Saturday, September 26, 2009


First of all, DO NOT laugh if i say today was my first time to make brownies..and it was my second time to eat these. No laughing, please! lol
BUT this veryy amazing girl Haley gave me sooo many great brownie recipes so today i got a chance and made brownies. and OH MY GOSH! I was in heaven. Haley is my angel:) haha. i'll never forget that. hahahahaha:D You would understand me if u havent made brownies b4 and now u got this chance. LOL. Well, i kinda screwed them up..ALMOST! Thank god i looked to the oven and noticed sth is wrong... it was too ready already..but it hadnt been there 30 min yet. Came out i turned oven to be 250C(475F) although it had to be 175C(350F). Haha. Im so bad :S haha. But hey, it came out so delicious. It's all that matters, right?
And i promised Haley i took a pic of the brownies!So, hope you didnt have to wait too long(i know u did. sryy. im slow.hahahaha. i was doing hundred other things at the same time. haha). But here are the pics ;)

Maybe they are not perfect or they dont look like they have to, but they are PERFECT for me! i love them <333 And my mom&dad liked them very much too(which is a BIG thing coz my mom usually doesnt like chocolate cakes or stuff..). But she really liked these brownies :D

Again, special thanks to Haley :):)
love u, chick<3

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Goodbye, summer, Hello, fall =]

Yup. It's really fall now, although i have smelled fall for about last two weeks. And some days the air smells just like it's winter(but no snow of course).
I'm not waiting winter SO bad, but i LOVE christmas :) So, why not to wait winter. and SNOWWWWW!!!Not that i wanna go shopping(boots, coats ect.), but i like how everything is so white and seems that everybody has sooo much time. No rush anywhere. Everybody's happy! I want that <3

But, hey, today started fall, not winter. ha!ha! Lets enjoy fall as long as we can. I dont know how's there(wherever you live), but here in North Europe, in Estonia, they told it's gonna be a warm winter. We call it "fall of vestals"(dont ask why)..haha:D

I have always told that spring is my fav season. And it's so true. But, there's something magical in fall.& in winter. I like the darkness in fall. I like how its so dark outside( like right now) and im home just one light on& im eating a apple pie. Sooo good! Fall is a best season to be at home. I love my cozy place =]

Okay, too much seasonal talk in this blog. haha!

Tomorrow i have a day off. Yay. I honestly dont have ANY plans for tomorrow..All i know is that i wanna relax and stay in. I probs will watch new episodes of GG&one tree hill=D

But now im going to eat cookies!!!!Want one??

Saturday, September 19, 2009

day of the apple pie =]

I would really like to call Saturday a day of the Apple Pie :) Don't ask why:P Lol. Maybe coz today is Saturday and i made an apple pie. Which, btw, came out sooo delicious. My mom said she loved pies and cakes i make coz she didn't have to make them. LOL She says they taste way better if someone else makes them!
I'm not very good at cooking. But i really like to bake. Cakes and pies are just yummie.And they are so easy to make. You just have to have a recipe :D
I'm always thankful of my family. I like our cosy weekends. Sometimes mom makes bread. I know, its weird. But i like home made bread. It reminds me of veryyy old times. I also like to watch black-and-white photos. My grandpa was a veryyy good photographer(he still is:D )and so we have a LOT of photos of my mom when she was a little girl. She told me that when she went to primary school, every day she came back from school and finished her homework she had to go to pose for her dad(my grandpa) coz he wanted to take photos. haha. And im thankful for that!Mom even had to put her nicest clothes on and sit and sit..sometimes hours.. believe me, grandpa can reallly get into the "taking photos" things and sometime su gotta wait so long till he gets one photo done. I KNOW that!Lol
Anyway,I also like when mom or i or my sis has made a cake or pie and we all watch a tv together. A good movie. Whole family together. Included dad, of course :) He even watches romantic movies with us :D What a sweetheart he is!
Yesterday night was very cool! I was in college pretty late. I caught a train at 9:25pm and my younger sis came from her dancing practice so we both were on the same train. And when we were almost in our town mom called and told that she's gonna pick us up coz there's no electricity on our street..and it was completely DARK! Can you imagine alll the houses near to you and all the street lamps as far as you can see are like dead. No light at all. So, when we came home we put candles and it was so good. I couldnt go to the net. It was so good. I couldnt watch tv. It was so good. Then i was thinking of how it was at that time when there was NO light at all. No electricity. What did people do?! It's so interesting to think about it. Sometimes i wish i could go back in time and see different people life in different times. I would love to see my mom's childhood. She has told me SO MANY stories. I really love just sitting down with her sometimes and hear her stories. I have even read her diary she kept when she was about 16 y.o. Her life was totally different from what one 16 y.o now has. But i cant tell which is better..

