Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Wow! I know that this obsession of vampires is so not in anymore, but yesterday i watched Moonlight(which is again about vampires) and i fell in love with that show!!!I watched 3 episodes. I'll watch more today=] If you haven't seen it, watch at least one episode, then you understand what i am talking about..Lol!

I burnt a dvd for my sis last night..It took soo long and so i couldn't turn my laptop off..But i dont know was it becoz of the light that came from the screen or something else, but i absolutely couldnt fall asleep.. 2:30am i heard the dvd came out and so i turned the laptop off. And then my dog came to my bed and not long after that i was sleeping like a baby already. But still, being wide awake and just laying on the bed about 2 hours isn't fun. and BTW! My sister's phone rang in the middle of the night and dad heard it and as my sister didnt answer(when she sleeps she heard nothing), my dad went to her room to urn it off, coz as i heard today morning that it annoyed him and he couldnt sleep. BUT he was staying in her room for so long..It annoyed me.Coz i thought he's coming to my room too. To check or god knows what. So, i had one eye open and i was waiting him to go back to bed. Today i asked him, why the hell he was so long at her room.. he said he was waiting the phone ring again:S He couldnt understand where the ringing came from. Lol!
Anywho, i had an alarm for 9:30am coz i wanted to watch mexican soap. And also coz i thought i better sleep little tonight and so maybe im more sleepy next night. I must confess, im sleepy already although it's just 1:30pm :P

I have a mood to write here my fav quote:

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain."

ps! I so love The City. I think Roxy is so cool. Love her wildness. And both, Roxy and Whitney have really great style!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

merry little christmas :)

Wow! It's really holiday season already! Christmas is actually over. It's 28th today. O'boy i enjoyed Christmas so much! I had so much fun! Omg!I just remembered that i even filmed while we get presents. Everybody had to read a poem or dance or do whatever to get the present:)
I got everything i wanted. Actually, i had no wishes. But i love all i got<3
I think i won't tell all the things i got, but one thing was a book called "Minu Austraalia"(My Australia). It's from my fav book series "Minu ...". So, this time i travelled to Australia.LOL. I really love reading these traveller books. Every book is written by a Estonian who's lived or still lives in that country she's writing about. And these stories aren't just a description or so.. but these are funny and so cool! All countries are less or more different..culutures, tradtitions, food, people and so on.. Very interesting!
Well, today morning i finished reading this book.
And today i registered to the driving school final exam.. driving on a icy road. I have to listen a theory on the net and take some tests too. Passed two already today. I will continue tomorrow.
I wanted to go to skiing today, but the snow was a bit wet and it wasn't a good weather for skiing. But the snow is great. So white and beautiful. We have it so much! I love it<3

I got a Christmas card from Marine today. That was a nice surprise:) Made my day=]

Can't believe few more days and then its 2010 :P I'm waiting it just coz i want to read my last year wishes. When new year starts i write down all my wishes for the upcoming year..and When the old year ends and new starts i can read what i wrote a year ago..and i can see how much of the wishes came true. I can't remember what i wrote last January. So, i'm excited to see them!
And of course i want to write down new wishes already :)

Ok, im going to watch tv now!

Monday, December 21, 2009

movie day:) [3 days!]

Today was THE day! Elise and i went to movies. We watched New Moon. For me was the second time. There just 7 persons in the movies.. so we have lotsss of empty seats. It was cool! We had lots of fun. And OF COURSE b4 the movie we stopped by the CandyKing to buy sweets:D It was the best part! (nah, im joking. The movie was the best!) Well, we both enjoyed it a lot. I must confess that i liked it way moer than first time i watched it..
Anywho, after the movies we went to shopping centre.. and then to a cafe and then to another cafe.. :P Lol! We had pretty much time till the train. But it was still nice.
Now im back at home. Actually it's almost 9 pm already. Im a bit bored. After this blog post im going to read a book abt psychology i guess. I have exam in Jan.. don't remember the date. But well, i can't believe there's just 3 days till X-mas Eve! Yay! My sis comes back from Ireland on 23th already! How awesome!

By the way. changing the subject. Yesterday late night i watched this movie called Aurore. The whole movie is available in youtube. It's in french, but it has english subtitles. It's rly sad movie. But yet so realistic. It's based on true story. I can't believe anyone has to live like that.. so so sad..
Well, you probs don't understand what im talking about..unless you've seen the movie..
But here's a video abt this movie.. after watching it you understand a lot abt this movie..

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

bed time! [8 days!]

I know i should go to bed now coz im sooo tired, but first i wanna upload some pix of the very awesome day i had with my friends yesterday! Im glad we took loads of photos. Now i'll never forget that day! Im gonna upload here just a few pix:P

our play!

eating the cookies.

at Chopstick. O'boy we were hungry!!:)

ice-skating is soo fun:D

pix of us :) it was freezing but very FUN :D

we were actually ice-skating too, not only taking photos:D


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot hot green tea with lemon! [9 days!]

Hou hou houu:D Santa Claus here!LOL!
Well, actually it's still me. I've such a great mood. I had so awesome day with my friends today! I just adoreeee them :)

First at all, yesterday we had out drama class' play practice. It was fine, but seriously we had so much to do. I got home 10:30pm and had to start looking for costumes and decorations we needed for our play. We were on msn chatting and packing bags. I was like a camel today. SOOO many bags.Lol! Anywho, my friend Gerli was very ill in practice already, but yesterday night on msn she told that she cant come with us to celebarte x-mas on wednesday. So, i quickly contacted to our other friends and i told then another idea. And they all liked it. We cancelled out wednesday's x-mas celebrationg at my place coz it wouldnt have been the same without Gerli. We still wanted to celebrate x-mas TOGETHER =D But as Gerli was supposed to come to drama class anyway coz we had to do a play then i thought it would be cool to go out after that..just to sit somewhere, talk, share gifts and just celebrate x-mas. And so we did today. Our drama play was eh-amazing:D We did GREAT job!!!!! And sure we had dress-reharsal too. In universit corridor. It was hilarious. And omg you should have seen our costumes. Im deffogonna put somne pix up on my blog too when i get the pix!:D

Our play was inspired from Finland's famous children cartoon and magazine called Muumin.. In Estonian Muumioru Lood. And our play was entitled: Muumioru Lood: Mäetroll. And i found this cute pic where are all the main characters from the cartoon and magazine:

It seemed that teacher liked our play too. But we dont know the grade yet:P
So, after the play (and we watched other's play too!) we went to Chopstick. It's a rly cool Chinese Restaurant. We ate and talked and exchanged the gifts. I got super cute socks from Marina..and a melon soap which smells SOOO delicious. My first x-mas gift this year!So sweeeet:D:D I'm rly happy!!=D
Oh, and my friend Liisa who i made a gift to, LOVED the earrings. Haha! She was literally screaming when she saw them. We all were like: tshhhh!!! It was funny. She kept thanking me for this surprise. Im very happy she liked the earrings.. well, i knew she liked them coz i bought them after she said she liked them, but she had NO idea i bought them. So, it was a surprise for her!:D

Well, after the Chopstick we went to ice-skating. Gerli went home coz she was still ill. But im VERY glad she changed the plans and celebrated x-mas today instead of tomorrow. We were all together and fun!!!:D Anyway, as i said we went to ice-skate. It was hilarious. So funny and cute! I hadnt ice-skated since...since..since the summer when Sharon was here..it was the summer 2008 :P One and an half year ago. Wow! Long time. But actually i had never ice-skated outside..always in this big ice-skating hall. But today we went to ice-skate outside.There was x-mas music and it was so nice. And so cold. Freezing. -16C degrees. But guess what? I still loved it. And guess again? I didnt fall at ALL! Gooo me! :D
Sure after ice-skating my right leg's toes were numb and soo cold. I couldnt walk. I thought im dying. LOL! It was dead hurting. But i went to the cafe and it was so warm there and soon my toes melted and didnt hurt that much. OH, i gotta thank this guy or a woman who came up to the idea to make uggs. These are THE BEST winter wearings ever<3 SO WARM! I SO want to get black uggs, but i dont think we have any here. I have looked sooo long for there, but havent found :( Sad! But im glad i have the ones i have right now. Donno how i wouldnt survive without them this winter!!!

