Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tv shows that make me laugh :D

I thought I might share two shows with you!
Recently I have been watching every day this tv show called New Girl. It has 3 seasons and right now I am in the middle of 2nd season. Oh how I love this show. It is just sooo funny and easy to watch. When I come home from work and have had dinner I like to have some sweet snack and watch few episodes of New Girl. It's so funny and makes me happy :) I feel like nothing could make me sad or mad while I watch that show! It's like a therapy!!! :D You must watch it to understand what I mean!
Second show that have made ma laugh a lot is called Young and Hungry. It is actually more for younger audience I think.. late teens maybe?! I don't know, but I definitely enjoy it and it is definitely a very easy watch. It has the first season right now, so it's quite new show. 

Petit vour box

I had been wanting to subscribe a beauty box for a while but hadn't found the right one. Until recently. I found out that this company Petit Vour sends every month out boxes that include 4-5 beauty products that are all vegan and cruelty free. That sounded interesting. What I loved about this box was that it wasn't that expensive to order it to Finland (around 23 euros). So, I made my first subscription and my box arrived here few days ago. I was so excited to open it!
Before I talk about the product that I received I want to say that I probably will cancel my subscription because I feel that the products I could get might be something that I actually don't like at all. And then I must throw them away or find somebody to give these to.. And either way that would be a waste of money. With the same money I could actually buy a product or two that I know I love! But this Petit Vour box is definitely perfect for those who would like to know more about new and small business beauty products, plus all the products are natural, vegan, and overall very good for you! 
In august Petit Vour box were:
  • Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Eyeliner - I was pretty excited about that because I didn't have any eyeliner. I got a brown one and will definitely use it!
  • Earth Body Beauty Mask (and cleanser) - I have been using it ever since I got it every night before bed and I like it!It's powder that you have to mix with water and then you use that mixture to wash your face. But for the mask you need some other ingredients and that I haven't had chance to make yet. 
  • Harvey Prince Journey - perfume that first smelled really good from the bottle, but for some reason on my skin it doesn't smell so good..
  • Mi-Me Tangerine Lip Butter - I use that every night to moisturize my lips and I really love it!!!
  • Rosemira Organics Sweet Coconut Body Butter - I don't like coconut flavored things (or coconut in general) so I was quite disappointed receiving that. Since it is a very small jar of butter I will probably still use it (it will take probs 2-3 times to run out of it..).
These were the products that I received with August Petit Vour box. I was happy to open the box and see all these products and use them, but this "get random products" isn't for me. My skin is so sensitive and I have quite many products that I love and are rather expensive I better spend my money on these ones. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wishing for home..

Wishing for home..
1. UrbanOutfitters Plum Bow ruffle duvet (grey) -
We currently have dark pink duvet and I really want a new one..something neutral. I know ruffles are a bit too girly too, but at the same time color gray is manly too, so it would fit perfectly to our bedroom.

2. Bed, Bath and Beyond bathroom rug - 
our old one is just so old and worn and it'sreally hard to clean it. I'd like something neutral, with a little bit of color..

3. J-crew hand soap that is natural honey lemon soap - 
we keep buying these cheap soaps that are probably full of weird ingredients. 

4. Pasta plates - 
I recently bought new dinner and dessert plates, but I am still looking for good pasta plates. I like Danish design, something simple! These should be either white or gray.

5. H&M Home round glass vase - 
I love glass vases! I'd love to put there one of my fav flowers - peonies. 

6. Magnet board - 
sometimes I wish I had a board where I could put little notes, reminders, inspirations and motivations, cut outs from magazines ect. Magnet board would be perfect :)

7. Bath and Body Works 3-wick candle
I love B&B Works candles, especially 3-wick ones. I'd like to have a candle named "Leaves". These candles can really make your whole apartment smell so good :) I like candles especially in autumn (feels like autumn is here already!) and in winter!

1st wedding anniversary

On Thursday was our 1st wedding anniversary. I was so excited! I can't believe how fast time flies. I remember our wedding day like it happened yesterday. It was the best day of my life. And now we have been married for one year already :) I am so very happy with my lovely husband!!!
Actually on Thursday we couldn't do anything special. But yesterday after work I had a surprise waiting for me at home. I honestly thought we're not going to celebrate since Jay acted like it was no big deal. But when I arrived home after work yesterday he was waiting for me with 40 roses and romantic dinner that he had ordered from my favorite restaurant MedicinMan. He had also bought me a yellow orchid! I love flowers :D But most of all I love that my husband surprised and we got to celebrate our special day! I love him so much!!!
I made him a little album with photos of our first wedding year (I used only these photos where we both were on). Next to each photo I wrote quotes, memories ect. It's not full yet, so I can continue adding photos throughout our second year :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

My current wishlist!

Every so often I have a small (or big) wishlist. This time my wishlist contains pretty much all the things I actually need..therefor they are also quite pricey. But let me show you what I am dreaming of right now:
My current wishlist!

