Friday, July 23, 2010

eyes to "Minu"

Demi tweeted on Monday morning: "Woo! Nothing like a 6 mile run to start your day/week. Happy Monday everybody! What's your goal for this week?"
I responded: "My goal is to read these 3 books that are waiting for me on my nightstand.."

After i tweeted this i realized something was technically wrong so i never tweeted it. And then i thought: good because i wouldn't achieve my goal anyway..
Now it's Friday and at 3pm i turned the last page of the 3rd book. It felt good. Not that i found it hard to read or anything.. haha.
I read books all the time. But you know, if its summer and hot i always have like million other things to do and i cant find time to cuddle up on my bed or in the garden chair to enjoy a good book.
So, im very happy i found that time this week. And i totally loved the books.
Minu Taani
Minu Kanada
Minu Maroko

You can only see the cover of the books, but i promise what's inside is million times better. These Estonian women write about their own life and experiences in another country. They are away from their home-land for different reasons[work, love, religion ect and of course the mixture of it all..]. They write about the country's locals' life, their culture, traditions, nature, everyday life and SO much more. And it's never boring. There's things i've never heard before, there are stories that make me laugh, there are stories that make me see my own country in different colors.. mostly i start appreciating all i have even more!
And thanks to these books i realize it's nice to travel to other places, gain new experiences, make new friends..but HOME is always place to return to and a place that is the most special!!!
I wish one day i can also write a book of my own experiences that i gained in another country, facing new and interesting culture and people. You gotta love two things for that: traveling and writing :)

Okayy, now quick update of my other doings. On Wednesday i spent the whole day at the beach with my sis and mom. But before the beach i went shopping. I hadnt shopped for quite long coz i just didnt have anything in my mind that i could want..and nor did i have a mood to go shopping. But on Wednesday while mom was at the hairdresser me and my sis decided to shop a bit. I got superr cute shorts and rly nice shirt. I also bought rly nice earrings, vintage blue nail polish and cute baby pink flats.

PSSSSSS!!!! Tomorrow's my sister's wedding. Im SO excited. We must set off at 8am already coz we must drive 5 hrs to get to the wedding place[its on the other side of Estonia].. Im gonna take my laptop with me so i can go to twitter and entertain myself in such long journey. Cannot wait!

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