Well, as it sounds(hopefully) i had loads of fun! I know when i write it it doesnt sounds even half as fun as it really was. I had a blass time:)

But now i have holiday. Winter holiday! Love it<3

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Countdown.. 14 days till X-mas Eve!

Hey hey! Listening to No Air, eating mandarins and thinking.. Mmmm. I just can't wait till Christmas. Actually, i just love whole December. I like that i have something to wait for. But i never like if Christmas are over because then i have to wait so long again. But next thing im waiting for im my birthday:)
Anywho, i really hope snow will come down by Christmas! X-mas wont be the same without snow!

Well, i will inform about wt i have been up to lately. Me and my friends have to make a play for drama class. And whoaa, i think we are gonna rock on the stage! haha:D We have fun and cute play! Everybody has a great role. We have super ides about the decorations and costumes!! Tomorrow after my English class we are gonna meet up and start practicing and just arramging other stuff we need to get done.. And on Tuesday is THE DAY :D I really should start learning my text. I have so many lines to remember. I dont wanna mess up anything! I want it to be just PERFECT! <3

Yesterday there was a x-mas fair in university. Lots of students were selling handmade stuff(jewelleries, soaps, mugs, plates, scarfs, hats, pies, cookies, candies and soo sooo sooo much more). Well, i was looking around with my friends. One of my friends really liked a pair of earrings but she couldnt decided weather to buy them or not. But when they left that table, my other friend told that i could buy them to my friend coz i was supposed to make her a x-mas gift anyway..and i was so in trouble finding her a gift. And now as i know it's something she wanted it was a great opportunity for me to buy these. And that's exactly what i did! So, she'll be surprised when she gets them. Later she went to that desk again to look at the earrings and she was obviously disappointed that these were sold to someone else already. But little she knows that i was the buyer. And she will be the owner soon! haha:D

I'm sure our x-mas celebration at my place is going to be super sweet! We are going to food shop and then come to my place and make a x-mas dinner together:)
And im planning to make a muffins. I wanna buy lots of chocolate so i can make muffins filled with chocolate. White and brown! YumYum :D

Well, right now in my mind are two things. English test and English oral test abt the book i read. It's not a test actually. I just have to talk abt the book i read, i have to read some parts out loud to the teacher..and then i have to translate. It's all on Monday. But tomorrow i'll have English test.. new words and grammar. So far i have two tests which i have got B and B+. I so want A this time. Wish me luck! :)

Anyway, I guess im going to watch Home&Away now. And have a dinner.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sinterklaas :)

Only 2 weeks more and then is holiday!Lovely!Lol!
I've been sooo busy. It's Saturday today tho. I wrote an essay and did some other home assignments.
And oh i have been thinking a lot abt presents. It's so hard to find right gifts for x-mas. My head is empty. So little ideas.
But today i came to an idea wt to give my parents for x-mas. I know mom always wants something that comes from heart and she doesnt want us to spend our money. So, i decided to draw a picture for mom&dad! I wanna buy a big picture frame so i can frame it. Hope they'll like that gift.

Here's the pic i drew:

I guess i will shop for other x-mas presents on friday coz after English class i have more that 3 hrs till my train leaves. So, i can shop:)

Well, i keep doing some university stuff and coz im so creative today, im gonna make one thing to my friend:P


PS!I'm so excited for x-mas. Elise comes back!I havent seen her for soooo long. Cant wait to go movies and ice-skiing with her:) It's gonna be a very fun day!:D
And Merikan comes home!yay!=D

Actually last week in uni (11-18) is SO fun already! My class is gonna celebrate x-mas together. And me and my friends are gonna celebrate x-mas together later too.. at my place:)
I love x-mas feeling! Btw, don't u think that the chocolate in chocolate calendar tastes like x-mas :D hahaha!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Christmas are SO close! I become happier every single day!I love this holiday! Brings me happiness and warm feeling:)
Me and my friends are going to celebarte x-mas at my place. We took a lot who's going to make a present to who..I got Liisa.I already have some gift ideas in my head.
My older sis just called. She's in Ireland. I can't wait for her to come home! So so cool!!!:D

OMG!On wednesday i went movies to watch New Moon!It was eh-amazing. Spellbinding! Absorbing! Enthralling! haha:D JUST SO AWESOME! But it was somehow so short. It started and then BAM it already ended. Everything happened so quickly. Book was way longer. And book was way more serious. But it seems they wanted to make a movie a bit more funny. Jacob was pretty funny character. Most of his lines were somehow jokey and so on.. Everybody in the movies were laughing all the time. I think i'll always love Twilight the most. But im not saying New Moon wasn't good coz it WAS!I absolutely LOVE it:D and i cant wait to see it again. Many many times!!!!!:):D

Okay. I wish i had more time to write her, but im SO busy with all my college work. Holiday is coming soon and so we have LOTS of projects to do before it:P

Sunday, November 22, 2009

the best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up!

Omg!It's Sunday already!Time flies sooo fast. Seriously! But i must admit college life is SO much fun!Love it<3
But i've got so much home assignments and projects:P Im trying to get them all done by the right time.
It's 5:40pm but sooo dark already! Im at home having a cup of peppermint tea, listening to my fav playlist and chatting on twitter.
Whoee:D On wednesday im going to movies with my friend. We are going to watch New Moon!Yayyyy:D Im so excited=] Oh, and on thrsday me and my college friends are going to karaoke bar. I really need to start practicing some songs. Lol!

Last night Anni and i had crazy fun time! We were supposed to sleep i guess but we couldnt. We dont share a room, but we hear each other..so we always talk. And Anni is deeply in love with Justin Bieber. So, i told her to dream abt him. She said she didnt dream of things that never come true. But then i wanted to tell her a beautiful story..abt a girl names Anni and a famous singer names Justin. Listen ya'll!

Justin is a quest in George Lopez show.He's singing "My favorite girl" and he walks off the lil stage and goes to walk between his fans. He smiles to these shy but crazy girls. Then he sees Anni. He takes her hands to his hands and smiles just for her. Then he moves back to the stage. Then he says his songs line "You are my favorite girl" and he points at Anni and looks in her eyes. Anni smiles.
Song ends and George Lopez comes to the stage and has a lil chat with him. Then the show is over. Everybody is trying to find their way back.. So does Anni.She's one of the last ones there. Just when she's about to go out, someone touches her back. Anni turns around and sees it's Justin.
Justin is straight and says:"Hi!You look so cute. Do you want to go out?".
Anni: "Go out..With you?"
Justin:"Of course!"
Anni:"Umm, yes..Yes i want to go out with you".."When?"
Justin:"Right now"
Anni:"Right now??"
Justin:"Yeah. I must be back by 5pm coz i have to give some interviews..Are you free right now?"
Justin:"Okay..let's go...Wait, i need to change my..my.. hat!"(Lol!)

So, they are going out. It's 2pm. A very nice weather. Justin asks Anni where she wants to go. She asks him to pick the place. Justin asks if McDonalds is okay.. He loves McChicken. Anni is happy he chose such a simple place. She has only dreamed of meeting Justin..but not going out with him. She is pretty nervous!
Well, they are heading to the date place. Justin orders McChicken and asks what Anni wants. She takes the same. Justin leads them to their table. They eat, chat and laugh. Anni's nervousness wades away. She feels like she's always known him. She feels soo good with him. And so does he! They talk about normal stuff..their annoying sibling, school, fav places in the world. They talk about their passions(singing for Justin and dancing for Anni).Justin tells Anni that he wants to sing for her. Anni loves that idea. But then justin notices it's 5pm. He has to leave.
Justin:"I promise i will sing you another time!!"(he smiles so cute!)
Anni:"There's gonna be another time?"
Justin:"Of course! You are really cool and sweet girl!I definitely wanna see you again"
Anni:"Thanks, you are really nice guy too!"
Justin:"Thanks. Can we exchange numbers?"
Anni:"Sure. Here's mine"(she gives him her number. and he gives his number to Anni)
Justin:"Can i take a photo of you with my cellphone?"

