Sunday, September 26, 2010

Peace of mind

What brings me peace?


White Christmas

Good quotes & song lyrics


True friends

Being with J

Good books & time to enjoy them



I planned to post a recipe blog now, but nahh, i don't feel like posting anything like that right now.
I'm listening to "Always" by Jordan Pruitt. I hadn't listened to this song for a long time and now it brings back so many memories. It somehow makes me feel safe and secure! Maybe because so much has happened lately.. actually life's constantly changing. And not in a bad direction at all..but just changing.

I’ll take the chance to say
I feel this emptiness
When you walk away
And now I must confess
That it’s not the same
Without you here with me
Then the rain goes away
When I see that face
Like a summer day
The clouds just get erased
You never cease to amaze
Every time you’re here with me

I reach for your hand
At night I pray
Together we’ll find
Find a way
To be in love
Starting today

I reach for the words
Speak from my heart
They fall to the ground
Fall apart
It’s so hard to feel this way

When the moon appears
I’d like to make a wish
Wishing you were here
'cause that lasts the best
And it's all so clear
Every time you’re here with me

I reach for your hand
At night I pray
Together we’ll find
Find a way
To be in love
Starting today

I reach for the words
Speak from my heart
They fall to the ground
Fall apart
It’s so hard to feel this way

Somehow I have known you
Let’s see where this goes to
Cuz we’re just beginning
I love how it’s feeling
When I reach for your hand
At night I pray
Together we’ll find
Find a way
To be in love
Starting today

I reach for the words
Speak from my heart
They fall to the ground
Fall apart
It’s so hard to feel this way

Saturday, September 25, 2010

step by step..getting closer..

I finally took some time to sit down and write. My days have been so busy. Mostly because of university. All the classes im taking are very important. Now i feel they are all teaching me something and i can't miss a thing! I get lots of home assignments that need a lot of time to work with. It's all actually exciting because i feel i'm learning everything that i can one day put into practice when im a teacher! Even though it's only my second year i feel the end aren't that far after all! We are already going to visit primary schools, practicing how to be a teacher. I truly love it! When i first thought it's my passion, now i KNOW it! And it's so good to be able to do something that i really love! I feel so motivated, full of ideas and so ready to face the real life of teaching!
It's also a really hard work. I never imagine how much time it takes to prepare one class. There are plans i need to make, phrase every lesson's aim and later analyse it, ect ect.
Right now i am really enjoying what im studying, even though i'm overloaded by home assignments.
Well well well. Not to think that im only studying(a geek) i'll write about my other passions too. lol. Friends. I don't know if it's a passing, but i just love hunging out with my friends! We have so much fun together! We had another girls night out on Wednesday. First we were at Jaana's place and then we went to the Old Town to the pubs/clubs. Our first visit was to the Tonic where we danced a lot. There's always so good music! Later we went to the Pub With No Name. There we were just sitting and talking until the pub was closed at 4am. We took a taxi back at Jaana's. It was a long night and we all fell asleep like babies. Morning wake up was at 10:30am. We got ready and went to uni. Gerli and Jaana had art class and i went with them. It was so fun watching them to paint. Gosh! I miss painting. Here are my girls:

So yeah!
I don't remember if i have mentioned, but i'm taking Spanish classes. I go there with Marina. It's actually so much fun! Teacher is Spanish so he mostly talks in Spanish and also in English. We sit right in front of the teacher's desk because then he doesn't ask us so much and of course we have a better view to the blackboard! ;) We are learning a LOT there!

Now im having a 3-days weekend! I love the fact that i have Fridays off. It gives me more time to do home assignments and plan my week. So, yesterday i managed to get done with all that i had planned and today also. It's only 2:20pm, but i've already done with all my schoolwork! I'm going to clean my room, take a shower and then i'll go to Tallinn with my family. We are going to the movies to see Eat, Pray, Love. I think it's our first time to go to the movies all together! I've once gone to the movies with dad, but i was about 9 y.o then. And mom's never been into movies. But she loves Julia Roberts and she also ordered the book ("Eat, Pray, Love"). So, she wants to see the movie before she reads the book. It's gonna be a fun night! Family quality time!:)

Oh, i just remembered i still have to post few blogs of the recipes i've tried. I'll do that later today if i have time. If not, i'll do that some other day!
I better go and start cleaning my room.
I'd love to go to the garden right now to be honest. It's such a sunny weather today! Can't believe it's officially autumn now! Time flies!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New week.

Okay, it's Tuesday today and im all so excited! This week seems to be as or even more crazier than last one. Got an instant msg from Jaana&Gerli a bit time ago saying that we are going out tomorrow. Yup. It wasn't a question, it was a statement. Like that!
Well, it's actually more like a Bingo night AND G.N.O after that. I love our gnos. Always soo fun! We are such a crazy punch of girls. Anywho, so, apparently i'll stay over at Jaana's.
Actually i'll go to my granny's after uni and hopefully i can see J before i go to Jaana's. He'll go to Finland on Thursday, so i rlyyy wanna see him before he leaves. I kinda feel bad that im going out tomorrow. I could spend the whole night with him.. actually he could come out with us...but then it wouldn't be gno anymore, besides i don't have really good memories from last week. So i better leave it that way. I dont need any more surprises, whatsoever. Hope he doesn't mind!

