Friday, August 8, 2014

Back at work!

Last Wednesday was my first day back at work after summer holiday. I feel privileged to be a teacher and to have such a long summer holiday. I truly enjoyed it! But now it's time to work again!
Our kindergarten has 3 buildings. Last year I worked in Kamppi, this year I am working in Ruoholahti. It's a big change for me because I have new workmates and all new kids. 
First two days back we didn't have any kids, so we had chance to plan things, decorate ect. Like last year, this year my group has also 4 year olds - sunshines :) I am working with another teacher who is also new in Ruoholahti (she came from Töölö building). So, it's nice that this new environment is new for us both. We seem to click very well and on first day we already decided all the themes for all the weeks of the year and we also made the first 4 weeks more in-depth plan (activities, crafts ect). First two weeks are orientation and introduction because we don't know the kids and they don't know us. On third week we start the full programme (language, math ect.). 
On Friday me and all our kindergarten family went to a trip to Tallinn. It was so lovely gift from our boss. We had super fun time! First we had two ours tour with guide, then we had a lovely lunch at Cafe Komeet and after that we all had beauty treatments at Sinine Spa. At the end of the day I felt so pampered and relaxed! It was also soooo great to see my Kamppi workmates! I missed them all!!!

On our way to Tallinn. With my Kamppi friends :)

 I love little cafes in Tallinn Old Town!

 On Monday the real work started - kids came! For me it was so new to get into the new rutine at work, schedule there is a bit different. But it think by now I have gotten pretty used to it!
I don't know if I mentioned but I am working now full-time. We have 5 different shifts..but mostly I work either from 8am to 4pm or from 9am to 5pm. So far I have enjoyed it and I am sure I will countine enjoying it!!!
I had to take a day off from work today though because I needed to go to the Police Station to renew my driving license and also apply for my social security card in Finland. I got them both nicely done and now I just have to wait till these arrive :)

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