He takes a photo of her and stands up. He says he's so glad he asked Anni out. Anni says she's glad too. They go out together. Justin asks if he can walk Anni home. She says she doesn't leave there. She'll go to the mall and then home by bus. They say bye and Justin leaves.
Anni goes to the mall.She can't shop coz she's thinking of these few hours that were the BEST of her life.She cant believe she was out with Justin BIEBER! He was even more sweeter she imagined. But at the same time he was so simple. Not like a famous singer at all.

She goes home. It's night.Anni is on her bed, but can fall asleep. She is thinking back to her date with Justin when she suddenly hears his voice. She thinks she's gone nuts and hears his voice in her head. But then she realizes it comes from the outside. She goes near to her window and peeks out. She sees Justin there with his guitar singing a song Anni has never heard before. She grabs a jacket and runs out. They meet in the garden.
Anni:"What are you doing here?"
Justin"I promised i will sing you!"(he has the most cutes smile on his face!)
Anni:"I never thought this day will come so soon."
Justin:"I have been thinking about you ever since i left. I couldnt get you out of my head. And then i took a pen and paper and write this song. About you. Just for you. Did you hear it?"
Anni:"Yes. It's beautiful. You wrote it for me?"
Justin:"Not only FOR you. It's also ABOUT you! You are my special girl!!"
Anni:"Thank you. You are the most cutest guy i have ever known"
Justin:"And you are the cutest girl i have ever known"
When they were talking Justin went closer and closer..They were SO close when they told their last lines..Then he kissed her. And she kissed him back. It was a slow beautiful kiss. They smiled at each other. It's love from the first sight. It wouldnt mattered if he was a normal average teenager..or a singer. They just liked each other:) Happy end!=D

Haha! So i told Anni this story. With more remarks that i wrote here. She was quiet this whole time. And when i finished she said: Wow!I saw this whole story in my eyes when u were telling it. I almost believed it. It's so cool. I wish it was true.

I told her not to stop dreaming. Dreams dont have limit. You can dream of anything and as much as you want. Miracles DO happen! =]

haha :) We sure couldnt fall alseep after this story. So, we were talking and joking and laughing for so long. It was a very sweet night.
When i woke up this morning i saw Anni was so deeply in asleep. I was wondering if she saw Justin in her dreams.. Lol!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Last Song

My friend was right, little things DO make me happy :) For instance, The Last Song. The very best movie ever! Story that moves everybody! Movie that im looking forward to see sooo bad<3 It comes out on 2nd April. Just 3 days before my birthday. Could i ask for any better gift? Of course not!It's the BEST! ok, today i saw the trailer for the very first time. And it's eh-amazing. Take a look ;)

I am so happy =D

And today another thing has made me happy. Dancing! It's just breathtaking. No wonder it's my passion!=D I've found some really cool video. You'll see here my two very fav!=]


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Good girls go bad;D

Why do i always get obsessed with something? Simple question, but so hard to answer. Lol! I've been listening to song (ft.Leighton Meester) Good Girls Go Bad like millllion times. And i still haven't got enough of it. Why? Oh, maybe coz it's such a good song. I love Leighton's voice, btw!haha. Reminds me of Gossip Girl... Blair:D
Ok, changing the subject. The other day i made a video of me and my besty. Well, i actually cut it together from the videos we have sent to each other. I think it came out cute:) And i'm so happy she liked it. Oh, and we got to talk on skype. We hadn't chatted for a long time. So, it was nice!!!=]
Well, my fall break was awesome. The best part was going to Finland. I loved there. Sure i have been there like million times before, but this time i really liked it. More than ever. Dad's place was cute and all this shopping was fun. Everything!Family together. Only Merikan was missing..and the pets were at home. But it was so so much fun anyway!=D
It's long story what we did there and what we bought..and what funny things happened. And how we surprised dad! And what happened with my lil sis. And oh, there was Halloween. See, lots of things. Lonngg story. But sometimes some things don't need to be written down. It's in my memories!!:)

Last night i watched such a good movie. My Sister's Keeper. If you haven't seen it yet watch it. I promise you won't regret spending your time on it. It's impossible to describe how good this movie is. It's sad, but very realistic. They show life as it is. Sometimes hard, sometimes fun, sometimes sad, sometimes the best. Sometimes unfair.
It made me think of my best friend Clara. I'm glad to know she didn't have to suffer from her illness like that girl in the movie. But i can't imagine what it is knowing you might die. And then actually dying. What it feels like? Did she feel anything at all? Did it hurt? What was her last thought? I have millions of questions in my head, but these won't be answered. It's okay. I know she's in a better place now!

Okay, did i mention that i made dinner today?Haha! It took about 2 hours. Don't ask why. You know what i have been noticed? I'm good making food when i start..but in the end i mess up. What i mean is that i never understand when the food is ready?! For insatnce, how do i understand the potatoes are boiled enough and they are ready?! Of course i kinda know, but today it took like for sooo long them to get ready. But the fish was easier to make. And OH MY GOSH dinner was deliciousssss :D I'm pretty porud. Lol! Even mom told it was so delicious!

OK!I gotta revice for tomorrow's English test! I need a lot of luck! I mean it!=]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

weird dayy.

Oh, i donno whats wrong with me. It the second time when im so moody over last two weeks. I hate that!
I guess sometimes we all have these days. Most of the time i have so great mood, im happy, everything is just soo good! So, i gotta accept this little change. Let's pray im back to normal tomorrow :)
It's fall break!I gotta take the best of it:D
Merikan left. She's going to Ireland for a year. But we'll see each other after christmas. She's coming home for a week.
Anywho, i got my scarf ready. And today i got my yearbook! Im pretty fine with everything there. No-one was telling anything bad about me:D haha

I got my creativity exam result back. I got it B . Im not really happy, but not really sad either. Im just okay with it. Like mom and Shawny said, its just the beginning. I've more and more exams coming.. i can prove myself then!

My mom's aunt called me a bit time ago. She was just asking how we are doing. And then she was asking how is my college.I told how much im loving it. And then BAM she was so negative about this whole thing. She said she wishes i didnt study education and she said that its very hard..I told that i very love it. I can't be more satisfied than i am. I dont regret my decision! She said that after i have had the practice at school she's sure im gonna change my speciality and im gonna study something else. NO! I will show her i'm not. I think I know what's BEST for me, not no-body else. She also added that my granny was so sad too that im studying such a hard thing.. coz students are nowadays so hard..But im not afraid. I've always wanted to become a teacher. All jobs are hard! I have nothing against challanges. I wanna prove them i can handle it. Now more than ever before i want to do this job even MOREEE!!! Ugh, i was just so pissed of. What was she thinking.Did she think im gonna change my speciality just coz she thinked it's not right for me?! It's my life and i know what i want to do it with it..
I promise i will prove myself and even if the job is hard i will NEVER complain...they can NEVER tell me: i told you so!

Ugh. I got it off my chest now. Lol.

I cant wait till friday. I really want to get out of Estonia and go to somewhere else. I need a change!

Oh!AND a good news. Shawny is going to London:) And Sharon and I are going there too. We first planned to go in August but now as Shawny goes in June we are going in June too so we can all meet each other :) So cool :) I cant wait!!!!

Ok, im going to watch OTH and have a cup of tea and cookies<3

Saturday, October 24, 2009

surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

Is it really THAT hard to keep a secret? Actually it's not a real secret.It's just a surprise. O'boy! Next week is going to be my dad's birthday, on friday. So, he will be in Finland at that time. Mom, me and my sis want to surprise him. Mom told him that she's going to Finland too and they will celebrate his birthday together there.But what dad doesnt know is that me and my sis are coming too! But my older sis, my granny and everybody else too have almost already ruined the surprise. But for some weird and LUCKY reason dad hasnt noticed. Thank god he always focuses on watching tv and doesnt even hear when u call his name like SOO loud! haha.
I hope we all can keep this lil secret few more days!

Anywho, today we celebrated dad's bday at home too..and also my older sister's leaving. She's going to Ireland on tuesday.