Oh, i have no idea where i wanna go with this blog.. im just writing wts on my mind.
It's 11:40pm.I should go to bed. I have got a runny nose. I gotta blame my younger sis. She has had a runny nose for a week and now i got it from her :( I'm not happy at all!

Well, i better go to bed. Tomorrow im going to a funfair and then i need to study for my VERY FIRST test in college :) And i also need to do one other homework. I have to paint a picture of a thing from a nature. I chose an apple. So, every day i gotta paint a picture of this apple.I have to do it for 2 weeks. And in the end of these 2 weeks i'll have 14 pictures of this one apple. But you know day after day this apple changes. Well, i at least hope so. So, later i can see how one thing from nature changes. Btw, if you ask if this a drawing class assignment then i say No:) It's a Children's raising science&philosophy. Our teacher always gives us fun and interesting assignments :) I like it =]

Okay, im going now.I need a long good night sleep :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

list of things that needs to get done..

Okay. Today's a major Sunday. haha. In the morning i made a list of what i need to get done today!
So, here it is:

1.Finish reading the book for college
2.Clean my room
3.Make an apple pie
4.Put a pic from my cell to my laptop
5.Check out when's Katie's bday(i've forgotten)
6.Write to my journal
7.Read once again the text for English class
8.Read my friends' blogs
9.Write my blog(which im doing right NOW!)
10.Will check out some notes i wrote in sociology lecture
11.Have to write a summary of a group work of friday's class
12.Take a shower
13.Get my nails done
14.Start reading a new book for college(at least 10 pages..its a boring book!!)

That's it. From 1 to 9 are done ;) 5 more to go. lol

Anyway, i read Cory's blog. It was so inspiring. I'm thinking how LUCKY i am to have all my friends.
Elisa- she's my everything!Seriously, i dont imagine my life without my besty anymore!It feels like i have had her in my life FOREVER. But it's abt 2 years.

Sharon- girl who has given me soooo many beautiful memories.She's always been here for me. We dont have to talk or see each other so often, but i know she's always here!

Clara- my angel.She was the FIRST one to show me what a true friendship looks like. I'm proud to say she was my VERY 1st BEST friend.

"Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart."

Elise- a girl who has been my friend only a year, but it feels wayy longer. She made my last high school year so much fun:D When she's around im neverr bored!:D love that, chick!

Ruby- i can always talk to her. always!& im always here for her too. We seem to understand each other.and help! she's sooo kind&caring!!its just amazing coz sweet she is!!!:)

Amber- my lil myspace buddy who i have a chat almost everyday:D her life's so colorful and it fills mine. :)

Demm- girl who ALWAYS makes me laugh!don't ask how..if i only knew:D she's soo special&soo caring.always knows the right words to say. love her<33

Miles- my fav girl with the bigggest heart! everything she does gives me an inspiration. i think she's not even aware how much she means to me. i love her exactly as she is!

Oh boy. I would keep writing&writing&writing.. it was just a short example of HOW much my friends mean to me.They complete my life <333

Omg. did i hear the dinner is ready???:D:D im so hungry.You have NO idea.
I gotta put the apple pie to the oven now. I couldnt do that b4, coz the dinner was's making chicken:D yummmii!!

