Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sunny evening!
Im feeling weird today. Lazy. I never like weekend when its a holiday. There's nothing on tv, and well it's just a bit boring.
I went to see one Israel band today.. music was kinda weird, but dancing was cool. And some guys were cute too. LOL
When i came home we had a BBQ. And now im here. Borning day, isnt it?
I wanna talk to somebody!
I miss to many people :(
But gotta stay positive!:)
Cant wait till MONDAY! Wanna see my girls so bad. I wanna have FUN!=)

Gonna put some pix here. And later i'll post a blog of the cake i made the other day! it was YUMMMIE!=D

My fav breakfast..muesli =)

Isn't my cat Muffin so cuteee?? Baby's sleeping!



Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good afternoon!

It's windy and sunny afternoon. Hot hot hot! But wind is cooling everybody down. I like it!
I'm going to swim soon to the river for the first time this summer. I don't like rivers very much, for me these are not for swimming. I love wild waves in the sea!!!
Today morning i picked some berries because im gonna make a cake later.

Redberries and Amelanchier ovalis.

I actually didn't know how to call these berries in English, but i Googled. And i found out that these are only in Europe.
Well to be honest, none of my friends had eaten them before, me either actually. But when we moved to our new home, then we had these in our garden territory. I love these berries!

The bread that my mom makes is the BEST!

I can't imagine my life without mom's bread anymore! It's just delicious. It contains different seeds, such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nuts..

My breakfast today morning:)

a few wedding photos

A lock of their love

Love turtles:)

The cutest couple on the Earth!

Bride's sisters

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Actually i wanted to write this blog yesterday. I was so inspired. I read a book "Minu London"[My London]. What a book! While reading it i just had to make some thought-breaks. I needed to think. And also write. I just wrote little notes to a notepaper while reading the book. I had so many ideas and so much that i wanted to read more about. So, you can imagine me: reading a book, pen and notepaper in my hand.. scribbling something downs and continuing reading. I LOVE books! Especially travel literature. I wish i could publish a book one day. And i know nothing happens without the action. Dreams come true if we fight for them!:)
Anywho, i realized i love taking photos. I've always been into photography, but always for fun. And the most i like to take photos of natural things, something that includes art. I'm not very good at art, but there's something inside of me that just makes me want to DO art. So, i draw, i write, i create things..and even though they might not be perfect or very excellent or amazing or just great, they are still piece of me. Making art makes me happy, that's the only thing that matters!:)
Sometimes i think there are too many things that interest me. I love literature, other cultures, writing, music, religions, traveling, journalism, fashion, dancing, healthy lifestyle, yoga, cooking, making art & enjoying art that's been made by others.. And somehow i wanna be in all of these. I wanna enjoy all these things. But im not sure one life time is enough for all of this?! But i've learnt to live in today! So, i live like there's no tomorrow and i truly wanna live life fullest! Have a joy of things i love:)

While reading Minu London i started thinking how i imagine my future home..or actually where. I can see myself in a big city, living in an apartment. But i know that even though the city life is busy, noisy, full of different people and more rich lifestyle, then my home inside will be very cozy, veryyy homey! I've always loves cooking, baking and i can see myself cooking in a beautiful kitchen. My hands full of colorful vegetables. Beautiful flowery dishes, red white cups with baby pink and blue dots on them. Lots of green salad. Homemade cookies. Cute curtains. I love these things. I love to go to the countryside to get fresh vegetables or go to the fair in the city to get vegetables and all kind of stuff that they sell there. It's so fun to shop for food stuff coz later you can make delicious meals from them!:) I'd love to have friends over, drink smoothies and eat pear muffins i made. Or in the winter morning i'll ask my friends over for lunch..i'll make pancakes and hot peppermint tea.. pancakes with strawberry, raspberry and blueberry jam. It's your pick. haha. I sound silly i know. But just thinking about it makes me happy! It's something i've learnt from my mom. She's amazing in the kitchen though she doesn't know that. I love that she bakes so much, i love her homemade bread with all kind of seeds, i love that in the summer we have so many berries, apples, pears and vegetables in our garden and we use them all..we make jam, juices, and eat them any possible way!:) Home is where your heart is. The building means less than anything else. Family matters. Pets matter. Friends matter. Your ability to feel artistic and free in your home matter. To experience.

Anyway, i'll put some photos here that are my little inspirations or that have borned from my insiration.

