Thursday, March 1, 2012


I failed. I tried to avoid chocolate and I tried to eat just ONE bar a day, but nah, it didn't work out. I am too weak. And too atticted to chocolate. What sucks the most is that I started thinking of what I have eaten today... and it is: vanilla pudding, Tupla chocolate, an apple, banana, vegetable hamburger, two chocolate brownies, one chocolate with peanuts, another Tupla chocolate. So, there is only ONE thing that is actually salty. Everything else is sweet. And I am starting to think that it's wrong! I have noticed lately that I eat too much sweet things and too little salty food. I should keep it balanced or I would have too much sugar in my blood and that means nothing good! I asked Jay to keep an eye on me too. I dont even notice how I always prefere sugary things over salty food. Ugh. But now I had two tunafish sandwiches too. So, it's better. I also worked out a bit. And I finished reading the last book I took with me to Finland. Every time I pack my bag at home I think how many books should I take with me. I usually take 2 or 3. Every time I think maybe I should take more. But my bag is too heavy. And every time I am in Finland and I finish reading the last book I took with me, I think that I should have taken more!!! This time I took 4 books with me. So, I have read them all through and I have nothing to read anymore. I guess I gotta spend more time in front of the TV and laptop screen now...watching my fav tv series. Thankfully I have a lot to catch up with. :)

PS! I saw beautifffffuuuul strawberries and blueberries in the foodmarket today! But Jay didnt want to buy them coz he said they are full with chemicals right now. He's right. But I miss blueberries so much! I cant wait for summer!!!!!

I want all of these only for MYSELF!!!!!!

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