Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh, i havent written anything lately. Not a blog. I mean a song/poem. I guess i have a writers-block or something. But today i decided to read my old scraps and finish something that's JUST a scrap. But when i was reading them i was so unhappy. These weren't good. I can't believe i even wrote such a crap. But i keep everything. Always. Even if it sucks. Maybe i'll get some ideas from these scraps in the future. Well, but then i started writing a new poem..or song..i dont even know. But after 4 lines i was in a block:S Great! Then i was going through my old scraps again and got a new idea. So, i started writing a new poem. But i have 18 lines so far..and i must say it's not good. WHYYYY cant i write anymore?! Will i have ONLY scraps forever. I really wanna complete something. But i guess i need an inspiration & maybe it's God sign. Maybe he's telling me that i need to take some time out. I should concentrate at college work(i was supposed to read a book for college while i was trying to write so hard). Oh, i feel so helpless..

Anywho.Some good news. My sister got the 2nd place in ballroom dancing competition :D It made me sooo happy:) I'm always very proud of her. She's my fav lil dancer!=]
And even though we fight sometimes and argue a lot(its NORMAL coz she uses my clothes without even asking!!), but she's still my little sunshine:) We call her butterfly!=D
I read Miley's blog b4 and her blog abt 9/11 made me think. Sometimes we forgot to show out to the people we love what they mean to us. I want my family always to know that they mean a WORLD to me. And also my best friends.
The msg Elisa sent me today made me almost tear up. I wish i could be there for her whenever she needs me... But the long distance between us doesnt make it possible:(

“I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.”

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