Okay, peace! <3

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Oh, i havent written anything lately. Not a blog. I mean a song/poem. I guess i have a writers-block or something. But today i decided to read my old scraps and finish something that's JUST a scrap. But when i was reading them i was so unhappy. These weren't good. I can't believe i even wrote such a crap. But i keep everything. Always. Even if it sucks. Maybe i'll get some ideas from these scraps in the future. Well, but then i started writing a new poem..or song..i dont even know. But after 4 lines i was in a block:S Great! Then i was going through my old scraps again and got a new idea. So, i started writing a new poem. But i have 18 lines so far..and i must say it's not good. WHYYYY cant i write anymore?! Will i have ONLY scraps forever. I really wanna complete something. But i guess i need an inspiration & maybe it's God sign. Maybe he's telling me that i need to take some time out. I should concentrate at college work(i was supposed to read a book for college while i was trying to write so hard). Oh, i feel so helpless..

Anywho.Some good news. My sister got the 2nd place in ballroom dancing competition :D It made me sooo happy:) I'm always very proud of her. She's my fav lil dancer!=]
And even though we fight sometimes and argue a lot(its NORMAL coz she uses my clothes without even asking!!), but she's still my little sunshine:) We call her butterfly!=D
I read Miley's blog b4 and her blog abt 9/11 made me think. Sometimes we forgot to show out to the people we love what they mean to us. I want my family always to know that they mean a WORLD to me. And also my best friends.
The msg Elisa sent me today made me almost tear up. I wish i could be there for her whenever she needs me... But the long distance between us doesnt make it possible:(

“I've learned that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance.”

saturday tired-ayyy

It's Saturday and wt time did i have to wake up? 7:30am. CRAZY!!!!
I needed to go to Tallinn to get a new English workbook from a shop. And mom was supposed to go there anyway so i thought i'll go with her. But who goes to a hairdresser at 9am on Saturday morning. Couldnt's she get any better time??!!
So, i had to wake up THAT early as 7:30am. I bought the wb and new jeans and some other stuff. Our way back i was sleeping in the car. Yeah, i was THATTT tired. But now im on the net. I have to read a book for college. But im still too tired&hungry. But i know if i'll eat i deffo wanna sleep.
My sis is going to ballroom dancing competition soon..with my mom, so i will be home alone. Goody! But i sill gotta read. Boring.

Anyway, yesterday was a great day. I had so much fun in college:) I rly wanna see how long it's gonna last..
And wt totalllly made my day was Miley's new music vid. When i look at you! I'm so obsessed with that song!It plays non-stop on my ipod.& the vid is sooo beautiful<333
And yesterday abt 1 am my sis decided to go to bed.Then i asked her if she saw Miles new vid. And she was like NOOO!! And she went to the net again and she watched the vid abt 10 times. By the time she went to bed i was sleeping already :P:P

Well, well, well. Im gonna risk and have a lunch. Lets hope i wont fall asleep ;)

PS! Elisa i miss ya, girl! Wish i was there for u yesterday. Wanna talk to u. love<3

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

free relaxing day!

How good is to have a day off:D i LOVE it <333
I havent done anything..anything special at least.
Well, i woke up watched En Nombre Del Amor. Then i went to my mom's kindergarten coz she had there two books i need to read for my college. Then i went to the library to get more 4 books. I came home and started reading one of the books i got. It's rly interesting. Thank god :)

OKAY! Seriously, enough of college. I must have ANYTHING to talk besides college life. haha

I'm watching one estonian tv show called Kodu Keset Linna(Home in the city). About 5 years ago it was my totallly FAV tv show. I couldnt live without it. I stopped watching it coz my fav actress left the show. And guess wt? SHE's back now :D
But i doubt im gonna be that obsessed with this show anymore.
Actually, Wives Swap will start soon. It's estonian version. Very interesting, but not as crazy as american version.

PS!Did you know my mom makes the BEST pizza ever!!!Honestly!=]

Okiedokie. Wives Swap starts now:P

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

internet slang?!