OMG!I have some great news. It's not all official and 100% sure yet, but if all goes as planned im going to meet Sharon upcoming summer:) yay! And the best part is that we are going to London!At least that's what we wanna! We have met in Belgium, then she came here in the summer, and last christmas i went to Holland. It would be fun to meet in a new place now. I've never been to London b4 so it would be super lux :) :D We DEFFO wanna meet! Gosh, i miss her! I cant WAIT!!!Right now we just gotta wait till we can buy the tickets from one site.They dont sell tickets for August's flights yet.. I hope soon they will. Fingers crossed!

Oh, yesterday i had an exam on creativity class.It was pretty hard. Wish me luck!I need it! We also showed our inspiration cards to each other and talked abt it. I really like my inspiration card! It really inspires me:) haha

LAST NIGHT i was talking to Elise for so long on the skype. I was on my bed with my laptop and geez it was soo funny!Whenever we chat its so damn funny! Finally at 3am i turned the laptop off and fell asleep.
I cant wait till she comes back home!!!:)
OH!I have an announcement to make. There's only 31 days left till New Moon opening! I cant waitttt :D I'm super excited!=]

Okay. I'm going to put some new pix to myspace now i guess.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

a little art..

Okay. As i told in last blog i have been writing a bit again. I have new songs and poems, but these aren't that good. I have written them in such a short time.. when i just have an idea or inspiration i start writing and so some of them were created in 10 minutes.

So, i will post 3 songs here.

Fall In Love

„It doesnt matter whats the time“

Was your yesterday’s latenight line

When u told me you’re falling over me

Im the only girl you want to be

With all the seasons

You gave hundred reasons

Why i am the one

I was so happy i wanted to run

Miles and miles next to you

I have never felt the way u make me do..


I dont need spring to fall in love with you

It’s what naives only do

Listen ya’ll

Our eyes met in fall

Colors and wind

’ve left a scar on my skin

It’s a mark of what we share

Being always together, i swear.

Love hasnt made me blind

It has helped me to find

Prince charming in the rain

I’m in love says my brain

(end of chorus)

„Around you i cant breathe

Nor can i find words to speak“

You told me last night

And its alright

Coz i feel the same way

Whatever i try to say

Ends up like a baby’s first word

You say its the cutest thing you’ve ever heard.


I dont need spring to fall in love with you

It’s what naives only do

Listen ya’ll

Our eyes met in fall

Colors and wind

’ve left a scar on my skin

It’s a mark of what we share

Being always together, i swear.

Love hasnt made me blind

It has helped me to find

Prince charming in the rain

I’m in love says my brain


Maybe i’m insane

But i love dancing in the rain

Kissing your lips so sweet

And this crazy feeling when our eyes meet

I swear i can swin an ocean to be with you

And i know you would do that too!

* * *

One Day

Like always, i say wts on my mind

Like always, i say when things are not alright

But you are quiet, so quite next to me

And i dont know how you feel


So, once, i ask you to open up and say

What do you think coz every day

Suddenly passes by

It makes me wonder why

We still are at the beginning

My head is spinning

You can make it stop

Or you could drop

All we have and leave

Though it will take a time to heal

I promise you, one day

I’ll forget you the way

I used to love you..love youu..

(end of chorus)

Like always, you come to bed too late

You’ve been out with your mates

Like always you turn your back when i try to talk

Or when i argue you just walk


It’s always the same


So, once i ask you to open up and say

What do u think ’cause every day

Suddenly passes by

It makes me wonder why

We still are at the beginning

My head is spinning

You can make it stop

Or you could drop

All we have and leave

Though it will take a time to heal

I promise you, one day

I’ll forget you the way

I used to love you..love youu..

(end of chorus)


I dont know who’s the guy next to me

You’re not who you seems to be

Please, let me free

’cause as you see

I need my wings to fly

before all days passes by..


I promise you one day

i will forget you the same way

i used to love you..

* * *

This song i wrote today just a bit time ago..


When you walk pass me

I feel this emptiness

You ignore and dont see

How much i try to impress

You how i feel today

That im sad and need to hear

It wont last always

Coz ur so so near



You look through me

Like i was made of glass

So sad you make me feel

I wanna fall to the grass

And lay there for a while

But you. go ahead and ride another mile..

(end of chorus)

Why do i have tears falling down my face

When you are driving a car

Do you know i need your embrace

But you are so far, far, far...

When you look at me

I paint this fake smile

and pretend im okay

you have riden another mile..


You look through me

Like i was made of glass

So sad you make me feel

I wanna fall to the grass

And lay there for a while

But you, go ahead and ride another mile..

(end of chorus)


Something makes me sad

And i need you to understand

I want back the day we had

Yesterday, wanna walk on the sand

Can you feel this breeze?

Can you hear this wind singin’?

Show me way back, please

Let’s stop swinging...


Am i invisible?

Why do i need to whipe my tear

And hold my breath before i talk

And paint this fake smile on my face

Like everything is okay

When i really need your embrace

* * *

That's it for now.

I'm so tired right now. I need to do some home assignments and then i'll watch The Vampires Diaries and maybe The Beautiful Life too.

I actually made a list of things i have to do this weekend:

1.finish the book im reading

2.make an inspiration card

3.write to a physic teacher

4.write 3 pages about learning theories

5.try to look for Creativity class' material for a test

6.another assingment for college

7.watch TVD and TBL :)

That's it :P

So far only no 3 from the list is done. But i have whole day ahead tomorrow!;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today was CRAZYYY! Well, inanimate nature environment class was ok. Too long, though! I got the test C ! horrible!Lol! It happens. BUT what was rly crazy was aerobic class. Last time the class was rly weird. Too easy and weird exercises and dances. But seems that this time teacher wanted to make back the last lesson's easiness. I have NEVER done sooooo much exercises..i mean so HARD!My shirt was totalllly wet and my face was as red as tomato. But i reallly enjoyed the class. We danced and did different exercises!Great feeling:)
In the tram i felt a bit sick. I was too hot and too hungry. Coz 2 hours before the aerobics we cant eat.. and last time i ate was 9am. But aerobic class ended 5pm and i was so tired and hungry. But i needed to catch a tram and then catch a train back to home. I didnt have time to go to eat somewhere..and i knew at home dinner is waiting for me:) But in the tram i felt so sick. Thank God i didnt have long way to ride with it. Outside was a bit rainy so it was good!I was so hot.. i needed something that could freeze me down.haha. Anywho, then i bought an ice-cream and went to the train. I read the whole way..BUT two girls next to me were a bit annoying. They were talking the WHOLE way (50 min) abt one guy who was doing naughty thing in a tram. If he was so nasty and naughty why they kept talking abt him.. weirdo! At that moment i wished i was listening to my iPod coz i rlyyy didnt want to hear that story!But i was reading and i was too lazy to take my iPod out of my handbag.Lol! Lazy me!

At home i of course ate:) It was the first thing:) haha!I'm going to take a shower soon and hopefully talk to Haley later. And then im off to bed, i wanna read a bit and then just sleep. Aerobics was so exhausting, yet so cool! haha:)

See ya later alligator!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

doo da doo it's all good =)

Hello Wednesday-ers :D haha
I LOVE Wednesdays coz i have day off!yay!
It's crazy story outside! Thank God i dont have to go out!
Well, the day b4 yesterday i finally got to talk to Haley. She got skype:) How awesome is that, huh?!haha. So we talked abt 2 hrs. And i saw her lil baby Adleigh!She's ADORABLE!!!!!:):)
Yesteday i had only english class and aerobics. After that Gerli and i went to Micky 'd. I knowww after aerobics we shouldnt eat junk food, but we couldnt hold back!We were tooo hungry. On friday we deffo wanna buy McFlurry with Daim pieces and take it to the creativity lecture. Yumyum! :)
I arrived Kohila abt 5pm, went to the new cafe opening(but there wasnt any cafe actually..weirdd!). At least i got a free tea cup. haha:D Then at home i watched Home&Away and had delicious dinner! Oh, and last night i talked to Elise again!Damn!She's driving me nuts. Whenever we talk on msn we are just tooooo crazy!It's so funny. And i gotta admit i have pretty good fantasy.

