Sunday, July 11, 2010


Actually this blog is way more than just about football.
First of all, yesterday i went to my sister's bachelorette party! It was so fun. We went to a dancestudio & two guys taught us to dance Salsa and two more Latin dances[I knew Salsa and one another b4..but it was still fun!]. Then we went to the Old Town of Tallinn where my sis had to sell muffins on the streets.. Gosh, it was hilarious. I really liked our first clients, Brazilians! Cuties! Tourists are so generous,btw! We earned 1000 kroons by just selling muffins. Lol! But sure my sis looked awesome! A real bride!
After that we went to O'mally to have some snacks. Then we also went to St. Patric to continue our night with chatting and also more snacks. Sure we had some more fun at the streets! It was really nice evening=)
Today i went to the beach with my family. It was SO hot again! We went to Pirita this time. The sea water was super warm again and waves so big! I loved it<3 After the beach we went to granny's to have a dinner.
Now im at home, in the living room with my laptop, talking to my friends and watching football world cup final. Gooo HOLLLLAND!!!!=D

By the way, i guess i told im trying to be vegetarian. But not strict one. I do eat fish, eggs, milk and all dairy products. I only dont eat meat. I read PETA website and watch a video of animals who are being killed for food. It's horrible. Though i've been vegetarian just for 11 days, i think it's possible to live without eating meat and not to even want it! But sure i think i'll have some times when i will DO crave for meat. But omg there are so many way more delicious food than meat! And for some reason im way happier now! I know im helping world to become a better place=) Step by step!

Oh, as i said in my Summer List blog, i wanna read as many books as possible this summer. Especially good travelling books. I just finished reading "Minu Kolumbia"[My Columbia]. It was such a great book. Im going to the library tomorrow to borrow "Minu Taani"[My Denmark].
And tomorrow im going to our family friend's birthday. He's having a beach party=) Sounds fun!


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