Some little from my garden

Decorated my shirt with textile colors

Made 5 boxes of raspberry jam

I have two things on my mind right now that i really want to do. Both of them have something to do with writing. One more than another.
But as i said, action is what makes us closer to our dreams!:)
Oh, My London book also made me want to do some jewellery art. I think i'll make some earrings in a near future. Just for fun!=)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

husband and wife!

Did that all really happen yesterday? Time flies.
Let me start from yesterday then...
...We had to start driving to Merikan&Janar's wedding at 8am. At least that was our plan, but we set off 8:30am instead. No big deal, right?! Coz we were about to have a quite long time then we decided not to put our beautiful new dresses and shoes on.. So we were wearing casual clothes and felt really comfy. When we set off then it was only 17 C degrees..Can you believe it? It hadnt been that cold for so long time. But as we drove and drove, the sun came out and in our first stop, in Tartu, was SO hot! We stopped in Tartu coz dad needed to go to the bank, we were hungry and we needed to change our clothes. All went very fine, only we decided not to change clothes there.. And so we went back to the car, mom wanted me to pay some bills in the Internet bank..that's why i had taken my laptop with me!
Okay, it was time to keep driving and we needed to so a "forest stop" to change our clothes. Lol. We were driving, eyes open for a nice place to stop the car and change the clothes. Mom joked: "If we dont find the place we'll wear our casual clothes in the wedding.LOL.." And we all laughed. Of course she was kidding. Finally we stopped, mom said: "We are in a hurry, so let's do really quick." I said: "Yup, let's see who can change their clothes the quickest..". I quickly opened my bag and started putting my dress on. And then mom became pale and said to dad:"But you know what?! I forgot OUR clothes home! I put them downstairs ready, i took the shoes, but didnt take the dress and your clothes." OOPS! All in panic! What to do? Me and Anni had our dresses and heels. But mom and dad had NOTHING. They were both wearing jeans..they can't go to their first daughter's wedding wearing jeans :| Dad had bought mom super beautiful and expensive dress for the wedding and now it was at home. It made us all laugh at that time. How silly is to leave clothes home. And all way we were joking about clothes and stuff.
Hm, but what to do? We had 1 hr till the wedding. And we had at least 30 more minutes to drive to the wedding place. Plus we had never been there so we werent sure where exactly it was.. So we had to have more time to look for the place.. I told: "Let's go back to Tartu and quickly buy you new clothes." Dad turn the car around and started driving.. after 20 meters mom said:"We have too little time, turn around again. Who are we kidding?! If we go to Tartu we wont make it to the wedding in a time.".. So, dad turned around once again and speed up quickly and drove to Põlva.. We all kept laughing coz it was something we never excepted to happy. Mom said that these things happen only in the movies. Lol.
We drove and drove, but the turn didnt come. Then i said half joking: "Maybe we are now driving in a wrong road..". Mom freaked out, crabbed the map and started reading it.. Dad kept driving..Came out we really should have turned we just drove a round a bit..but still there was a turn to Põlva too. As Põlva is such a little place we had NO idea if we can find clothes to mom and dad. What if they dont have a clothes shop?! When we arrived to Põlva, we ask introductions from locals to find the wedding house. We parked the car and ran to the little corner shop that we passed by. There were clothes.. It was this little Polish or Lithuanian clothes shop.. all clothes were so old fashioned.. But we had no other choice. We ran in, asked if they had a man's shirt.. They had one(!) and we had to hope it was fit for my dad! Mom crabbed the first dress that looked nice and she also had to hope it as a fit. They both were!!!!! The dress looked actually soo beautiful. Clothes went to cost SO little. It was like a totally make-over. The shop worker was so excited and very helpful too! We of course told her about the situation we had. LOL :)
Back in the parking lot, there were other guest too and we had about 15 minutes before the wedding. It was absolutely HOT! Impossibly freaking hot!
The wedding was beautiful. My younger sis and i were discussing about the ceremony..and she said she's sure she would cry. I said i was sure i wouldnt cry. But as the wedding marsh started and we both saw our older sis walking down the aisle we both were in tears! So beautiful, our big sister is getting married. It was really amazing! She looked the prettiest bride in the whole world. She smiled, hold her tears back while her husband cried. Granny cried like crazy, and as i said my younger sis Anni too. I had tears, but i dried them, and next tears i tried not to let out. But Anni just cried and cried. Even after the ceremony when we hugged the newlyweds.
The photographer took lots of pictures, inside and out. Then all the cars drove near one lake there to take more photos. The wedding "train"[a chain of cars--looks like a train] drove around South Estonia, to different places where newlywed had to do some things.. It was an old Estonian wedding with all the games and traditions.
After all that we had the wedding dinner and party at one special place. It was really cool there.
Omg, we had SO much food. TOO much i must say. There was more than half left over.. So today morning everyone got food home with them, lots of food. Oh, the wedding cake was the bestest i had ever got! Very delicious.
Actually everything was so wonderful and beautiful! Very special day!:)
Im so happy for my sister and her husband!=)

Pictures come later!

