Monday, May 14, 2012

happy days

I had the last classes of this spring semester on Saturday. After that I went home and my dad came and picked me and Chuck up. We went to my parents' house. It was Chuck's first time there. Everything was really new for him. My dog Bonnie was so happy she got one more cat to play with (she gets a long with our family cats so well!). I was so happy to see she became friends with Chuck the minute we arrived. I told her to be nice with Chuck coz he's going to stay there for the summer. It seems Bonnie understood :) So, I had to teach Chuck how to go to the garden and so on. He had never been on a grass, never seen a dog, never been with other cats. It was a lot to take in for him. But he did fine. He was sure a little careful at first, but he got used to the new environment pretty quickly! I really hope he'll enjoy his summer there. He'll have much more fun playing in the garden that living in apartment, that's for sure!
It was Mother's Day yesterday. We had a BBQ and my grandparents came also over. It was really nice to catch up and celebrate that special day! Later that evening I went walking with Bonnie, then I went running and did some workout (I felt so heavy because of all the cakes and other sweets I ate.LOL).
Today I had to wake up 6:15am coz dad went to work and I decided to go with him to the Tallinn coz I had so many bags and I didn't want to go train with all the bags I had. Now I am at home. When I arrived here I was sooo tired so I slept for two hours. Then I talked to Jay on the skype and now I am here. Around 12 o'clock we'll get our electricity back! Then I want to clean the whole apartment, will go shopping and then I'll cook myself a nice lunch and watch TV! I also wanna go running.
I am so excited for tomorrow. Jay is coming home! I cannot waiiiiittttt!!!!!! I miss him so much and I really really really want to be with him already!!!!!! It's gonna be so great! I am going to walk to the harbor to wait him there when he arrives!:)


Isn't it a cute photography? :)

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