Friday, March 23, 2012


When I went to the food shop today I saw Pastella raviolis. There were 4 different kinds, but I bought with cheese filling. I have never eaten raviolis before. In my favorite Italian foodplace they only have raviolis with meat, but I don't eat meat so I have never ordered it. My mom told me few weeks ago that she bought raviolis and they were really good. So, I had a plan to do the same. And now here in Finland I did. I just finished eating them. I thought that this pack of 250g of raviolis arent much for two. But I made them and I ate, and wow, I couldnt eat them much because I just got so full! So, Jay will have a plate of raviolis too. I didn't make a pasta sauce or a fresh salad, but raviolis would taste even better with a good pasta sause and fresh salad.
If I go to Estonia I will try to find if we have there Pastella raviolis too. I googled, and that gave me nothing. But here in Finland they are sold. There was another pack of raviolis with a very good filling that cought my eye (besides the cheese one). It was with spinach filling. But this time I decided to try to cheese one.
I looked from the net that in Estonia we do have one local company that is producting raviolis with 4 different fillings. Sadly 3 of them are different meats, one is with cheese. I wish they made some with vegetables too! I would buy it! :)
I think raviolis are an easy way to make dinner. You just boil them and the dinner is ready! Plus after eating a plate of raviolis you are feeling full :)

Raviolis with spinach filling

Morning kiss!

My morning wake up alarm was Jay's kiss! He kissed me and then I started hitting him because I was in the middle of my dream and I was so scared when he kissed me. How the hell I knew it was him! Lol. But then it came clear and I realized it's morning and my finace is waking me up with his kisses! How cute! I asked if he's coming to bed, but he said he's not tired. He suggested we would go to the food shop to buy something good for breakfast! So, I woke up and that's exactly what we did. When we came back, we had breakfast, I took a shower and now I am on the net.
It's really beautiful weather outside. So sunny!!! I love it!
We are going to Helsinki tomorrow morning and since we will have time before the ship leaves, we'll go shopping! Yay!
It's so nice to go back home tomorrow! :) My uni classes starts on 27th March and they are only twice a week. It gives me plenty of time to read books and rollerskate and just enjoy spring! My favorite season!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I woke up today and smile was on my face. I knew life is good! Sun was shining, it is my fav season - spring! I have the best fiance ever!
We went to my dad's place for a sec to bring some things for my sister. Then we met Jay's friend and we walked to a foodshop to buy something good (ice-cream and chocolate!).
At home I was reading. I absolutely love that book! It's called "Safe Haven" and it's written by Nicholas Sparks. I am finishing reading it soon though. Sad! I wish I took one more book with me. It's waiting me at home, I have read about 200 pages, and about 300 is more to go. It's so interesting, but since it had so many pages and my bag was full and really heavy and I thought I have enough books with me, I left that one at home. A mistake as i understand now. But it's okay. I try spending my time some other way. Maybe more walks in the sun?
I can't wait to go back to Estonia, put my winter coat to a closet and take out my spring jacket and converse!!!!!! It's really getting warmer here. When we were walking today, it was so hot. It's a pure excample of the fact that I don't need to wear a winter coat anymore!
I have been eating these delicious candies Jay boought me and watching Switched at Birth. I really enjoy my holiday! I feel so relaxed! :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Spring List 2012


Although there are 3 more days till the spring actually starts, my mind is already on my fav season! Spring!
I woke up today morning and the room was full of sunshine! I loved it! Mornings like this make me so happy and I know it is going to be a good and positive day! :)
So, I went for a short walk (needed to go to the foodshop). Oh boy how warm was outside. I was wearing my winter coat and I realized it is time to start wearing a spring jacket.
My internship ended on Friday and I came to Finland after that. So, I am in Finland till 24th March! Jay and I are going back to Estonia on 24th morning! On 26th I will get my birthday present from him! I am so excited, a bit nervous too tho. I hope everything goes okay!
I took 5b books with me so I can read them. I read one through already and one is in the middle. Some of them are from my uni classes, some just a fun reading! I like the fact that I dont have so much paperwork to do anymore and I can just relax and read! I love it! One reason why I want t read in Finland right now as much as possible is that after my birthday gift on 26th I cant read for 10 days at all. So, I need to read right now as much as possible!

