Thursday, April 29, 2010

To C & R!

You look down to me
because you're an angel I believe
I feel you in my heart and sole
you help to heal the hole
and erase the scar
'cause you're not so far.

All these years
I've shared tears
'cause I'll always remember
no matter what's the date in calendar.
Even though time flies so fast,
You and I will always last.
Memories won't fade away
'cause i look back to yesterday
and i still see your smile
although it's been for a while.

At night in my dream
you appear as a gleam,
a gleam of hope and light
tellin' me it's alright.
I miss you so much
what we shared was nonesuch.

I want you to always know
wherever I'll go
You are part of me
and will forever be...

With Love,


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Im having a really busy weekend. Actually it's not SO busy as i first thought. I have to write two essays and study for two exams. By now(it's Saturday, 4pm) im done with two essays. But i don't have a mood to study for math exam yet. I really don't know how im gonna study for that.I'll probs just revise and look old exercises. It can't be very tough i hope.
It's still spring(surprise-surprise). My sis is back at home. She arrived yersterday! So great!
I've been busy with university and just hunging out with my friends. All days have been a blast!
Im so excited for 7th May coz im gonna see The Last Song then. FINALLLLLY! Im so tired of waiting..and so anxious to see it! I know it's gonna be my very fav movie!
Btw, yesterday i watched ABC Family new movie with Hilary Duff, it's called Beauty and The Briefcase. It was very cute and funny!:) Romantic comedy :D
Yesterday i got to talk to my besty Elisa which made me so happy! I hope i'll see her on msn today too.

I found some really epic pix on the net yesterday. Lets say these are describing my current mood.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Welcome, April!

APRIL! It's weird how every word has like a perfect color for it. When i say "april" i see it painted green. This month has sooo many reasons to be my fav. Firstly, my birthday is on 5th April. I love celebrations. Secondly, i love spring. I love when snow melts and i can see green grass, sun is shining and i can take my converse out and wear them again. I dont need a hat or winter gloves. I just LOVE it! If you ask which month im smiling the most, it's probably April! Although i smile all the time, i think in April it's a record ;)
Well, so much has happened since my first birthday party. Yes, i say first because i had more than one. I had great time cathing up with my high school friends. We had such a nice time! :) Next day, on Saturday, i went to Sweden with my fam. O'boy, it was such a fun trip! We all laughed so much! We are one funny family :D
On 2nd April was my sister's birthday party. (we share our birthdays). But as i said her birthday party with her friends was on 2nd. So, of course i couldnt be at home. I went to sauna house. Yup, you heard correct, i spent 7 hours in sauna hause. Lol. But i didnt mind. I had my laptop with me. What else would i have needed? HAHA!
On 3rd we went to my grandmom's birthday and after that our relatives came to our place to continue the celebration.Lol.
And the BEST day was 4th April. RETRO party! I made preperations whole morning and the i went to say bye to Elise and then my uni friends came to Kohila by train. They looked soo RETRO! We all did! Fun fun fun!=) It was a great party. I L.O.V.E the gift i got from them. I stil lcan't believe them. Their crazy ideas!!! I got a cd which they commanded me to watch right away. So i did. It started with Miley Cyrus's song The Climb, there was a text wishing me happy 20th birthday and so on..and then text said that they have a surprise for me. And there it was: a video they filmed for me. There was on guy in a car.. I watched it but didn't quite understand who he was. Then my friend gave me a birthday card saying this would help me to understand it. But before i had time to take a look of it, i heard the guy's voice. OMG! It was my fav Estonian Idol guy Jaanus! He was writing me a birthday card! And they have it all taped up. Amazing. I couldn't believe it. Comes out that they wrote him and asked if he could write me a bday card. And he was okay with it. So they arranged a meet up and so it all happened. My friend got his number too. So later i sent him a thank you text. He replied. What a sweetheart!
This really was super sweet present. They knew how much i liked him. When everybody else had other favs, i always voted for Jaanus!!! PS! He even scrabbled a lil pic on the card! Okay, even though his handwriting looks like kindergarten boy's (HE said that!) i still love this card! :D

Let's move on. Me and my friends had crazy fun at my birthday party. We made silly videos(Bad Romance and Tõehetk). :D We went to bed 4am and my morning's birthday song woke me up 6:30am. :D Honey cake that mom&dad had bought was yummmiee! :D
But later i kept sleeping. We went back to Tallinn, went to the library, then to Lido. After that uni. We had math class. I gave everybody candies(even to the math teacher.Lol).
The weather was AMAZING on my birthday! Just like specially ordered for me! and for my sis. I walked through city and old town with my friends. I had a great mood. Jaanus was on my mind of course.Lol. We had lots of fun! Im seriosuly so thankful for them. I never imagined finding so awesome friends from uni!:)
In Kohila my granny was in the railway station waiting me. We walked together to my place to celebrate me and my sister's birthday. It was nice.
So, that's all about my birthday celebration.

This whole week has been so much fun. I love going to university coz i have so great friends there. We're never bored, we always have so much fun! We have so many inside jokes and stuff. Fun fun!

Today's Friday. I had only one lecture. First half of it i played number game in the lecure and coz i thought im not listening anyway so i should skip the other half and go home by earlier train. And it's exactly what i did.
At home i finished reading a book. This week i have read two books. Such a great ones!

I think im going to watch a tv or read a book. I'm actually quite tired. Tomorrow i wanna make a "big spring cleaning" in my room ;) Mostly in my closet! I dont wear half of the clothes i have there. In the beginning of May there will be a student fair where we are gonna sell clothes and all the money goes for the dogs and cats shelterhome!!!

Ok, im off now. I hope it's gonna be a very beautiful weather this weekend! :)

PS! My sis is coming home from Ireland in a week :D