Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nighty nighty!

Soooo, my week has been great so far! I just LOVE being teacher! Every day I go to school with such an excitement and it just feels so good to be infront of the class and teaching my little nice students! :) I really enjoy it!
I am not sure if I can go to school tomorrow because all city buses, trams and trollybuses are staiking.
Anyway, today I came home from school, cleaned the whole apartment, did some school work, did some workout. Now I am watching tv and I guess I will read soon and then I am off to bed!
Jay is coming home tomorrow! Yay! If I can't go to school then I will make a little lunch. Maybe mushroom pie :) And then I can go to the ship harbour and meet Jay :) I cannot wait to see him!
Oh, I just remembered it's Women's Day tomorrow! Hope we women have a very happy day tomorrow!!! :)
The weather is still sunny here and snow is melting. I love it. I can smell spring in the air! Spring makes me want to have fresh smoothies. So last few days I have been making myself fresh strawberry smoothies :) Yummie!

I love spring flowers! Tulips are one of my fav!

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