Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st July!

I think i can finally write what i have been pumped to write about, but i couldnt just coz a certain person could have read it. And that would have ruin the surprise!
So, today is Jaana's 20th birthday. The other day her cousin and his friend called me and told about their idea. They were filming a video for Jaana and they wanted some Jaana's friends in it too. Yesterday they came to my place and filmed me. Gosh, it was a really random video. And they were acting funny. I seriously cant wait to see that video!haha. And Jaana will be really surprised coz the other day she told me on msn that his cousin is gonna plan something..and she asked if i knew anything about it. But im such a great actor[LOL] and i pretended i knew NOTHING about it. She totally bought this lie =]

Anywho, now a little bit more about yesterday. It was 28C degrees and so i spent my whole day in the garden[again!]. I sunbathed and were on the small pool we have up in the garden. It's so good to cool down there coz it's quite hot.
Me and my sis were home alone. It was fun! I made pancakes in the garden[it took TWO hrs:/]. But the final result was yummie. We ate them with fresh raspberry and strawberry jam. YUMMIE!
My parents came home around 9ish pm. Well, they didnt come with empty hands. Oh, hell, no they didnt! They came with 20kgs of strawberrrrrries. I was in heaven!
Oh, I was in heaven becoz of one another thing too. I realized it was already 30th June yesterday, which meant the new season of Make It Or Break It was out. So, i watched the new episode. It was so damn good! See, little things like these make me happy=)

Today i woke up with NO voice. Yesterday i had sore throat, today i woke up and BAM, my voice's gone. Not funny!
But i was brave and tried to sing and talk. It hurt tho:/ After a while talking to myself in my room i decided to go downstairs to eat. You can guess what i had for breakfast? LOL. Strawberries. =D
And then i watched Grey's Anatomy. Its my absolutely fav show. Actually today's episode was the scarest! It'll be continoued tomorrow. Cannot wait=)

I just came back from library a bit time ago. This librarian there was so nice:) I borrowed another book from my very fav books series "Minu ...". This time i got "Minu Kolmubia"[My Columbia]. They are going to let me know when another book from that series will be brought back by its borrower. Then i can go and borrow it(:
Well, im off to Tallinn with my parents soon. We will go to the pets hospital with our cat Muffin and then we'll go to grannys. We are gonna give her a box of strawberries coz we have them just SO much. =P

Today when i was making a raspberry/strawberry smoothie mix i told mom that if Sharon comes here then we are gonna make loads of smoothies=) Mom asked when she was coming, and i told SOON! That's what i really want and hope for. Mom said: cool! =) haha.
Omg, i joked with dad yesterday. I told him i had told Sharon that if she comes here then my dad will be brilliant in English. Dad freaked out. hahahahahha=D
Oh, and i just remembered i saw Sharon in my dreams last night ;) It was probs coz after this joke with dad i went to bed and i was thinking of all the good times i've spent with my amaaazinng friend, Sharon! And btw, i was listening to my iPod last night..Really loud. You can only guess once what album i was listening to. Or what artist. haha <3>

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