Friday, July 23, 2010


eyes to "Minu"

Demi tweeted on Monday morning: "Woo! Nothing like a 6 mile run to start your day/week. Happy Monday everybody! What's your goal for this week?"
I responded: "My goal is to read these 3 books that are waiting for me on my nightstand.."

After i tweeted this i realized something was technically wrong so i never tweeted it. And then i thought: good because i wouldn't achieve my goal anyway..
Now it's Friday and at 3pm i turned the last page of the 3rd book. It felt good. Not that i found it hard to read or anything.. haha.
I read books all the time. But you know, if its summer and hot i always have like million other things to do and i cant find time to cuddle up on my bed or in the garden chair to enjoy a good book.
So, im very happy i found that time this week. And i totally loved the books.
Minu Taani
Minu Kanada
Minu Maroko

You can only see the cover of the books, but i promise what's inside is million times better. These Estonian women write about their own life and experiences in another country. They are away from their home-land for different reasons[work, love, religion ect and of course the mixture of it all..]. They write about the country's locals' life, their culture, traditions, nature, everyday life and SO much more. And it's never boring. There's things i've never heard before, there are stories that make me laugh, there are stories that make me see my own country in different colors.. mostly i start appreciating all i have even more!
And thanks to these books i realize it's nice to travel to other places, gain new experiences, make new friends..but HOME is always place to return to and a place that is the most special!!!
I wish one day i can also write a book of my own experiences that i gained in another country, facing new and interesting culture and people. You gotta love two things for that: traveling and writing :)

Okayy, now quick update of my other doings. On Wednesday i spent the whole day at the beach with my sis and mom. But before the beach i went shopping. I hadnt shopped for quite long coz i just didnt have anything in my mind that i could want..and nor did i have a mood to go shopping. But on Wednesday while mom was at the hairdresser me and my sis decided to shop a bit. I got superr cute shorts and rly nice shirt. I also bought rly nice earrings, vintage blue nail polish and cute baby pink flats.

PSSSSSS!!!! Tomorrow's my sister's wedding. Im SO excited. We must set off at 8am already coz we must drive 5 hrs to get to the wedding place[its on the other side of Estonia].. Im gonna take my laptop with me so i can go to twitter and entertain myself in such long journey. Cannot wait!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

change of time.

"The road to knowledge begins with the turn of the page."

I've been reading a book today. That basically sums up what i have been doing. Actually i spent a lot of time on the net too. And in the morning i was active with more creative things.. And also finished some things i would have finished a long time ago.. But now they are done. And it feels great!

Im going to bed now.. to read a book & eventually sleep too. Going to the beach tomorrow:) I hope i'll be back by Jaci's webchat!


Monday, July 19, 2010

a bike ride.

It was Monday 1pm when 6 women set off to a journey. It was all to celebrate Raili's birthday.. They were riding and riding until they found a lake where to swim[it was super cool place!]. After swimming and taking pictures they continued their journey. After 22 kms they stopped and had a picnic. A wonderful lunch. There was this chef who cooked in a wild nature[wasnt that wild. LOL]. BAM! Chef turned into a musician: he sang and played a mandolin. Then he opened a bottle of champagne. Then we ate and drank and talked.. Until it was time to hop on the bikes again and keep riding.. this time back at home. It took another 22 kms[surprise surprise!]. At home was a dessert time. They had two different cakes, pies, melon, chocolate and so on..
All they were complaining how much their butts hurt:/
To sum up, it was a very nice day. This whole journey took exactly 6 hours! Everybody were proud of theirselves.

