Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yesterday was crazy busy. I went to Tallinn with my mom's children camp. We visited one children museum and had a picnic. It was SO hot outside! Well, when we finally made back home i was so tired. But no time for sleeping.
At 6:15pm me and my friends set off to Tallinn again. We went to see Eclipse[finallllly!]. It was so awesome. I mean, it doesn't beat Twilight, but it deffo beats New Moon! I didnt disappoint. It was very good!!!
After the movies we met my sis and went to sit at St. Patric pub. Spent there 1,5 hrs and then went to the harbor to pick up my dad who came from Finland.
Ugh, in the car started my regular coughing:/ Every night after 10pm i start coughing, but at day time its all okay. I seriously cannot wait till i get well again:/ It's hot outside and im sick. WHAT!? Not fair.

Well, i better go outside. Its super hot and i wanna enjoy the sun for as long as we have it!
It's my sister's bachelorette party tonight! Whoooeee!=)

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