"Daddy is best sick & Elise likes apple juice" -->this could sum up our yesterdays convo. Well, these are more like tags. Coz we talked prettty long and i was laughing so much that my stomach hurt. This girl is cracking me up!hahaha:D

Anyway,today i havent done much at all. Typical wednesday.I always plan to do SO much on my day off.But i end up just being on the net. I watched OTH today! And i wanted to watch TBL too, but the new episode wasnt up yet.. i'll watch it later..
Oh yeah, i had this weird writing mood today.. so i write a song..actually two.. maybe im even gonna post them here, but later!
DANG!Home&Away started. I gotta run!:)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

what inspires me?!...

I have to make an inspiration card for a creativity class. We have to take a A4 paper and put there (cut&paste, write, draw..ect) whatever inspires us. When we first got this assignment i was so excited. I couldnt wait to go home and start making it. Well, yesterday finially i had time and i thought to make it. And guess what? It was WAY harder that i thought. So, yesterday i only managed to pick out a pic of Miley that im gonna use. (btw, this took me abt 2 hrs.. i couldnt find the prefect pic to use.Lol). Anywho, today i decided to be more progressive, i TRIED to find a quote that was in Miles To Go.. I ended up reading this book, but not finding the quote i was looking for.Lol! Then i made a real progress..i printed out a poem that Clara once wrote me(its called Smile Sandy).. This poem definitely inspires me coz whenever im sad i read it and i feel way better:) She had a faith on me and i must be positive to go on..
I also printed out Miley's song lyrics "Right Here". It's me and Elisa's friendship song. Whenever im down or i miss her i listen to it. I know she's always here for me. And i feel lucky having her in my life :)
That's all i have managed to get yet. But i STILL have a lot to do. It's so hard to make an inspiration card. I know what inspires me but how can i put a song or a video or a person on a paper? I have used one poem, one song lyrics, a photo.. what else..
OMG! I just got an amazingggg idea!Yay! I was trying to think the whole day today how can i put my friend Sharon to my inspiration card.. i mean a piece of her.. and now i know. I'm gonna use this quote she once wrote me. Yesss!! :D
I probably will put a pic of my family too coz my fam is a biggest inspiration in my life. Without them i wouldnt be who i am. And also my pets. They mean sooooo much to me!!!!

Talking abt pictures. While i was looking for something that might inspire me i was looking old photo albums. Then i realized that my life has been soo colorful. I have moved 5 times. This house is the 6th place im living in. All these photos made me think about past. There're so many good old memories that i miss, but im also so happy for having all that i have right now.
I donno why but im so crazy abt old photos. They are like mirrors back to the past.. all these places, people and adventures. I love it. If someone thinks they know me they should think first if they have sitten with me abt 3 hours and looked my photo albums and heard all these stories. If they have then they really know me:) If not, then there's still time to do that!!!

Okay.My back is hurting. I better stop this venting. Lol. I better go and have some quality time with my family :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stormy dayy!

I have day off today. Nice. I'm gonna be at home all day coz its totally rainy and stormy out. I dont mind though.
Im creating some playlists right now. I miss Hilary Duff. So im listening to her music again. haha
The 4th episode of the 3rd season of Gossip Girl is the BEST!If you havent seen it then you are missing out a lot! Hilary Duff came to the screen:D yay!She's so awesome there! GG made me realize how much i missed her. She was my totally fav singer and actress abt year ago. Now im more into Miley&Demi's music. But Hil has always a place in my heart :)

Anywho. I havent been really productive today. Havent done anything.. oh no!I did ont thing. I watched two episodes of The Beautiful Life. Damn!Its a good show:) Im gonna keep watching it ;)
Yesterday i made a list of things i gotta get done. I still have some to scrach out.... the hardest thing that takes me forever to get done is cleanring my room. Not that my room is so messy, but im just lazt to clean..But i still gotta.
My fav spanish soap opera called En Nombre Del Amor starts in 38 minutes. So, i try to clean my room quickly and get ready by the right time.
ps!im writing a blog coz it was one thing in my list that needed to get done. hahaha! I like to update. Im too lazy to write to my diary regulary. So i do that here. Typing is way easier than holding a pencil. Lol!

Btw, im totally figuring out how could i get some pieces from Miley's clothing line. There are soooo many things i wanna buy. But stupid Walmart doesnt let to order from outside USA :S :(
Oh, and the other thing i sooo wanna get is Miley&Mandy's bracelet. I want the black&white one. It's so cool! At leats they have world wide shipping :):) yayyy!!! Im gonna order soon.
Ok. Enough. I have 34 min left...

Wake up - Hilary D. <3

Friday, October 2, 2009


Ugh! I have been so sick last couple of days. It really sucks :S But right now im feeling a bit better. Im in college right now. I've had a crazy day today:P First i had a test in english. It was so hard!I really messed up with it ;S:(
Well, then i had 5 hrs till my next class. So, i decided to go to shopping. Lol. It's so cold outside so i needed new clothes(boots, coat ect.).. And i got everything i needed =](and spent soo much:S).
Then i went to foodshop and came back to college. I ate here and watched GG from surfthechannel.com. Thank God i took my laptop with me. AT least im not bored. It's 3:30pm right now..my class starts 5pm.:P

It's so good to be back in the net. As i said i have been feeling kinda bad so i havent been herde much.
Im so happppy tomorrow is saturday. No college. Dont get me wrong- i like college but i still feel sick so its not rly confy to study when u have a runny nose. It''s killing me:|

But im not the only one who's sick right now. Miley is wayyyyyyy sicker.And i feel so sorry for her. She even had to cancel couple of next shows. She told she's never been sicker than she's right now.Aww, poor sweetie :(

OMG! Im coughing like crazyy. I think everybody think im crazyy! Lol. But i cant hold it in. My throat kills me :S

I better stop now. Im talking with my friends on msn now and then im going to keep watching Gossip Girl :)


Saturday, September 26, 2009


First of all, DO NOT laugh if i say today was my first time to make brownies..and it was my second time to eat these. No laughing, please! lol
BUT this veryy amazing girl Haley gave me sooo many great brownie recipes so today i got a chance and made brownies. and OH MY GOSH! I was in heaven. Haley is my angel:) haha. i'll never forget that. hahahahaha:D You would understand me if u havent made brownies b4 and now u got this chance. LOL. Well, i kinda screwed them up..ALMOST! Thank god i looked to the oven and noticed sth is wrong... it was too ready already..but it hadnt been there 30 min yet. Came out i turned oven to be 250C(475F) although it had to be 175C(350F). Haha. Im so bad :S haha. But hey, it came out so delicious. It's all that matters, right?
And i promised Haley i took a pic of the brownies!So, hope you didnt have to wait too long(i know u did. sryy. im slow.hahahaha. i was doing hundred other things at the same time. haha). But here are the pics ;)

Maybe they are not perfect or they dont look like they have to, but they are PERFECT for me! i love them <333 And my mom&dad liked them very much too(which is a BIG thing coz my mom usually doesnt like chocolate cakes or stuff..). But she really liked these brownies :D

Again, special thanks to Haley :):)
love u, chick<3

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Goodbye, summer, Hello, fall =]

Yup. It's really fall now, although i have smelled fall for about last two weeks. And some days the air smells just like it's winter(but no snow of course).
I'm not waiting winter SO bad, but i LOVE christmas :) So, why not to wait winter. and SNOWWWWW!!!Not that i wanna go shopping(boots, coats ect.), but i like how everything is so white and seems that everybody has sooo much time. No rush anywhere. Everybody's happy! I want that <3

But, hey, today started fall, not winter. ha!ha! Lets enjoy fall as long as we can. I dont know how's there(wherever you live), but here in North Europe, in Estonia, they told it's gonna be a warm winter. We call it "fall of vestals"(dont ask why)..haha:D

I have always told that spring is my fav season. And it's so true. But, there's something magical in fall.& in winter. I like the darkness in fall. I like how its so dark outside( like right now) and im home just one light on& im eating a apple pie. Sooo good! Fall is a best season to be at home. I love my cozy place =]

Okay, too much seasonal talk in this blog. haha!