PS! I was talking of today. Mom and her friends and me went to ride bikes. We were celebrating mom's birthday that way!
I forgot to mention i was the photographer and took pix to remember that fun day!haha=)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Last couple of days have been busy busy busy..but in a very good way!
On Thursday i hung out with Elise. We grilled marshmallows and bananas & spent the night in a tent. We watched Sorority Row and fell alseep before midnight(can u believe that?!). But it was so good to sleep in a tent coz it wasnt that hot outside and it was inside. So i totally enjoyed it!
Next morning i had to wake up 8am coz it was my mom's bday. Me and my sisters made breakfast for her and woke my mom up with song, breakfast in bed and of course a birthday present:) As always we all were on mom's bed talking about stuff. haha:)
Then we all went down and continued the breakfast and started cooking for later guests. We made salmon pie and lots of other delicious food!
Guests came and went whole day long. When there last two came i was on msn talking to Elisa and Shawny. But then BAM became a huge surprise for all of us. Our two family friends who we hadnt seen in years came to my mom's birthday. They had never been in our house(we have been living here for 7 years already)..But my mom had once showed her friend the house she very wanted to buy. And later when we visited them she told we bought the house. But they never came here..and we hadnt been to their place for years either. But on Friday on my mom's birthday they suddenly were here..My mom was in the garden with her two friends.. sun was shining tho it was almost 9pm and suddenly there was a birthday song.. New guests..but who?! And when mom saw them, she was super happpy :) And i was too! Coz it was so amazing for them to come here and do so amazing surprise. It seriously was so sweet of them! :) We all sat outside, had dinner and just talked&talked&talked. It was so interesting to hear about their life and so on.. It made me very happy! We are difnitely going to their place very soon!=)

On Saturday was my mom's bigger birthday party. But thankfully it started 7pm. I had to work from 1pm-6pm. I had to play with kids and also paint t-shirts in textile colors. It was very fun. And i had a blast being there and getting new younger and older friends. I actually worked till 7pm. So i got paid more than i hoped. It was very positive:)
And when i arrived home the party had just started. First guests had arrived and soon all the others came too. So we had a big dinner and all that stuff. It was very very nice night yesterday.
I went to bed 1:30am. I was very tired!

Today i went shopping to Tallinn with my parents. I needed new shoes for my older sister's wedding upcoming weekend, but instead i got new super cool bikinis and sunglasses:) Love these <3

When we got home it suddenly went dark and i was sure i could start raining. Of course i was right. There was a little bit of thunder too. And the rain was such a heavy. Me likey:)
Im having a light headache actually, so i better turn the laptop off and find some other activity:) haha!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this is your life.

Last night was like a hell. It was just so hot. Outside or inside, didnt matter. I just couldnt sleep. I woke up few times at night because i couldnt breath coz my throat was so i quickly had to drink water. Well, let's hope this night will be different. I need to sleep! Heat is making me tired whole day anyway!
Okay, about today now. I went to Tallinn to shop for textile colors[got all i needed;)], i also did some food shopping. Or should i say sweets shopping coz all i bought was candies, chocolates and cookies! Not for myself tho:)
I also bought two Bingo Lotto and one Viking Lotto. But OF COURSE i didnt win:/
Anywho, me and my sis didnt go to the beach coz it was just SO hot. All i wanted is to come home, take a cold shower and hide inside..coz even sea water doesn cool me down.. It's so warm like a soup. Yea yea i know i shouldnt be complaining. But i guess now i understand why about 8 years ago when summers were hotter and winters were colder, every summer i wished for winter..and every winter i wished for summer. But then, globalwarming and all that stuff messed around with the winters werent THAT THAT cold. And summers were warm, but the heat wasnt for long.. But this year it's ALL back.. the real coldness in the winter and real heat in the summer. And i actually love it. And i love the fact that im missing winter. I havent missed for it for years. Feels kinda great!haha. But sure i love the hot summer we have here again!:)
So, where were i..oh yeah, didnt go to the beach. So, i was back at home at 4pm. I had late lunch and helped mom outside a bit. Then i watched tv, had dinner and went to ride bikes with mom and sis. We also stopped by at granny's. After i came back, i watched Pretty Little Liars. Gosh! it was SO amazing. I cant wait to see the next episode. I have so many questions in my head..and i need answers! It's definitely one really interesting anf intense tv show! love it<3
I also watched Make It Or Break It today, outside with my sis. I just couldnt stand the heatness in my room, and luckily it was a bit windier and cooler outside[comparing with my room at least!]. It's another very cool show!:)