Well, i know lately my blogs have been so pointless. It's just that i don't have much time to write..
Im super excited about all that's going on in uni. Especially practice weeks. We gotta choose a school where we are going to an internship for 2 weeks in November. Cannot wait!
Right now i feel like i've got million things to do. Even tho it's kinda tiring i still like it at the same time. I like being busy and stuff.
This Sunday i'll go to work at children birthday party. Gonna entertain children!:)
Well, well. I've been making some delicious food lately. Maybe not as much as i wish, but still enough. But sadly i've had no time to post any recipes or pictures or anything. I'm up to it whenever i have more time than right now. lol.
I'm still very into Jamie Oliver. I watch his show every Sunday morning! Just love that guy and his cookings! Marvellous!

Okay, im going to take a shower and then pop to the bed. I'll continue reading "Love, Rosie" by Cecelia Ahern(one of my fav writers!)

Since your eyes are looking tired... Let your eye lashes hug each other for few hours.
Happy journey into the world of dreams.GOOD NIGHT !


PS! Im totally enjoying autumn. I'll try to do a normal blogpost soon. I just gotta have a bit more time for it!:) So much to write, tbh!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Rainy. Cold. = Autumn.
A cup of tea, hot apple pie right from the oven, candles, fire in the fireplace, cozy and warm blanket, good music or company. And i don't mind if it rains then or if it's cold long as I'm at home :) That's what i like the most about Autumn. Cold and dark nights. I can be at home, warm and cozy. I love it<3
Yesterday night i had GNO with my friends. We had tons of fun. And i don't regret going. I got to relax and just goof around with my girls! Quality time! Anywho, only thing that sucked was the weather. It was so cold. Maybe it was because of out lack of sleep, but still.. it was SO cold. I was totally shaking. We were partying until morning..i went straight home by first train at 7am. Sadly it was really cold in the train too. At least I was cold, don't know about others. When i arrived home i went to bed, covered myself with two blankets, and i even wore socks. I felt how my toes and whole body started warming up! And then i fell asleep:) I slept for about 4 hours.
I forgot to mention that when i was out i was wearing leggings and my ballerina shoes. But since i came home dead cold, i decided to face the fact that it's 10 C degrees outside and i should start covering up if i don't want to get sick. So, i need to take my boots out and autumn jacket too. Oh, and i need a scarf!!! Very important! My neck was SO freezing and today my voice is really shakey and weird!:/ So, i need to get a new scarf asap!!!
Tomorrow and Sunday will be super busy days. I just hope studying for the big test won't be that hard after all. Please! I don't feel like being my face in the book the whole weekend.

Btw, i finally managed to watch the new episodes of Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.i had been missing these shows so much! That's another thing i love about autumn. So many new shows and new seasons starts:) Whoe!=)

Okiedokie, im going to keep doing some math exercises and maybe read a book?! Or practice Spanish. Yupp, im taking Spanish classes now. Cool, isn't it?!=)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And here we go again..

I cannot believe im back in University. My second year. Oh. It's my 6th day and im feeling so tired of it. Why do we have to get so much homework? I seriously feel i have million things to do, i have to be in million places at once and so on. How can i do that all?
My uni friends are planning to go to a party on Thursday night. I so want to go and have fun, but if im thinking of what i need to do, i don't have a mood to relax and have fun. Is that wrong?
Well, but im still going. I hope i wont regret that! This weekend is going to be one of the thoughest! I'll have super hard Estonian test. I've so much material to work through. Im SO not looking forward to it:S Help me! I need a lot of energy!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Letters To Juliet

If you are craving for something that could move you, something that goes deep into your heart, then watch a movie called Letters To Juliet. It's full of passion, love, beliefs and destiny.
Do i believe in destiny? Yes, i do. I believe that if i wouldn't have met certain people in my life, then my current life would have lead in different way. Do i regret anything? No, i dont. Sometimes i only wish i could go back, and live the same moments over and over again. Maybe i would appreciate these even more than i did back then. But other than that i dont regret anything.
I also believe destiny is in our hands, at least a part of it. We make decisions every day. And we make the right ones. Because in the end of the day, our decisions make us who we are. We must never regret, cry for the past. We must move forward and know that we can make a change, our actions matter! We can make our own destiny:)
Letters To Juliet inspired me to write this blog, but it didnt inspire me to think like that. I've always owned this view of life and our actions.
If we believe, everything's possible. If we fail, we learn and try again.
If we love, we'll be loved back.

- Juliet

Autumn list.