Tomorrow i have a day off. Yay. I honestly dont have ANY plans for tomorrow..All i know is that i wanna relax and stay in. I probs will watch new episodes of GG&one tree hill=D

But now im going to eat cookies!!!!Want one??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

day of the apple pie =]

I would really like to call Saturday a day of the Apple Pie :) Don't ask why:P Lol. Maybe coz today is Saturday and i made an apple pie. Which, btw, came out sooo delicious. My mom said she loved pies and cakes i make coz she didn't have to make them. LOL She says they taste way better if someone else makes them!
I'm not very good at cooking. But i really like to bake. Cakes and pies are just yummie.And they are so easy to make. You just have to have a recipe :D
I'm always thankful of my family. I like our cosy weekends. Sometimes mom makes bread. I know, its weird. But i like home made bread. It reminds me of veryyy old times. I also like to watch black-and-white photos. My grandpa was a veryyy good photographer(he still is:D )and so we have a LOT of photos of my mom when she was a little girl. She told me that when she went to primary school, every day she came back from school and finished her homework she had to go to pose for her dad(my grandpa) coz he wanted to take photos. haha. And im thankful for that!Mom even had to put her nicest clothes on and sit and sit..sometimes hours.. believe me, grandpa can reallly get into the "taking photos" things and sometime su gotta wait so long till he gets one photo done. I KNOW that!Lol
Anyway,I also like when mom or i or my sis has made a cake or pie and we all watch a tv together. A good movie. Whole family together. Included dad, of course :) He even watches romantic movies with us :D What a sweetheart he is!
Yesterday night was very cool! I was in college pretty late. I caught a train at 9:25pm and my younger sis came from her dancing practice so we both were on the same train. And when we were almost in our town mom called and told that she's gonna pick us up coz there's no electricity on our street..and it was completely DARK! Can you imagine alll the houses near to you and all the street lamps as far as you can see are like dead. No light at all. So, when we came home we put candles and it was so good. I couldnt go to the net. It was so good. I couldnt watch tv. It was so good. Then i was thinking of how it was at that time when there was NO light at all. No electricity. What did people do?! It's so interesting to think about it. Sometimes i wish i could go back in time and see different people life in different times. I would love to see my mom's childhood. She has told me SO MANY stories. I really love just sitting down with her sometimes and hear her stories. I have even read her diary she kept when she was about 16 y.o. Her life was totally different from what one 16 y.o now has. But i cant tell which is better..

Oh, i have no idea where i wanna go with this blog.. im just writing wts on my mind.
It's 11:40pm.I should go to bed. I have got a runny nose. I gotta blame my younger sis. She has had a runny nose for a week and now i got it from her :( I'm not happy at all!

Well, i better go to bed. Tomorrow im going to a funfair and then i need to study for my VERY FIRST test in college :) And i also need to do one other homework. I have to paint a picture of a thing from a nature. I chose an apple. So, every day i gotta paint a picture of this apple.I have to do it for 2 weeks. And in the end of these 2 weeks i'll have 14 pictures of this one apple. But you know day after day this apple changes. Well, i at least hope so. So, later i can see how one thing from nature changes. Btw, if you ask if this a drawing class assignment then i say No:) It's a Children's raising science&philosophy. Our teacher always gives us fun and interesting assignments :) I like it =]

Okay, im going now.I need a long good night sleep :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

list of things that needs to get done..

Okay. Today's a major Sunday. haha. In the morning i made a list of what i need to get done today!
So, here it is:

1.Finish reading the book for college
2.Clean my room
3.Make an apple pie
4.Put a pic from my cell to my laptop
5.Check out when's Katie's bday(i've forgotten)
6.Write to my journal
7.Read once again the text for English class
8.Read my friends' blogs
9.Write my blog(which im doing right NOW!)
10.Will check out some notes i wrote in sociology lecture
11.Have to write a summary of a group work of friday's class
12.Take a shower
13.Get my nails done
14.Start reading a new book for college(at least 10 pages..its a boring book!!)

That's it. From 1 to 9 are done ;) 5 more to go. lol

Anyway, i read Cory's blog. It was so inspiring. I'm thinking how LUCKY i am to have all my friends.
Elisa- she's my everything!Seriously, i dont imagine my life without my besty anymore!It feels like i have had her in my life FOREVER. But it's abt 2 years.

Sharon- girl who has given me soooo many beautiful memories.She's always been here for me. We dont have to talk or see each other so often, but i know she's always here!

Clara- my angel.She was the FIRST one to show me what a true friendship looks like. I'm proud to say she was my VERY 1st BEST friend.

"Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart."

Elise- a girl who has been my friend only a year, but it feels wayy longer. She made my last high school year so much fun:D When she's around im neverr bored!:D love that, chick!

Ruby- i can always talk to her. always!& im always here for her too. We seem to understand each other.and help! she's sooo kind&caring!!its just amazing coz sweet she is!!!:)

Amber- my lil myspace buddy who i have a chat almost everyday:D her life's so colorful and it fills mine. :)

Demm- girl who ALWAYS makes me laugh!don't ask how..if i only knew:D she's soo special&soo caring.always knows the right words to say. love her<33

Miles- my fav girl with the bigggest heart! everything she does gives me an inspiration. i think she's not even aware how much she means to me. i love her exactly as she is!

Oh boy. I would keep writing&writing&writing.. it was just a short example of HOW much my friends mean to me.They complete my life <333

Omg. did i hear the dinner is ready???:D:D im so hungry.You have NO idea.
I gotta put the apple pie to the oven now. I couldnt do that b4, coz the dinner was there..mom's making chicken:D yummmii!!

Okay, peace! <3

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh, i havent written anything lately. Not a blog. I mean a song/poem. I guess i have a writers-block or something. But today i decided to read my old scraps and finish something that's JUST a scrap. But when i was reading them i was so unhappy. These weren't good. I can't believe i even wrote such a crap. But i keep everything. Always. Even if it sucks. Maybe i'll get some ideas from these scraps in the future. Well, but then i started writing a new poem..or song..i dont even know. But after 4 lines i was in a block:S Great! Then i was going through my old scraps again and got a new idea. So, i started writing a new poem. But i have 18 lines so far..and i must say it's not good. WHYYYY cant i write anymore?! Will i have ONLY scraps forever. I really wanna complete something. But i guess i need an inspiration & maybe it's God sign. Maybe he's telling me that i need to take some time out. I should concentrate at college work(i was supposed to read a book for college while i was trying to write so hard). Oh, i feel so helpless..

Anywho.Some good news. My sister got the 2nd place in ballroom dancing competition :D It made me sooo happy:) I'm always very proud of her. She's my fav lil dancer!=]
And even though we fight sometimes and argue a lot(its NORMAL coz she uses my clothes without even asking!!), but she's still my little sunshine:) We call her butterfly!=D
I read Miley's blog b4 and her blog abt 9/11 made me think. Sometimes we forgot to show out to the people we love what they mean to us. I want my family always to know that they mean a WORLD to me. And also my best friends.
The msg Elisa sent me today made me almost tear up. I wish i could be there for her whenever she needs me... But the long distance between us doesnt make it possible:(

“I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.”

saturday tired-ayyy

It's Saturday and wt time did i have to wake up? 7:30am. CRAZY!!!!
I needed to go to Tallinn to get a new English workbook from a shop. And mom was supposed to go there anyway so i thought i'll go with her. But who goes to a hairdresser at 9am on Saturday morning. Couldnt's she get any better time??!!
So, i had to wake up THAT early as 7:30am. I bought the wb and new jeans and some other stuff. Our way back i was sleeping in the car. Yeah, i was THATTT tired. But now im on the net. I have to read a book for college. But im still too tired&hungry. But i know if i'll eat i deffo wanna sleep.
My sis is going to ballroom dancing competition soon..with my mom, so i will be home alone. Goody! But i sill gotta read. Boring.