It's Thursday already coz its after midnight. It means that TODAY i'll camp outside with Elise. Going to watch horror movies from my lappy at night in the tent!:) And of course we'll roast marshmellows and bananas too. I still gotta figure out what we'll make for dinner. Love spending time with my besty! Too bad she has to go to Denmark so soon again :( Im off to bed now. Im begging for a sleepy and dreamy night..a cod night, please! (:

Currently listening to: This Is your Life by Switchfoot

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A huge heat wave has come from Africa. That explains everything. It just keeps being so HOT here! Crazy! Today was 34 C degrees. Weather podcast told it'll be even hotter tomorrow. And oh, in Africa there's 13 C degrees?! What's going on in this world?
Okay okay, i know i shouldn't been complaining coz that's exactly what i wanted. Hot summer! And im very very thankful for that!:) But i'd love a little bit of rain now too. Grass and plans need water!
Yesterday i went whole day at the beach. Out family friends had a beach party:) Today i spent my day inside and outside. Mostly in becoz it was too hot. But when i was outside i was in the pool all of that time to cool myself down.
I started reading a book Minu Taani[My Denmark]. Gosh, i really love travel literature! Definitely my fav! Next book im gonna read is called Kas süda on ümmargune?[Is heart round shaped?]. I so love reading good and interesting books! I love traveling and i love reading about other countries and other cultures:)
Im quite tired right now. But i dont feel like going to bed yet. I'll try to watch Letters To Juliet online and then i'll take a shower and go to bed.
Tomorrow i'll go to Tallinn with my older sis. I need to buy some textile colors and also some prices for little kids. Im going to work on Saturday..actually play with kids. And i need to buy prices coz some games are more like competitions so i need prices for winners!:)
And after a little shopping i'll go to the beach with my sis :)

By the way, i was a bit productual today too. I arraged photos in my laptop and i made special folder for the photos that i want to develop in the photo store. Got 60 photos that i want to develop. Then i can put them to my photo album. And so i can cross one thing off my Summer List.

Oh i forgot to mention that at the beach party yesterday were few famous estonians too. For example, Karl Martin Sinijärv and Summer[Indrek Raag]. My sis and i were talking abt horror movies and Summer told that Dead Silence is the best. Even he was scared. So, now i really wanna watch it;)
I think i'll watch it with Elise on Thursday! It's gonne be one very fun night in the tent:)

Okay. Im gonna watch a movie now.


Wow! Jaci Velasquez totally made my day! Nah, screw that! She made my YEAR!
I was outside but it was so hot, so i came to Twitter. I saw Jaci's tweet that she's live on Stream Live Video. So, i went to watch it. And sure i tweeted her too:) And she answered to every my tweet and she called me her "Estonian friend". She's just so sweet! It's impossible to describe! I also asked if she could sing Como se cura una herida and she did! It was so beautiful! I wanted to cry! She's truly amazing young woman! I look up to her even more now! And her music is sooo good<3

Jaci, thanks for being who you are! Continue your awesome work!=)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

my team!


Actually this blog is way more than just about football.
First of all, yesterday i went to my sister's bachelorette party! It was so fun. We went to a dancestudio & two guys taught us to dance Salsa and two more Latin dances[I knew Salsa and one another b4..but it was still fun!]. Then we went to the Old Town of Tallinn where my sis had to sell muffins on the streets.. Gosh, it was hilarious. I really liked our first clients, Brazilians! Cuties! Tourists are so generous,btw! We earned 1000 kroons by just selling muffins. Lol! But sure my sis looked awesome! A real bride!
After that we went to O'mally to have some snacks. Then we also went to St. Patric to continue our night with chatting and also more snacks. Sure we had some more fun at the streets! It was really nice evening=)
Today i went to the beach with my family. It was SO hot again! We went to Pirita this time. The sea water was super warm again and waves so big! I loved it<3 After the beach we went to granny's to have a dinner.
Now im at home, in the living room with my laptop, talking to my friends and watching football world cup final. Gooo HOLLLLAND!!!!=D

By the way, i guess i told im trying to be vegetarian. But not strict one. I do eat fish, eggs, milk and all dairy products. I only dont eat meat. I read PETA website and watch a video of animals who are being killed for food. It's horrible. Though i've been vegetarian just for 11 days, i think it's possible to live without eating meat and not to even want it! But sure i think i'll have some times when i will DO crave for meat. But omg there are so many way more delicious food than meat! And for some reason im way happier now! I know im helping world to become a better place=) Step by step!

