Tuesday, February 26, 2013

unusual for me

This winter has had the weirdes affect on me. Comparing to all other winters in my life. Where should I start? All out winters are cold and snowy. People tend to get a runny nose or have a sore throat. I do usually too (this winter I have been suprisingly well though). But what is unusual is that when winter and the first coldness arrived my lips got so broken. I have never had broken lips before! They are now so tender. So, ever since November I have been using Blistex lip protector lippalm whenever I go outside. I have been also occasionly brushing my lips with honey. It makes my lips so soft. I use a toothbrush that it's meant for babies..it's pretty soft.
That's not all. At one point I realized that my feet were so dry..and my hands. So, I have been doing warm baths for my feet and it has really helped. Now my feet are just fine! I also use handcream every night before I go to bed. I bought a nail oil for nails and nailskin. I have been using that every night too. It makes miracles! Love it despite it's odd smell. 
Of course I have been drinking a lot of tea and eating quite a lot sweets... We need energy in this cold and dark season. 

All you need for soft lips are honey and toothbrush :)
Having a nice warm bath for my feet :)

I made a blueberry cake with a little drop of lemon...delicious!

Thankfully it has been very sunny for last few days. So, I really hope I don't need to worry about my dry lips, hands or feet anymore :) Spring and sun gives me new energy and I love it! I am taking D-vitamine right now and I hope it boosts me some energy that I need. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

guess what?

Guess what? I am in Finland!!! Yeah! I talked to Jay on Thursday night on skype. I missed him so much. And then he suddenly asked me to go to Finland for the weekend (I have three days weekend - Friday, Saturday and Sunday). I was hyper happy!!! So, I quickly booked the ticket for the next morning boat, 7.30am! I couldn't wait to be with Jay again! The boat ride went so quickly. I slept most of the time. The train ride was quick too. I arrived in Hyvinkää 11am already. Jay was at work at that time, so I went to my dad's place and hung out with him for few hours. Then by 3pm I went to Jay's work to meet him, then we walked to the foodshop and then to his place. I made lunch for us. From the foodshop Jay bought me the most delicious cupcake ever - Dumle cupcake! It was heavenly good. Check out the photo of it! Oh, he also bought his favorite Domino cookies with extra cream. These are sooo yummie!
At 8pm we went to the sauna. Oh, it was sooo good! I love going to sauna! After the sauna I was reading a book, Jay was playing a game on his laptop. But soon he came to cuddle me and we fell asleep.
Today I have been doing some university stuff. Jay is at work right now. But in 2 hours I will go to his workplace to meet him! Then we'll have lunch and just hung out. We'll probably watch a movie together. I will go back to Estonia tomorrow by 4.30pm boat. I am sooo happy I get to spend these three days with Jay :)
Delicious cupcake!


PS! I am really looking forward to spring!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

there ain't a better man..

Oh, last four days were so great! Jay came home on Sunday and we had such a lovely time. I gave him the cake I made for him for Valentine's Day and he finally got the socks I knit for him. He surprised me with a romantic dinner - I thought we were going to the foodshop, but we ended up at lovely restaurant where he had booked a table for us. It was sooo nice there. Just to talk with Jay and enjoy delicious food!:) 
I had to go to university on Monday and Tuesday of course, but thankfully I didn't have many classes and I was home pretty early. Jay and I were really enjoying each others company, cuddling a lot, we watched two new episodes of The Walking Dead and of course football! :) 
I had a day off today except for the finnish course in the evening. But ever since I had breakfast in the morning I had an awful stomach hurt. I don't know why?! I also had a bad allercic reaction from my new shampoo which caused me red spots on my face, neck and head :S Ughh! So, of course I couldn't go to Finnish course - mostly because of my stomach hurt! And what is weird is that it still hurts. I have taken painkillers and doen everythig impossible, but it still hurts so badly. I just had a peppermint tea that I thought might be calming for my stomach, but it doesn't seen to be working :S Oh, I better go to bed and try to sleep and rest! I really want to be well tomorrow because I'll have pretty long day in university. 
Oh, I didn't mention the worse part of today...Jay went back to Finland. Actually today was nice because we were cuddling the whole day...I just couldn't get out of the bed because of my stomach hurt. He even made me a porridge, gave me a nice massage, creamed my feet and really took so good care of me! We ordered a dinner from Chopstick and enjoyed every second we had together! But then around 7pm we had to go to the foodshop and then to the harbor. I was with him till they opened the gates to the boat. It's always so hard to say goodbye. Even though he's coming back in 13 days, I still miss him like crazy and it hurts to be away from him. We both wish the time would pass by quicker and that I could move to Finland. Then we won't have to leave each other!!! 
In the end, I just want to say that I love Jay with all my heart and sole! He's my Prince who gives me life a meaning!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

LOVE - it's Valentine's Day!

Something that suits so perfectly into today's Valentine's Day! A quote from book "PS I Love You".

It's something I feel and believe:

“Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful, wonderful feeling. But finding a true soul mate is an even better feeling. A soul mate is someone who understands you like no other, loves you like no other, will be there for you forever, no matter what. They say that nothing lasts forever, but I am a firm believer in the fact that for some, love lives on even after we're gone.”

