Saturday, September 19, 2009

day of the apple pie =]

I would really like to call Saturday a day of the Apple Pie :) Don't ask why:P Lol. Maybe coz today is Saturday and i made an apple pie. Which, btw, came out sooo delicious. My mom said she loved pies and cakes i make coz she didn't have to make them. LOL She says they taste way better if someone else makes them!
I'm not very good at cooking. But i really like to bake. Cakes and pies are just yummie.And they are so easy to make. You just have to have a recipe :D
I'm always thankful of my family. I like our cosy weekends. Sometimes mom makes bread. I know, its weird. But i like home made bread. It reminds me of veryyy old times. I also like to watch black-and-white photos. My grandpa was a veryyy good photographer(he still is:D )and so we have a LOT of photos of my mom when she was a little girl. She told me that when she went to primary school, every day she came back from school and finished her homework she had to go to pose for her dad(my grandpa) coz he wanted to take photos. haha. And im thankful for that!Mom even had to put her nicest clothes on and sit and sit..sometimes hours.. believe me, grandpa can reallly get into the "taking photos" things and sometime su gotta wait so long till he gets one photo done. I KNOW that!Lol
Anyway,I also like when mom or i or my sis has made a cake or pie and we all watch a tv together. A good movie. Whole family together. Included dad, of course :) He even watches romantic movies with us :D What a sweetheart he is!
Yesterday night was very cool! I was in college pretty late. I caught a train at 9:25pm and my younger sis came from her dancing practice so we both were on the same train. And when we were almost in our town mom called and told that she's gonna pick us up coz there's no electricity on our street..and it was completely DARK! Can you imagine alll the houses near to you and all the street lamps as far as you can see are like dead. No light at all. So, when we came home we put candles and it was so good. I couldnt go to the net. It was so good. I couldnt watch tv. It was so good. Then i was thinking of how it was at that time when there was NO light at all. No electricity. What did people do?! It's so interesting to think about it. Sometimes i wish i could go back in time and see different people life in different times. I would love to see my mom's childhood. She has told me SO MANY stories. I really love just sitting down with her sometimes and hear her stories. I have even read her diary she kept when she was about 16 y.o. Her life was totally different from what one 16 y.o now has. But i cant tell which is better..

Oh, i have no idea where i wanna go with this blog.. im just writing wts on my mind.
It's 11:40pm.I should go to bed. I have got a runny nose. I gotta blame my younger sis. She has had a runny nose for a week and now i got it from her :( I'm not happy at all!

Well, i better go to bed. Tomorrow im going to a funfair and then i need to study for my VERY FIRST test in college :) And i also need to do one other homework. I have to paint a picture of a thing from a nature. I chose an apple. So, every day i gotta paint a picture of this apple.I have to do it for 2 weeks. And in the end of these 2 weeks i'll have 14 pictures of this one apple. But you know day after day this apple changes. Well, i at least hope so. So, later i can see how one thing from nature changes. Btw, if you ask if this a drawing class assignment then i say No:) It's a Children's raising science&philosophy. Our teacher always gives us fun and interesting assignments :) I like it =]

Okay, im going now.I need a long good night sleep :)

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