Oh, as i said in my Summer List blog, i wanna read as many books as possible this summer. Especially good travelling books. I just finished reading "Minu Kolumbia"[My Columbia]. It was such a great book. Im going to the library tomorrow to borrow "Minu Taani"[My Denmark].
And tomorrow im going to our family friend's birthday. He's having a beach party=) Sounds fun!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer list.

Summer is TOTALLY here and i have so many things i want to do, have, be this summer.
So, i made a list[i love all kind of lists, btw!]

read outside as much as possible
sleep in a tent
go on ride bikes
get sun-tanned
eat good and fresh healthy food
swim a lot
spend time at the beach!!
play with Bonnie
go to forest to pick wild strawberries
take lots of photos
eat a lot of berries&apples&pears
go camping
have breakfast in the garden
more blog posts
arrange my photo album
make peace + brown sugar muffins

lots of smoothies
new bikinis
a picnic
long sleepless nights
good time with my friends&family
Miley's new album on repeat!
a chance to pick huckleberries
colored toe nails
time to write to my diary more often
more talks with Elisa

as blessed as ever before
full of delicious summer food

Happy summer!


Yesterday was crazy busy. I went to Tallinn with my mom's children camp. We visited one children museum and had a picnic. It was SO hot outside! Well, when we finally made back home i was so tired. But no time for sleeping.
At 6:15pm me and my friends set off to Tallinn again. We went to see Eclipse[finallllly!]. It was so awesome. I mean, it doesn't beat Twilight, but it deffo beats New Moon! I didnt disappoint. It was very good!!!
After the movies we met my sis and went to sit at St. Patric pub. Spent there 1,5 hrs and then went to the harbor to pick up my dad who came from Finland.
Ugh, in the car started my regular coughing:/ Every night after 10pm i start coughing, but at day time its all okay. I seriously cannot wait till i get well again:/ It's hot outside and im sick. WHAT!? Not fair.

Well, i better go outside. Its super hot and i wanna enjoy the sun for as long as we have it!
It's my sister's bachelorette party tonight! Whoooeee!=)


If words fail, music speaks.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

ordinary girl.

Hey hey! Im here for a short time because im feeling good right now and i really want it to stay like that!
Today morning started quite badly coz i had random nose bleed again :/ And i had to hurry up to get ready.. So it sucked. But over the top of it all, at the camp i had another nose bleed :/ So, i've decided to go to the doctor as soon as her holiday ends. I need to get burned something in my nose[donno wt exactly..but they burn sth in the nose to stop nose bleeding..].
But other than that today was really fun! The camp was cool. It was kinda like the last day..Well, tomorrow we will go to Tallinn and visit some muesums and have a picnic. So it's like a bit different from all the other camp days. But always my favorite. Cannot wait!=)
When i came home today i helped mom out in the garden a bit, then i made a yummie red beans salad with tuna wish and onions. I love it! Mom also made another salad and we boiled potatoes. The dinner was delicious :)
After the dinner i watched Make It Or Break It[season 2 ep 2]. It was so cool! Im really looking forward to see the next episode;)
Oh, i fond out that two episodes of Hannah Montana Forever[season 4] got leaked on the net. And i just couldnt keep myself away of it. Which means i watched these two episodes. And guess what? I lovedddd these![surprise, surprise, huh?! Don't think so!].
Anyway, i've spent quite much time on the net today, so i think i'll turn my laptop off now and read a book or something. I think i'll get an headache if i stay here..

"Anything can happen in the world to an ordinary girl."

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

good vs bad

Okay. Should i start with things that make me feel good or bad?
I think good first.
It's rainbow outside. I like it. haha.
I got Miley's new CD&DVD combo. Gosh, i had been waiting for it so long. And now i finally have it! Im super happy! I also got 4 tank tops & the best cookies ever. Girls shout peanut butter sandwich cookies are officially my fav now!
Thanks uncle Scott!:)

Now bad things.
Im still feeling so crappy. At day time im too busy and tho i feel so bad, its not THAT bad. But when i come home then ugh it starts..i start sweating and my runny nose and coughing gets worse. And im so sick of it. And in the bottom of it all, i have had random nose bleeding twice in last two days. Im on the net and BAM my nose starts bleeding. WTF?!
And im sick of it all:/ I want to feel healthy again and enjoy the superr warm weather! But nooo, i cant! :/

And secondly im messing with the camp pix.. and ugh, laptop makes me feel worser coz its so hot here..
I need to stop and rest unless i want my sickness continue.