1. Rebecca Minkoff bag - practical, good quality and perfect for all seasons!

2. Rainboots - I would like yellow ones. The brand doesn't matter. I'd probably buy really random ones :P

3. Michael Kors watch - I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE his new rosegold small watch with blue tough! 

4. Magnitone Lucid Facial Brush - I have been wanting this deep cleaning brush for so long!

5. Michael Kors wallet - I need a small wallet with good quality that lasts for years to come! I have never had a good wallet and so for I have had to change wallets every year. Now I need one that is more practical, simple and lasts long!

feels like fall

First of all, I am sick! I have awful stomach hurts and I can't stand it. I had to stay home from work today. I hope I get better by tomorrow. 
Secondly, look at that weather! So rainy, cloudy and windy. It really feels like autumn. I have been noticing little signs of fall recently. For example, when I ride my bicycle to the railway station I pass by an apple tree..and ripe apples have fallen down and it really smells like the end of summer! I like the smell though :) 
I have also noticed how early it gets dark again. I need to turn lights on much earlier..and in the mornings when I wake up to go to work it's still so dark and I need to turn lights on in the kitchen while I'm having my breakfast. 
When I go to the railway station I also pass by local primary school. Kids went back to school last week and I have been smelling school food ever since every morning I go to work.. I like the smell..and it reminds me that summer is ending and school (and autumn) is here!
The weather itself has also been much colder. Even if sun comes out throughout the day the breeze is still cold. And in the mornings I can just smell fall/autumn. 
If you ask me, I kind of enjoy it. I don't like getting soaking wet when I go to work in the mornings or when I come back, but overall it's nice to see some changes. I love having 4 seasons :) Pluss it's always nice getting home, putting fuzzy socks and cozy slippers on, drinking tea while sitting in a sofa under a blanket and watching your favorite tv show or reading a book :)
To be honest I am exciting of having more warm meals (fresh salads bye, soups and casseroles hi!), burning candles and collecting colorful tree leaves! I know I am too early with all of this (it's still the middle of August), but I can't help it if the weather is so autumn-ish! :P
Let's enjoy what we have got and take the best of it :):)

lamb stew

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weekend in Estonia

I ran to a harbor straight after work on Friday to go to Estonia. Jay went there the same morning already because it was his granny's birthday and he went to visit her at countryside. By the time I arrived to Tallinn Jay was back and picked my up from the harbor. We went to the mall to buy some things, but that's where our plans got changed... Jay saw his old friend and he was going to celebrate his brother's birthday and asked Jay to join them. So, Jay went out with his friends and I drove to my sister's place alone. It was so nice to see my sister and my little nephew :) Next morning Jay came there as well. We were supposed to go to Tallinn for few hours on Saturday, but since Jay hadn't slept all night I let him sleep. 
My sister's birthday party was very nice. She had some relatives and friends over. We ate, chatted, grilled, did sauna, had waterfight ect. It was a nice day! I really enjoyed being there because I always love summertime in graden! It's so green and all the berries and apples are ripe! :) 
My sister and her son Jonathan :)
Unfortunately, I got a bit sick last night..and today I was feeling even worse. But I wasn't the only one. Came out all the guests got sick :S There must have been some sort of virus (my sister's stepdaughter was sick while we all were there). So we all caught her virus :S As I heard most of the guests have been vomiting today, but luckily Jay and I haven't. I just have nausea and headache, stomach hurts. Because of that we also came back to Finland quite early today.. we both were just feeling so bad. In the boat we took a cabin and slept the whole way..
It's nice to be back at home :) I made myself oatmeal and then had peppermint tea with lemon slice. I am still feeling weird, but I hope my stomach gets better. I have to go to work tomorrow!!! 
Three sisters :)
 Birthday girl :)
 Back at home.. drinking tea to fight my illness :P And watching New Girl :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

What's in my snack pantry??

I love snacks. Usually after dinner I feel like I need something to snack while I watch tv or surf on the Internet. I thought it would fun to share what's in my snack pantry.
Sneak peak!

