Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tv shows that make me laugh :D

I thought I might share two shows with you!
Recently I have been watching every day this tv show called New Girl. It has 3 seasons and right now I am in the middle of 2nd season. Oh how I love this show. It is just sooo funny and easy to watch. When I come home from work and have had dinner I like to have some sweet snack and watch few episodes of New Girl. It's so funny and makes me happy :) I feel like nothing could make me sad or mad while I watch that show! It's like a therapy!!! :D You must watch it to understand what I mean!
Second show that have made ma laugh a lot is called Young and Hungry. It is actually more for younger audience I think.. late teens maybe?! I don't know, but I definitely enjoy it and it is definitely a very easy watch. It has the first season right now, so it's quite new show. 

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