Nighty night.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Quick blog to say im feeling crap. I hate having cold in the summer. Especially when it's that hot. :/
Im so tired, sooo tired. All day long. And when i come to the net, i get headache. Ugh.
So, i guess i won't spend much time on the net until i get totally well again.
Im gonna lay on my bed for about an hour and then i'll watch a spanish soap[Mar De Amor].

Oh, it's thundering outside. I like it<3

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today was the 1st day of my mom's children camp. It's a camp mixed with playing, creative games and artwork, and also environment studies(through games of course!). It was really fun. There are 17 children, aged between 3-6. So, you can imagine how much handling it was. But i really enjoyed it. Besides helping with everything, i was also a photographer;)
It was such a hot day. And since i had got cold, i felt such a crap. :/ So, when i came home i didnt feel like being outside anymore..Instead, i watched Gray's Anatomy with my sis. We watched the first episode of season 6. I know im still behind, but i wanna watch all the episodes and not miss one, so it takes a bit time to get one track. And im not in an hurry!=)
It's just so crazy how hot it is. I just had to say it. Im breathing, but seems like im not:| All i want is ice cold water. All the time! And so i drink and drink and drink..and still drink :/
Dont get me wrong, i LOVE sun! I aslo like snowy winter, but right now i totally enjoy summer! But too much sun is just a bit tiring. I know that if i wasnt sick, then i would enjoy today just like i've enjoyed every other the same hot day we have had here!=)
Anywho, yesterday i went out with Elise. It was so nice to see her for over such a long time. We had fun to walk around and catch up with everything!
After i came home, i texed Elisa and told i was online. So we talked on msn[video call!]. Gosh, i'd missed her beautiful face and sweet voice so much! I was super happy to talk to her last night. I think we talked over 3 hours. It was so fun. I was a bit crazy tho, she can tell. But it was becoz i was so happy to talk to my besty! it's not a crime. lol. I'll behave next time, i promise!=)
Oh, and another thing that made me happy yesterday was that Ruby finally made a twitter account! Now i can read what she's doing and just tweet her. We arent online at the same time so often, so thanks to twitter i can be more aware what she's been up to :)

Okiedokie. I'll just stop writing. Haha. Im gonna keep talking to my friend Joshua:P

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Okay, a little bit of my doings.
Yesterday was super super great! It was so hot and so i went to Pärnu beach with my parents&sis. The sea water was sooo warm and the waves were awesome! Since my sis can swim now and isnt that scared of water anymore, we spent hours in the sea! Lovedd it<3
We left from the beach abt 6pm[which means we were there abt 6 hrs!=D]..We went to have a dinner and then car ride to home[it's 1,5 hrs]. Anyway, on my way home, i texted to Elisa. I was bored, and i talked to her till i arrived home(: We decided to talk on skype today. It's been quite long till i last talked to her on skype:P
I went to Tallinn with my parents and sis today coz it was soo hot outside and i didnt feel like sunbathing in the garden. So, i went food shopping with them. Mom's children camp will start tomorrow, so she had a lot of things she needed to buy. Oh, and dad bought me the yummiest cookies ever! Loveee them<3
We also took dad to the harbor coz he went back to Finland. He's two weeks holiday is over.

Now im back at home. Im going to have lunch, and then i'll go to the garden, sunbath a bit and just be in the pool.
And im waiting for Elise's call coz we'll go out! yay! I'm sooo happy to see her! She's been back in Estonia for few days already and i havent had chance to see her yet. Today i'll change. Missed her so much!
And after that i'll talk to Elisa on the skype. Perfect evening!=)

PS! On our way to Pärnu yesterday, there was a car accident in front of us in a highway. So scary!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Notebook

"I am nothing special, of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.."

Friday, July 2, 2010

*cough cough*

The other day i was talking to my sis and i wondered how some people could have got cold and have a runny nose in the summer when its hot. How's that possible?!
And like a curse next morning i woke up with sore throat! Of course i didn't mean it was something serious. I just drank hot tea and i hoped it'll go away. Next morning i woke up with no voice:/ That totally sucked! But after trying to talk and talk, it kinda came back..tho it hurt to talk very long.
But last night i was coughing and it was hard to breath and swallow. In the morning i had NO voice. It felt horrible.
So, i admit. It IS possible to get a cold when its hot hot summer. :|
If tomorrow's hot we'll go to Pärnu, to the beach. I hope my cold has gone by tomorrow. I gotta drink some more cups of hot tea and took some medicine=P