Okay. Here's a quick&short blog.
In the net i have recently noticed a lot such words as:
First i thought that rant is a slang-shorten of random. But now im not so sure..
And vent. Hm. I understand the meaning of if,but i still can't find the real MEANING for it.. WHOAA! I just googled and what i found. Well, i got the explanation for the urban slang word "vent":

Term meaning to let of steam. Have shout, complain or whatever.

That's nice. BUT check this site out and u'll see what other meanings "vent" has.

I searched on the same site and tired to find the meaning of rant too. There are lots of different meanings.. but how do i know which one of them is the one ppl(mostly americans) use on the net?.

One's pretty sure, it doesnt mean "random".It proves im wrong again. Lol.

whoopsie daisy :)

Finally it's Tuesday evening! It means that i have two up coming days off from college:) yay!
I have quite getting used to the idea that i really GO to college. I'm a college student. haha.
Today we had a 3 hours long lecture about sociology. It was painful. Literally. My right shoulder needs a massage. Anyone?? Lol.

Well, today morning i almost missed the train coz i was reading Miley's blog. Gosh!Her blogs blow me away. Maybe it's her life that blows me away. SO much happens. Not always good, though. It's understandable. She's what, a 16(almost 17) year old super busy girl, without privacy everybody needs?! But she's still a strong girl who climbs and gets done the things most of us ONLY dream.
But more than anything, she's a veryy sweet girl with a big heart!

To be honest, im extremely tired. Although yesterday my day was wayyy longer. I basically woke up 7 am, went to college, arrived back home 8:30 pm, ate and went to bed. That was my yesterday. Today was a bit better. It gave me a hope that some days can be more shiny too.. I woke up 7:30 am(yay i got to sleep 30 min longer that yesterday), went to college(i was late in English. damn. LONGGG story.), arrived home 5:30 pm(3 hrs earlier than yesterday). AND thankfully i got to watch Home&Away!!i love that Aussie show :D
And i i wrote a megaa longg msg to my besty Elisa. I miss that girl. Why is the distance between Estonia and Mexico so big, huh?! It's so unfair. But we gotta make best of it.. we have Internet.Oh, how lucky we are. hahaha:D

Well, this blog is AGAIN totally random.But i can't help it. These are the thoughts that want to come fingers type without my permission, seriously!!=D
Ok, this cheap talk gotta stop.
PS!That reminds me that i need to listen to MC's new EP coz i havent had time to do that today yet.And gosh i need to listen to it everyy day!!!:D

Good night =]

Friday, September 4, 2009

College life!

I'm a real college student now!
So much has happened in last three days. University is so much fun. Well, i havent had any classes yet though. So, i guess soon i will write here that university is so boring or something like that. But who knows..
Anyway, these three days we have had just information lessons and fun stuff, like boardgames evening and PARTY :) I met very many cool ppl! New friends :)
On monday will be the first day when i actually have real classes. So, wish me luck!It's gonna be quite long day :P

Changing the subject, there's one rly cool new spanish soap opera called "En Nombre del Amor". I so like it! And the theme song is just amazingly beautiful. It's called "En Cambio No" by Laura Pausini. I must add that Laura Pausini's songs are quite often theme songs for spanish soap operas. It's rly cool!
I'm gonna put this video here.. "En Cambio No" :) Beautiful&sad song!!

Well, i dont know what else. University is quite confusing. I have to register my classes and this whole system is so confusing. But i'm sure sooner or later i'll get use to it, so it's alright :)

These last couple of days i have been so tired. 9:30 pm i feel sooo tired that i just wanna jump to the bed and fall asleep. It's so weird. I'm not used to that. Usually im tired when its 1 or 2 am. Not half ten. It shows that college life makes me more tired. But its understandable because i have waken up quite early too..8:30 am or 9 am. Usually i slept till 9:30 or 10 am. Sometimes longer, though i didnt like to sleep too long. Umm, it's weird that i'm talking what i used to to and all the time in past like it's never gonna happen again. Sure, i now have a big changes in my life and lots of things are different. But some things never change. I never change :)

I'm tired. I'm going to bed now. It's OK! It's 11:42 pm!!!! :D:D