Anyway, yesterday was a great day. I had so much fun in college:) I rly wanna see how long it's gonna last..
And wt totalllly made my day was Miley's new music vid. When i look at you! I'm so obsessed with that song!It plays non-stop on my ipod.& the vid is sooo beautiful<333
And yesterday abt 1 am my sis decided to go to bed.Then i asked her if she saw Miles new vid. And she was like NOOO!! And she went to the net again and she watched the vid abt 10 times. By the time she went to bed i was sleeping already :P:P

Well, well, well. Im gonna risk and have a lunch. Lets hope i wont fall asleep ;)

PS! Elisa i miss ya, girl! Wish i was there for u yesterday. Wanna talk to u. love<3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

free relaxing day!

How good is to have a day off:D i LOVE it <333
I havent done anything..anything special at least.
Well, i woke up watched En Nombre Del Amor. Then i went to my mom's kindergarten coz she had there two books i need to read for my college. Then i went to the library to get more 4 books. I came home and started reading one of the books i got. It's rly interesting. Thank god :)

OKAY! Seriously, enough of college. I must have ANYTHING to talk besides college life. haha

I'm watching one estonian tv show called Kodu Keset Linna(Home in the city). About 5 years ago it was my totallly FAV tv show. I couldnt live without it. I stopped watching it coz my fav actress left the show. And guess wt? SHE's back now :D
But i doubt im gonna be that obsessed with this show anymore.
Actually, Wives Swap will start soon. It's estonian version. Very interesting, but not as crazy as american version.

PS!Did you know my mom makes the BEST pizza ever!!!Honestly!=]

Okiedokie. Wives Swap starts now:P

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

internet slang?!

Okay. Here's a quick&short blog.
In the net i have recently noticed a lot such words as:
First i thought that rant is a slang-shorten of random. But now im not so sure..
And vent. Hm. I understand the meaning of if,but i still can't find the real MEANING for it.. WHOAA! I just googled and what i found. Well, i got the explanation for the urban slang word "vent":

Term meaning to let of steam. Have shout, complain or whatever.

That's nice. BUT check this site out and u'll see what other meanings "vent" has.


I searched on the same site and tired to find the meaning of rant too. There are lots of different meanings.. but how do i know which one of them is the one ppl(mostly americans) use on the net?.

One's pretty sure, it doesnt mean "random".It proves im wrong again. Lol.

whoopsie daisy :)

Finally it's Tuesday evening! It means that i have two up coming days off from college:) yay!
I have quite getting used to the idea that i really GO to college. I'm a college student. haha.
Today we had a 3 hours long lecture about sociology. It was painful. Literally. My right shoulder needs a massage. Anyone?? Lol.

Well, today morning i almost missed the train coz i was reading Miley's blog. Gosh!Her blogs blow me away. Maybe it's her life that blows me away. SO much happens. Not always good, though. It's understandable. She's what, a 16(almost 17) year old super busy girl, without privacy everybody needs?! But she's still a strong girl who climbs and gets done the things most of us ONLY dream.
But more than anything, she's a veryy sweet girl with a big heart!

To be honest, im extremely tired. Although yesterday my day was wayyy longer. I basically woke up 7 am, went to college, arrived back home 8:30 pm, ate and went to bed. That was my yesterday. Today was a bit better. It gave me a hope that some days can be more shiny too.. I woke up 7:30 am(yay i got to sleep 30 min longer that yesterday), went to college(i was late in English. damn. LONGGG story.), arrived home 5:30 pm(3 hrs earlier than yesterday). AND thankfully i got to watch Home&Away!!i love that Aussie show :D
And i i wrote a megaa longg msg to my besty Elisa. I miss that girl. Why is the distance between Estonia and Mexico so big, huh?! It's so unfair. But we gotta make best of it.. we have Internet.Oh, how lucky we are. hahaha:D

Well, this blog is AGAIN totally random.But i can't help it. These are the thoughts that want to come out..my fingers type without my permission, seriously!!=D
Ok, this cheap talk gotta stop.
PS!That reminds me that i need to listen to MC's new EP coz i havent had time to do that today yet.And gosh i need to listen to it everyy day!!!:D

Good night =]

Friday, September 4, 2009

College life!

I'm a real college student now!
So much has happened in last three days. University is so much fun. Well, i havent had any classes yet though. So, i guess soon i will write here that university is so boring or something like that. But who knows..
Anyway, these three days we have had just information lessons and fun stuff, like boardgames evening and PARTY :) I met very many cool ppl! New friends :)
On monday will be the first day when i actually have real classes. So, wish me luck!It's gonna be quite long day :P

Changing the subject, there's one rly cool new spanish soap opera called "En Nombre del Amor". I so like it! And the theme song is just amazingly beautiful. It's called "En Cambio No" by Laura Pausini. I must add that Laura Pausini's songs are quite often theme songs for spanish soap operas. It's rly cool!
I'm gonna put this video here.. "En Cambio No" :) Beautiful&sad song!!

Well, i dont know what else. University is quite confusing. I have to register my classes and this whole system is so confusing. But i'm sure sooner or later i'll get use to it, so it's alright :)

These last couple of days i have been so tired. 9:30 pm i feel sooo tired that i just wanna jump to the bed and fall asleep. It's so weird. I'm not used to that. Usually im tired when its 1 or 2 am. Not half ten. It shows that college life makes me more tired. But its understandable because i have waken up quite early too..8:30 am or 9 am. Usually i slept till 9:30 or 10 am. Sometimes longer, though i didnt like to sleep too long. Umm, it's weird that i'm talking what i used to to and all the time in past like it's never gonna happen again. Sure, i now have a big changes in my life and lots of things are different. But some things never change. I never change :)

I'm tired. I'm going to bed now. It's OK! It's 11:42 pm!!!! :D:D

Monday, August 31, 2009

There are times...

I had a writing mood. So, i wrote a song called There Are Times. I wrote it in 30 minutes so don't be too harsh!

There are times when we just look at each other
we dont need words to bother
Our eyes can speak all we need
we just have to look and read.
There are times when you laugh
while you discover my other half
i hide my face and close my eyes
you kiss my lips by surprise.

And if the time passes by
i wish you could still be my guy
life can be a climb
we'll get thought it at a time
and if a clock does tick-tack
we know we cant go back
but as long as nothing has changed
and our life is arranged
we can speak without our lips
and i dont need to move my hips
i know you like me as i am
it's what only you can.

(end of chorus)

There are times we cry together
you make me feel better.
I need you to see through me
always stay and always be
the guy who dries my tears
and helps me to fight with my fears.
There are times im awake all night
but you won't turn off the light
coz you know what i need
im an open book for you to read.

And if the time passes by
i wish you could still be my guy
life can be a climb
we'll get thought it at a time
and if a clock does tick-tack
we know we cant go back
but as long as nothing has changed
and our life is arranged
we can speak without our lips
and i dont need to move my hips
i know you like me as i am
it's what only you can..

(end of chorus)

We share the prime hours
and share the showers
you make it feel so right
every day and night.

(end of bridge)

In our lives these are times
with or without the climbs
there are times we know
happily ever after wont accept "no"

the time of our lives <3

Whoop! Miley Cyrus's EP comes out today!It's called The Time Of Our Lives! Sadly it got leaked in youtube.. but the people who love her and her music and who want to support her will still buy her EP! If it comes out here im deffo gonna buy!
Well, yesterday i listened to her new EP songs whole day long! These are reallllllly amazing!<3333
I don't know how she can write such a great songs, but she just CAN! She's so amazing!=D
My favs are:

"When i look at you"
"Time of our lives"

<333 You gotta buy her EP and u wont regret!I promise!=] She's so much mature. Well her Breakout album showed that already! She's not "the" Hannah Montana. She's Miley Cyrus!