I think strawberries are so prefect for Valentine's Day! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shrove Tuesday

I am so glad that I had only quite pretty short classes today because I just needed some rest. But even though when my body is resting, my head still works so hard - there's so much to think about. One word - master research! My head is full of thoughts and yet everything is so blurry and confusing. And it's hard to relax when I know I should be doing something important like reading some books for my research or something. Oh well, I am glad it's a long process and I don't have to deal with the whole research today! I keep telling myself that I have more than year to write it! It makes me a little bity calmer.
Anywho, it's Shrove Tuesday today and before heading home from university I hopped by a bakery and bought myself a traditional whipped-cream filled bun I bought just one. But when I ate it at home I wished I had bought some more. I saw at the bakery that there were also buns with marzipan and bus with jel. So, I might go see tomorrow if they still have some. I am craving for these right now! At home I really enjoyed watching tv and knitting a sock. I haven't had much time to knit, but I try to knit every day a little bit. I hope to finish Jay's second sock of the pair soon :)
Speaking of Jay, he's coming home on Sunday morning and I cannot wait! Tomorrow will be our special day  - 2,5 years anniversary! We'll definitely celebrate that and Valentine's Day when he gets back home! And a new episode of The Walking Dead is out, so we are definitely going to watch that!!!!
Oh, I guess I forgot to mention that I had my friends over on Saturday night. We talked, took photos and ate. I ate obviously too much! I felt soooo bad the next day. I felt like I have partied the whole night even though the guests left my place 11pm. But thankfully Sunday was free and I got to rest:)
I'm planning doing some schoolwork tomorrow and I also have Finnish course at 4pm. 
I seriously can't wait till Sunday!!!!!

Head vastlapäeva! Happy Shrove Tuesday!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

strong for you

I haven't bloged for few days because I was really enjoying these days and I didn't spend time on the Internet at all. Jay came home on Saturday morning and ohhh how excited and happy I was. Seeing him and being with him is the best thing in the world. I guess everybody who has someone to love understands me. We spent the whole Saturday at home, just cuddling and watching tv together. On Sunday we went to the movies to see "Hansel and Grethel". It was very good and interesting. After the movie we just walked around and went home. I made dinners every evening, by the way! :) I had university on Monday and Tuesday. Thankfully not for long. On Monday I have one class and later in the evening Finnish class. On Tuesday I only have one class in the morning. I was pretty sad when I was coming home from university because I knew Jay must go to harbor and back to Finland on Tuesday evening. When I arrived home Jay hugged me and I asked if he wants to go to the foodshop before heading to the harbor so he can buy some food to take with him. He said no. I asked why? He said he's not going that day... his boss texted him and told him to go to work on Wednesday afternoon! So it meant Jay could go to Finland on Wednesday morning:) I was sooo happy! Seriously! I was repeating the whole night how happy I am that he's still at home :) 
But today early morning he had to leave. I was so sad. It's so hard to be away from him, but I try to be strong and I keep thinking that in less that a year I will move to Finland and we don't have to be apart from each other!!!
Right now all I can do is focus on my studies, learn Finnish as good as possible, and start writing my master research!!! 
I hope this week will pass quickly and then I have only one more week left till Jay comes back at home. I cannot wait till 17th Feb morning :)

I think that if you have faith then all these things you want will come to you... with a little bit of hard work from yourself!  

Friday, February 1, 2013

perfect winter meal

I really love reading cooking blogs. I always find so many amazing recipes and whenever I have time I try them out. One of my favorite cooking blog is "Kokkama Ragnega" (here's the LINK). So, the other day I found a very good recipe from her blog and I decided to share that nice winter meal with you. First of all, this meal is very easy to make, it really makes your stomach full, it's quite spicey (perfect for cold winter) and it's just very very delicious! 
I made about half of the amount that's written in her blog. My meal came out much thicker, not so much like a soup. 
You can find the recipe in Estonian here: LINK . But definitely check out her other recipes too!!!

I will write here the recipe in English too!
You need:
*1 onion
*2 carrots
*100g becon (I didn't have one, so I left it out)
*2 tsp chopped chilli
*375g minced turkey meat
*2 tsp chilli powder
*800g canned and chopped tomatoes
*1,5 l bouillon
*grated cheese 
*200g pasta
*salt, pepper, sugar

How to make:
Cut your onion and carrots into little cubs. Put some little oil in the pot and cook fry onions and carrots. Add  chopped chilli, bacon and minced turkey meat. Cook them till meat looses pinky color. Add chopped tomatoes, chilli powder and bouillon, add cheese. Mix it all and add any kind of pasta you prefer. Let it boil in low temerature for about 10 minutes. When it's ready, serve it with some extra cheese and fresh bread. It's really perfect meal for a cold winter day! 

If you don't want that big amont, just make less. I use exactly half the ingredients and I got to eat all together three bowls of this amazing soup (although it didn't look like soup). 

goodies from USA

Jay's dad went to USA in December for a month. His wife's realtive had a graduation there. Anyway, me and Jay gave him money so he woulc buy us some things we wanted from USA. He ended up not buying the tings we asked for, but we still got some nice things. I got Victoria Secret's yoga pants, two basic tops (black and white), T-shirt from Ecko Red (I love that shirt!). He also got me a really cute mug from Florida, it has my name on it :) And also two fridge magnets. One thing he did got me that I asked was Hershey chocolate. My favorite flavor - white chocolate with cookie crisps. I got three of them, all king size. 
Jay got two pair of jeans and three T-shirts from his favorite brand (Ecko Unltd). I hope Jay and I can go to USA one day too, then we can shop and buy all the things we want :) It's very hard to ask other people to buy us something...they might not have the same taste...plus they aren't really focusing on buying stuff for other people when they are enjoying their trip.