Monday, August 18, 2014

feels like fall

First of all, I am sick! I have awful stomach hurts and I can't stand it. I had to stay home from work today. I hope I get better by tomorrow. 
Secondly, look at that weather! So rainy, cloudy and windy. It really feels like autumn. I have been noticing little signs of fall recently. For example, when I ride my bicycle to the railway station I pass by an apple tree..and ripe apples have fallen down and it really smells like the end of summer! I like the smell though :) 
I have also noticed how early it gets dark again. I need to turn lights on much earlier..and in the mornings when I wake up to go to work it's still so dark and I need to turn lights on in the kitchen while I'm having my breakfast. 
When I go to the railway station I also pass by local primary school. Kids went back to school last week and I have been smelling school food ever since every morning I go to work.. I like the smell..and it reminds me that summer is ending and school (and autumn) is here!
The weather itself has also been much colder. Even if sun comes out throughout the day the breeze is still cold. And in the mornings I can just smell fall/autumn. 
If you ask me, I kind of enjoy it. I don't like getting soaking wet when I go to work in the mornings or when I come back, but overall it's nice to see some changes. I love having 4 seasons :) Pluss it's always nice getting home, putting fuzzy socks and cozy slippers on, drinking tea while sitting in a sofa under a blanket and watching your favorite tv show or reading a book :)
To be honest I am exciting of having more warm meals (fresh salads bye, soups and casseroles hi!), burning candles and collecting colorful tree leaves! I know I am too early with all of this (it's still the middle of August), but I can't help it if the weather is so autumn-ish! :P
Let's enjoy what we have got and take the best of it :):)

lamb stew

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