It's not officially autumn yet, but since school year has started, it feels like summer's over. I really enjoyed making a summer list in July, so i think it'll be fun to make an autumn list too.

watch Letters To Juliet
go to the movies to see Step Up 3 and Devil
read N.Sparks books
save money
take yoga classes
learn Spanish
enjoy uni classes
listen to audiobook The Undomestic Godness
go to Finland
walk in colorful autumn leaves
make a Spinach lasagna
eat healthy food every day

a lot of energy
good grades
hot tea when it's cold outside
a quality time with my bf
a new bag
a new pair of jeans & a jacket
a crazy week with Sharon
time try out new recipes
a sunny and dry autumn
a special 13th Sept & Oct

super happy
autumn rain drops in my face
comfy in my fall clothes

Okay. I think that's all for now. May the autumn 2010 be fun:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer out, Autumn in.

I posted a blog in July about my summer list. Now that summer is over, though not officially according to calendar, but since school year has started i feel like summer's over too..besides it's a real fall weather outside(read: cold, windy and rainy!), i feel it's right time to cross out all done things in my Summer List.
I'll copy here my List and put a tick(*) after all these that i managed to do:)

read outside as much as possible *
sleep in a tent * (two times!)
go on ride bikes *
get sun-tanned *
eat good and fresh healthy food *
swim a lot * (never swum so much in one summer as this summer!)
spend time at the beach!! * (more than i imagined i would)
play with Bonnie *
go to forest to pick wild strawberries
take lots of photos *
eat a lot of berries&apples&pears * (pears are not ready yet, but i'm planning to eat them)
go camping
have breakfast in the garden * (not so much breakfast, but had lots of lunches and dinners) outside!)
more blog posts * (not much tho becoz of my work in Finland)
arrange my photo album * (did, but now it's kinda messy again:/)
make peach + brown sugar muffins (still hoping to do that soon!)

lots of smoothies *
new bikinis *
a picnic
long sleepless nights *
good time with my friends&family *
Miley's new album on repeat! *
a chance to pick huckleberries
colored toe nails * (only once, but it lasted for 3 weeks i guess.Lol)
time to write to my diary more often * (i cant say MORE often, but enough..)
more talks with Elisa

happy * (it was the best summer ever!)
as blessed as ever before *
grateful *
succeeded *
proud *
full of delicious summer food *

So, as it seems i can say my Summer List was a good idea since i really managed to do most of my plans/dreams. Summer 2010 was amazing. Im always gonna remember it! And if i need a reminder i can always read my blog or diary:)
But now im fully ready for the Autumn 2010. Let's hope it's colorful and successful and just a really happy time.
I'm planning to make an Autumn List too.

PS! I never know which should i use..fall or autumn. I know one is American and other British. haha. I love them both. Fall could be more confusing tho coz it has other meanings too. So, i'll stick to autumn right now :)

proud European learns life of an American

Why is it always that we want something we dont have? And if we finally get it, we have new needs. Seems like needs are never ending. But i guess it's how life works, and that's our dreams work. If we didn't have our dreams what would be life for? A family? A good job? A good health? But arent they all part of our dream?! So, still we dream and dream, and that's part of our life.
Every day i want something. There are always bigger and wider things i want..for example happiness for my family, good grades in university and so on.
Besides all these big and important things there are small ones, too. These are the ones that make me crazy. Let's take clothes for example. One day i think, i need this and that. And when i go and buy them, then next day i think, now i need this and that. Seems like i always need something. It's driving me crazy! But that's who i am. A human who always wants something she doesnt have yet.
So, what do i currently crave for?
Let's take a look:

I know, i dont really NEED them, but would love to HAVE them! So stylish and gosh i love these pieces. Everything except AllStar converse are from Forever21. I love that shop! And i guess the fact that i can't shop there(coz it's not in the country where i live in) make me love it even more.
I used to like H&M, i still kinda do. But the fact that everybody buy their clothes there has made me stay away from it a bit. Maybe that's why i love Forever21 so much. But i guess if i lived in USA i wouldnt like it THAT much as i do right now living in Europe.
Talking about Europe and USA. Me as an European have always dreamed of going to USA. I would love to see an ordinary life of an American. I know a lot is different there. And yet, so much is similar. Traditions are different. People too, i guess. Shops for sure! Food!Oh yeah! Climate;)
So, what's similar? I dont know yet because i havent been there. But i know if i would go there and live there for a longer period i would get used to everything they have there and it wouldnt be that exciting anymore. But isn't that part of the life too? Everything new is exciting until it gets old..and then we loose our interest and take it for granted.
Look aroud yourself?! You definitely live in a beautiful place, you have a cozy home, you have amazing friends and family.. But somehow we still often take it all for granted. :| We shouldnt. I dont. Hope you dont either! :)

So, again talking about America. I've been having fun fun conversations via skype with my uncle Scott from Florida. He's told me a lot of new things about Americans. And it's so interesting. A regular breakfast for example. A peanut butter toast with a jelly. Something i've never eaten, but most of Americans do.
Would be fun to try it out one day :):) Cant wait!