So So So So excited for my sister's bachelorette party! shhh! She doesnt know much about it;) But i know everything about it. And it's gonna be super fun day!=)
Well, last few months weddings have been in our all heads. My sister is planning her weddings and so we heard about it all the time.
Since we are all talking and thinking about it, im thinking of how i would like my weddings to be one day. So i decided to put some pix here that will sum up some of my wedding plans. haha=D

*two my fav wedding dresses

*"When i look at you" will be perfect music for me and my husband's dance(:

*Two perfect wedding cakes

*Amazing manor for a celebration after the wedding

*Great entrance to the church by limo ;)

Im always a big dreamer. I want big church wedding with perfect celebration with all the ppl i love. I want to remember that day forever. I want it to be perfect! As you can see i want fairytale weddings. I have no idea if it'll ever come true tho. But i love to dream!=)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


haha! I went downstairs and dad told me to boil potatoes. I told mom already asked me to hoover the living room. I told him to boil potatoes by himself. He said: nah, well, let's eat out then.
I call it LAZINESS! How can u be that lazy?! Well, i know its holiday. But on Monday you go back to work, daddy!
Oh, i was hoovering with our new Hoover and omg it was SO strong it almost ate all the living room's curtain :/

Here's a yummie pic i took last night of some of the strawberries(:

1st July!

I think i can finally write what i have been pumped to write about, but i couldnt just coz a certain person could have read it. And that would have ruin the surprise!
So, today is Jaana's 20th birthday. The other day her cousin and his friend called me and told about their idea. They were filming a video for Jaana and they wanted some Jaana's friends in it too. Yesterday they came to my place and filmed me. Gosh, it was a really random video. And they were acting funny. I seriously cant wait to see that video!haha. And Jaana will be really surprised coz the other day she told me on msn that his cousin is gonna plan something..and she asked if i knew anything about it. But im such a great actor[LOL] and i pretended i knew NOTHING about it. She totally bought this lie =]

Anywho, now a little bit more about yesterday. It was 28C degrees and so i spent my whole day in the garden[again!]. I sunbathed and were on the small pool we have up in the garden. It's so good to cool down there coz it's quite hot.
Me and my sis were home alone. It was fun! I made pancakes in the garden[it took TWO hrs:/]. But the final result was yummie. We ate them with fresh raspberry and strawberry jam. YUMMIE!
My parents came home around 9ish pm. Well, they didnt come with empty hands. Oh, hell, no they didnt! They came with 20kgs of strawberrrrrries. I was in heaven!
Oh, I was in heaven becoz of one another thing too. I realized it was already 30th June yesterday, which meant the new season of Make It Or Break It was out. So, i watched the new episode. It was so damn good! See, little things like these make me happy=)

Today i woke up with NO voice. Yesterday i had sore throat, today i woke up and BAM, my voice's gone. Not funny!
But i was brave and tried to sing and talk. It hurt tho:/ After a while talking to myself in my room i decided to go downstairs to eat. You can guess what i had for breakfast? LOL. Strawberries. =D
And then i watched Grey's Anatomy. Its my absolutely fav show. Actually today's episode was the scarest! It'll be continoued tomorrow. Cannot wait=)

I just came back from library a bit time ago. This librarian there was so nice:) I borrowed another book from my very fav books series "Minu ...". This time i got "Minu Kolmubia"[My Columbia]. They are going to let me know when another book from that series will be brought back by its borrower. Then i can go and borrow it(:
Well, im off to Tallinn with my parents soon. We will go to the pets hospital with our cat Muffin and then we'll go to grannys. We are gonna give her a box of strawberries coz we have them just SO much. =P

Today when i was making a raspberry/strawberry smoothie mix i told mom that if Sharon comes here then we are gonna make loads of smoothies=) Mom asked when she was coming, and i told SOON! That's what i really want and hope for. Mom said: cool! =) haha.
Omg, i joked with dad yesterday. I told him i had told Sharon that if she comes here then my dad will be brilliant in English. Dad freaked out. hahahahahha=D
Oh, and i just remembered i saw Sharon in my dreams last night ;) It was probs coz after this joke with dad i went to bed and i was thinking of all the good times i've spent with my amaaazinng friend, Sharon! And btw, i was listening to my iPod last night..Really loud. You can only guess once what album i was listening to. Or what artist. haha <3>


I've been told at least a thousand times, it's not worth the struggle, the hurt or the trouble..