomorrow! I gotta be ready to run 7 km. When I was younger 7 km seemed so long distance, but now it doesn't seem so long at all.
But anyway, I am enjoying the spring and my fav fruits that they start selling at food markets. Right now I am eating blueberries and cherries. I also have strawberries, kiwis, oranges, apples and bananas. And some more cherries and blueberries. Gosh! I loveeee fruits and berries so much!
Day after tomorros (on Sunday) I am going to Finland with the very first ship. So, I gotta go to bed right after football tomorrow ;) I can't wait to be in Finland with Jay already! it's awesome that I can spend the whole summer with him! :)
Jay's birthday is coming up soon! I already bought him a birthday present. Actually he chose it :) Two computer games - Diablo III and Lord of the ring game (dont's know it's actual name). I am glad I got him something he wanted :)
We'll be in Finland on his birthday, but it's okay, as long as we are together!
I am going to watch my fav soap opera now and later I wanna watch new episodes of Make It or Break It and Gossip Girl :)
I hope I can watch with Jay on skype later!

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