I am going to write down a Spring list like I did last year! ;)

read as many books as possible
be a lot in a fresh air
go for a jog
eat a lot of berries!!!
watch my fav tv shows
smile a lot
cook more!
ride a bike
take more photos
eat less chocolate

a fresh spring salad
broccoli and cauliflower soup
tunafish wrap

outside a lot!
less on the Internet!

a good birthday!
a lot of tulips and daffodils


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sooo tired!

I got really sick yesterday morning. Some kind of stomach flu :/ I felt really awful. Sadly Jay was sick too. I wish I was with him, but he was in Finland. He left on Sunday night. And after that we both got sick.
I am feeling better today. This week is pretty busy!!! It's my last internship week.
I think I am going to visit my granny tomorrow. And on Friday evening I am going to Finland for a week! Jay and I will come back together on 24th March! I love spending time with my fiance :) Yesss, fiance!!!!!!!! He proposed me! I am the most happiest and luckiest girl in the entire world! I feel like a princess! :)

I better go to bed and read and then sleep. (it's 7pm and I am so very tired!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nighty nighty!

Soooo, my week has been great so far! I just LOVE being teacher! Every day I go to school with such an excitement and it just feels so good to be infront of the class and teaching my little nice students! :) I really enjoy it!
I am not sure if I can go to school tomorrow because all city buses, trams and trollybuses are staiking.
Anyway, today I came home from school, cleaned the whole apartment, did some school work, did some workout. Now I am watching tv and I guess I will read soon and then I am off to bed!
Jay is coming home tomorrow! Yay! If I can't go to school then I will make a little lunch. Maybe mushroom pie :) And then I can go to the ship harbour and meet Jay :) I cannot wait to see him!
Oh, I just remembered it's Women's Day tomorrow! Hope we women have a very happy day tomorrow!!! :)
The weather is still sunny here and snow is melting. I love it. I can smell spring in the air! Spring makes me want to have fresh smoothies. So last few days I have been making myself fresh strawberry smoothies :) Yummie!

I love spring flowers! Tulips are one of my fav!

Monday, March 5, 2012

back at home

I came back to Estonia yesterday. I didn't want to leave Jay, but I knew that we'll see each other quite soon again. He's coming home on Thursday! Yesterday night he called me before his night-shift and he told he's coming to skype in the morning. It is one morning when I can sleep long and I have to go to school by 12.35pm. So, I wanted for his call all morning, but then I sent him a text asking if he went to bed already. Came out it was a misunderstanding. He came to skype, but I was offline so he went to bed. But actually I told him to call to my cellphone when he's going to skype so I can wake up and turn on my laptop we could talk on skype. I wish I had turned my laptop on earlier. I was just laying on my bed and waiting for a phonecall. I feel stupid. And I am disappointed because I really wanted to see and talk to him. But it's okay. At least I heard he's work went well and I'll let him sleep now!
In the morning I made a porridge. And I defroze fresh strawberry jam. Such a good breakfast!
So, since today I am a teacher again! It's weird to go back infront of the class after a holiday! But I know students are still the same nice! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I failed. I tried to avoid chocolate and I tried to eat just ONE bar a day, but nah, it didn't work out. I am too weak. And too atticted to chocolate. What sucks the most is that I started thinking of what I have eaten today... and it is: vanilla pudding, Tupla chocolate, an apple, banana, vegetable hamburger, two chocolate brownies, one chocolate with peanuts, another Tupla chocolate. So, there is only ONE thing that is actually salty. Everything else is sweet. And I am starting to think that it's wrong! I have noticed lately that I eat too much sweet things and too little salty food. I should keep it balanced or I would have too much sugar in my blood and that means nothing good! I asked Jay to keep an eye on me too. I dont even notice how I always prefere sugary things over salty food. Ugh. But now I had two tunafish sandwiches too. So, it's better. I also worked out a bit. And I finished reading the last book I took with me to Finland. Every time I pack my bag at home I think how many books should I take with me. I usually take 2 or 3. Every time I think maybe I should take more. But my bag is too heavy. And every time I am in Finland and I finish reading the last book I took with me, I think that I should have taken more!!! This time I took 4 books with me. So, I have read them all through and I have nothing to read anymore. I guess I gotta spend more time in front of the TV and laptop screen now...watching my fav tv series. Thankfully I have a lot to catch up with. :)

PS! I saw beautifffffuuuul strawberries and blueberries in the foodmarket today! But Jay didnt want to buy them coz he said they are full with chemicals right now. He's right. But I miss blueberries so much! I cant wait for summer!!!!!

I want all of these only for MYSELF!!!!!!