Friday, July 2, 2010


So So So So excited for my sister's bachelorette party! shhh! She doesnt know much about it;) But i know everything about it. And it's gonna be super fun day!=)
Well, last few months weddings have been in our all heads. My sister is planning her weddings and so we heard about it all the time.
Since we are all talking and thinking about it, im thinking of how i would like my weddings to be one day. So i decided to put some pix here that will sum up some of my wedding plans. haha=D

*two my fav wedding dresses

*"When i look at you" will be perfect music for me and my husband's dance(:

*Two perfect wedding cakes

*Amazing manor for a celebration after the wedding

*Great entrance to the church by limo ;)

Im always a big dreamer. I want big church wedding with perfect celebration with all the ppl i love. I want to remember that day forever. I want it to be perfect! As you can see i want fairytale weddings. I have no idea if it'll ever come true tho. But i love to dream!=)

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