Wednesday, February 20, 2013

there ain't a better man..

Oh, last four days were so great! Jay came home on Sunday and we had such a lovely time. I gave him the cake I made for him for Valentine's Day and he finally got the socks I knit for him. He surprised me with a romantic dinner - I thought we were going to the foodshop, but we ended up at lovely restaurant where he had booked a table for us. It was sooo nice there. Just to talk with Jay and enjoy delicious food!:) 
I had to go to university on Monday and Tuesday of course, but thankfully I didn't have many classes and I was home pretty early. Jay and I were really enjoying each others company, cuddling a lot, we watched two new episodes of The Walking Dead and of course football! :) 
I had a day off today except for the finnish course in the evening. But ever since I had breakfast in the morning I had an awful stomach hurt. I don't know why?! I also had a bad allercic reaction from my new shampoo which caused me red spots on my face, neck and head :S Ughh! So, of course I couldn't go to Finnish course - mostly because of my stomach hurt! And what is weird is that it still hurts. I have taken painkillers and doen everythig impossible, but it still hurts so badly. I just had a peppermint tea that I thought might be calming for my stomach, but it doesn't seen to be working :S Oh, I better go to bed and try to sleep and rest! I really want to be well tomorrow because I'll have pretty long day in university. 
Oh, I didn't mention the worse part of today...Jay went back to Finland. Actually today was nice because we were cuddling the whole day...I just couldn't get out of the bed because of my stomach hurt. He even made me a porridge, gave me a nice massage, creamed my feet and really took so good care of me! We ordered a dinner from Chopstick and enjoyed every second we had together! But then around 7pm we had to go to the foodshop and then to the harbor. I was with him till they opened the gates to the boat. It's always so hard to say goodbye. Even though he's coming back in 13 days, I still miss him like crazy and it hurts to be away from him. We both wish the time would pass by quicker and that I could move to Finland. Then we won't have to leave each other!!! 
In the end, I just want to say that I love Jay with all my heart and sole! He's my Prince who gives me life a meaning!

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