Alesto roasted and salted pistachios
I love snacking them whenever I want something salty! :) I can get through one bag so quickly :/
 Pretzels -
another salty snack I love. I try not to eat them too much since they are made of flour. One pack usually lasts pretty long for me. I don't eat them every day. Just whenever I want them :)
Organic strawberry flavored corn puffs -
(usually I have unflavored that are my fav!) these are good alternitive for chips and popcorn when you watch a movie ;) 
 Organic muesli -
I eat muesli almost every day for breakfast. I like this organic one because it has only good ingerdients and no sugar (only organic huney and vanilla). 
 Elovena cookie snacks -
these are oatmeal cookies that are perfect for sweet snacking. I like to keep one cookie in my hangbag and whenever I feel hungry when I am outside (usually when I come from work) I can have one :) Each package has 10 cookies inside that are all wrapped in a paper. They have different flavors, but my favorite so far is with dark chocolate pieces!
 Alesto Mixed Nuts - 
I love different nuts. So, whenever I am craving for them I reach for this bag! I use these nuts and raisins also when I make homemade granola.
 Chia seeds -
I use chia seeds in my smoothie or when I have muesli and greek yogurt for breakfast I sometimes add chia seeds as well. Chia seeds are so good for your digestion and they have so good nutrient values!!!
 Crownfield Muesli bars - 
I love these muesli bars because they don't contain any added sugars. My favorite flavore is cranberry-cherry one. It's not too sweet and I love cherry flavor in anything :D
 Alpen muesli bars - 
I bought these yesterday and so far I have had only one. I found it a bit too sweet, but I guess it's good for these times when I actually want something very sweet :) I like to take muesli bars to the work with me, so I can have one bar when kids are having their snack (I work in kindergarten:P).
 Super Nuts Banana chips -
One of my favorite alternitives for sweets (candies, chocolate ect). I love this brand because they don't add any sugar or other sweetening flavor to their banana chips. The only ingredients are bananas and oil. Most of others brands add sugar, honey, coconut flavor ect.. Why?! Bananas are sweet enough themselves!!! 
One package is pretty big and it lasts for quite a long time (as you can see I have only few pieces left..) But I must warn: it's easy to get addicted to these and not notice how much you eat them. They do have quite a lot of oil in them, so you shouldn't eat them too much in one sitting. 
 Crispbread - 
this is something that I like to have sometimes when I get home from work and before I start making dinner. I am so hungry and need something that keeps me going till dinner is ready. I love to but a bit of good butter on top of it. Sometimes I have crispbread for latenight snack as well :P
 Panealba croutons - 
I like to add croutons to my salad. This brand makes croutons in many flavor, but my favorite is just regular oliveoil and salt one. 
 Wellaby's Lentil Chips with sea salt - 
I bought these from Estonia about 3 weeks ago. I had never had those and they seemed interesting. I have been eating these with homemade quacamole. I have still half a package left. I might make some quacamole soon again and finish this package :D I like that these are gluten free!
 Peanut butter -
I have a really random peanut butter right now. I like to put it on my bread with some banana slices. I also like to use that when I make homemade granola. Sometimes I add it to my smoothies or porridges as well!
 McVitie's Digestive cookies-
To be honest this is not my favorite brand for digestive cookies. But I bought 3 packages of these to get that cookie jar for free. So, of course I am eating the cookies. Altough mostly I like to use these cookies for cooking.
 Granola -
I like to have different mueslis (granolas) at home. I like the very regular one that has nuts and raisins and oats and NO sugar. I always have a granola that is sweet as well. That one I usually make myself so I know that it has only healthy sweets (raw honey, maple syrup ect) in it. I am weird and keep them in plastic bags because I usually have them so much and I can't fit them anywhever else. But as you can see I am running low on these..

That's all I have in my snack pantry. It's not that I eat all these snacks every day. Trust me, these could be a week when I don't eat any of these. I just like to have some snacks at home so whenever I need to snack I have some option. These are definitely not the most healthiest snacks, but also not so bad either. Some of these "snacks" I use in my smoothies, or in my breakfast, or for cooking. Surely I have another pantry when I keep all the dry ingredients for cooking, such as flour, sugar, oats ect. But that's quite boring I think.
I hope my snacks gave you some ideas of what you might snack on next time :D

Friday, August 8, 2014

Back at work!

Last Wednesday was my first day back at work after summer holiday. I feel privileged to be a teacher and to have such a long summer holiday. I truly enjoyed it! But now it's time to work again!
Our kindergarten has 3 buildings. Last year I worked in Kamppi, this year I am working in Ruoholahti. It's a big change for me because I have new workmates and all new kids. 
First two days back we didn't have any kids, so we had chance to plan things, decorate ect. Like last year, this year my group has also 4 year olds - sunshines :) I am working with another teacher who is also new in Ruoholahti (she came from Töölö building). So, it's nice that this new environment is new for us both. We seem to click very well and on first day we already decided all the themes for all the weeks of the year and we also made the first 4 weeks more in-depth plan (activities, crafts ect). First two weeks are orientation and introduction because we don't know the kids and they don't know us. On third week we start the full programme (language, math ect.). 
On Friday me and all our kindergarten family went to a trip to Tallinn. It was so lovely gift from our boss. We had super fun time! First we had two ours tour with guide, then we had a lovely lunch at Cafe Komeet and after that we all had beauty treatments at Sinine Spa. At the end of the day I felt so pampered and relaxed! It was also soooo great to see my Kamppi workmates! I missed them all!!!

On our way to Tallinn. With my Kamppi friends :)

 I love little cafes in Tallinn Old Town!

 On Monday the real work started - kids came! For me it was so new to get into the new rutine at work, schedule there is a bit different. But it think by now I have gotten pretty used to it!
I don't know if I mentioned but I am working now full-time. We have 5 different shifts..but mostly I work either from 8am to 4pm or from 9am to 5pm. So far I have enjoyed it and I am sure I will countine enjoying it!!!
I had to take a day off from work today though because I needed to go to the Police Station to renew my driving license and also apply for my social security card in Finland. I got them both nicely done and now I just have to wait till these arrive :)