Anyway, now a little bit other talk.
1st- tomorrow is going to be my first day in university. Wish me luck! I hopeveerything goes great!=]
2nd- i talked to my best friends super cute cousin Raul yesterday abt 3 hours. He's so fun and cool!
3rd- Elise is going to DK in 2 days :( We are going out today. I'm gonna miss my chica! D=
4th- THE TIME OF OUR LIVES <333333333

Saturday, August 29, 2009

i feel like an american girl

Last 7 days were crazy awesome! My friend Jake from USA came to Estonia. Whoa!It was a BIG thing for him. American in Europe!:D Well, we stayed in the hotel in Old Town of Tallinn. We looked around the city, shopped, went to the museums, churches and national library. Of course we had dinners in the restaurants and so on. One day we also came to my home town. We had a nice time here too. Last night we had so much fun. We just joked around. I seriously couldnt stop laughing. He kinda reminded me a bit of Mr. Bean :D hahahaha!

Well, now im back at home and he's back in USA.
I went shopping yesterday&also today. Got some new clothes. University starts on up coming tuesday!I'm so excited!=] I really hope everything goes great!

I bought a present for my friend Elisa. And a bit time ago i was filming a video for her. I need to burn a CD for her with the pix i took in Tallinn & the video i filmed today. Then the package is ready to go to Mexico. I love sending packages to my besty!She really IS the BEST friend ever! I can talk about EVERYTHING with her. How i wish she lived here or i lived there. We need to have sleepovers and have a night long talks about guys, go shopping and so so much more! Well, all we can hope is that one day we will meet. And now only once, but a LOT of times :):D It's my biggest wish!=]

Oh, Jake got me super awesome book from the states. It's called 13 reasons why. I think i have mentioned this book b4 in another blog. Well,it was a huge surprise for me to get it. I have read abt 60 pages and i LOVE that book!!!!!!!

After this blog i will burn a vid for Elisa and then i wanna keep reading!:D

Uni-start count down: 3 days left!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poem for Demi!

Well, i know its not Demi's birthday yet.But i already wrote her a birthday poem. And i decided to post it here.
Her real birthday is on 20th August!She's turning 17! =]

It's not another day
that's just okay.
We celebrate a birth
that means us the whole Earth!
A very special girl
who's more than a pretty pear
today, 17 years ago
knew it was her time, so
she saw a shiny light
and the timing was right
She came to the world
to change what she had heard
needed a hand
to touch all those lands
She's always been strong
and everybody who gets along
says she's unique, one of a kind.
God sent her here, she's his sign
She's here to make a change
to take out the sun when it rains
She shares the gift we all love
peacedemilove is like a dove
she brings us peace and happiness
and her songs take away all the stress
I dont know if Demi knows
what's the power she owns
But for us it means everything
she gives us hope when she sings
Her voice is angel-like
and i know there's even more she can strike
Besides her voice and acting skills
there's a virtue that helps her move the hills
Demi has a big heart
that helps her to make an art
but she also is amazing friend
with who everybody wants to befriend
she opens her heart
and its like a new start
of something new
something very pure!
So lucky i feel today
that i can honestly say
without Demi i wouldnt be
who i am and what i see
You opened my eyes and made me believe
best music and friends never leave
Now you are 17 year old girl
in the ocean the most special pear!

Happy Birthday Demm!

Drowning alone..

I wrote another song called "Drowning alone"

It seems that I'm drowning alone
I don't know who's waitin' me home.
I too long was lost in your eyes
Now it's time to say goodbye.
I need to turn around
and forget what i once found..
I'll move on, get over it
even though it still hurts a bit.

I gave you my heart,
you had my sole
You messed with our love-art
and left me alone to the hole.
I hate what you did,
you're immature, a KID!
I won't be that insane
to suffer from all this pain.
I'll throw you out of my head
and go to the bed.
Next morning you're all alone
And I don't care if you moan and groan.
You deserve all of this
now you know what you miss..
(end chorus)

It seems you are clowning alone
A mask is all you own
I won't let you to grip my hand
Coz I'm finally free
Our names written on a beach sand
are drowning in the sea (are forgotten to the sea)
There's nothing that could keep us together
There's no help from a regret/love letter
I'll forget who you once were
coz you'll never be that guy, not even near..

I gave you my heart,
you had my sole
You messed with our love-art
and left me alone to the hole.
I hate what you did,
you're immature, a KID!
I won't be that insane
to suffer from all this pain.
I'll throw you out of my head
and go to the bed.
Next morning you're all alone
And I don't care if you moan and groan.
You deserve all of this
now you know what you miss..

Still sometimes I think of you
I still feel that warm wind that blew.
Could it be like yesterday
when everything was okay?!
But these are thoughts that come and go
Reality is what counts, so..

I'm not that blinded girl who got burned,
who believed every word you said
You are fake, that's what i have learned
For now on, for me, you are dead!
(end bridge)

Next morning you're all alone
And I don't care if you moan and groan.
You deserve all of this
now you know what you miss..

I'm not drowning at all
who's drowning is you,i'll let you bawl..

Rainy Tuesday :P

Oh, it has been raining for so long already..don't even remember when it started.
Well, on Saturday it was sunny coz it was my sister's birthday party & of course she ordered a nice weather!Lol.
But ever since her birthday party has been raining. So, mom&i have been at home most of the time.On Sunday i read a book & mom read a book. And when she had finished with it she gave it to me. And so i read it too. It was so damn good!Funny&interesting. So, i read about 5 hours and then i finished. Later we watched World Championship in Athletics. It's fun to watch and cheer if our fav wins. We watched it yesterday too and are gonna watch today also!Fun, fun, fun!:D
As i said it's still raining. Yesterday we went to the library to get some new books&then went to granny's. Later mom&i just read&drank tea&watched World C in Athletics.
Oh, and a woman from the bank called me and asked if i wanna get a new Student card called Euro<26. She was like my mind-reader coz i just planned to go to get one. And WHAT A SURPRISE!!She told that it's also a credit card!YAY!Finally i can order stuff from usa online shops. Most of them accept credit cards like MasterCard or VISA or wtever. But i only have had VISA Electronics. Well, but now i will get the card that is accepted in USA & in many other countries too!:D

Ohh!!Yesterday one woman called me and asked me if she could ask some questions about banks and stuff.She asked like soooo many questions. It's some kind of research or sth..Anyway, what annoyed me the most was that she had a STRONG russian accent. And i hardly understood what she was saying. Try to imagine being on the phone 15 minutes talking with someone i hardly understand. My every third sentence was: Sorry, i didnt hear...or Sorry, i didnt understand..or Sorry, could you repeat. UHH!

Anyway, last couple of days i really needed on miracle. And i was almost loosing my faith. And if i woke up yesterday and understood my miracle still wasnt happened i was so hopeless. But like 5 min later the miracle happened!What a surprise.It made me super happy!And yesterday night i thought about it. And it was weird to think that like 15 hours back everything was so hopeless..
Well, and then i suddenly had a writing mood and i wrote a little poem about that day..

Today all my hopes seemed crashing down again
For how long had i prayed for the change..
I woke up and saw again
God hadn't heard my prayers, it's just another day

I stood up and looked to the rainy sky
It was clear with sun shining high
And i asked why
coz so much time had already passed by..

It took me by surprise
when 5 minutes later it was like "hello, goodbye"
My bad day got a new start
coz i knew God loved me with his whole heart
He made my wish come true
It was a change,my day, all new.

And now it's not another day
though it feels yet so far away
when i woke up my hopes high
and so soon i realized it was a lie
But God was with me
like i know he'll always be

That morning all my dreams seemed crashing down again
i was blue and hopeless until when
God showed me it could be sunny even though it rains
it was gone, all this pain
God had heard me and made it change...

* * *

And today morning i wrote a little song..its quite short..

I dont care how we met
coz you feel so far away, yet
Im addicted to you
But i need someone else, someone new..
You betrayed me like you didnt care
and still promised to be near.
I dont want nor do i need
you to be here,show up and leave.
WE are past
only memories last.
I dont know about love and hate
All i know is there's no reason to wait.
What's past is past
You gave me up too fast.
So suffer and cry
It really is the last goodbye!

* * *

So,that's it. I know i suck at writing..Especially in english. But sometimes i just have writing mood and so i write. It's my blog and i can post here everything..even my awful poems and stuff..haha Feels good though. Well, i have written some more songs and poems actually. Maybe i will post them soon too..when i have mood:P

I'm going to drink a cup of tea & i will read a book.

PS!It's still raining :P