Monday, July 19, 2010

a bike ride.

It was Monday 1pm when 6 women set off to a journey. It was all to celebrate Raili's birthday.. They were riding and riding until they found a lake where to swim[it was super cool place!]. After swimming and taking pictures they continued their journey. After 22 kms they stopped and had a picnic. A wonderful lunch. There was this chef who cooked in a wild nature[wasnt that wild. LOL]. BAM! Chef turned into a musician: he sang and played a mandolin. Then he opened a bottle of champagne. Then we ate and drank and talked.. Until it was time to hop on the bikes again and keep riding.. this time back at home. It took another 22 kms[surprise surprise!]. At home was a dessert time. They had two different cakes, pies, melon, chocolate and so on..
All they were complaining how much their butts hurt:/
To sum up, it was a very nice day. This whole journey took exactly 6 hours! Everybody were proud of theirselves.

PS! I was talking of today. Mom and her friends and me went to ride bikes. We were celebrating mom's birthday that way!
I forgot to mention i was the photographer and took pix to remember that fun day!haha=)

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