Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I woke up today and smile was on my face. I knew life is good! Sun was shining, it is my fav season - spring! I have the best fiance ever!
We went to my dad's place for a sec to bring some things for my sister. Then we met Jay's friend and we walked to a foodshop to buy something good (ice-cream and chocolate!).
At home I was reading. I absolutely love that book! It's called "Safe Haven" and it's written by Nicholas Sparks. I am finishing reading it soon though. Sad! I wish I took one more book with me. It's waiting me at home, I have read about 200 pages, and about 300 is more to go. It's so interesting, but since it had so many pages and my bag was full and really heavy and I thought I have enough books with me, I left that one at home. A mistake as i understand now. But it's okay. I try spending my time some other way. Maybe more walks in the sun?
I can't wait to go back to Estonia, put my winter coat to a closet and take out my spring jacket and converse!!!!!! It's really getting warmer here. When we were walking today, it was so hot. It's a pure excample of the fact that I don't need to wear a winter coat anymore!
I have been eating these delicious candies Jay boought me and watching Switched at Birth. I really enjoy my holiday! I feel so relaxed! :)

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