Saturday, August 30, 2014

Petit vour box

I had been wanting to subscribe a beauty box for a while but hadn't found the right one. Until recently. I found out that this company Petit Vour sends every month out boxes that include 4-5 beauty products that are all vegan and cruelty free. That sounded interesting. What I loved about this box was that it wasn't that expensive to order it to Finland (around 23 euros). So, I made my first subscription and my box arrived here few days ago. I was so excited to open it!
Before I talk about the product that I received I want to say that I probably will cancel my subscription because I feel that the products I could get might be something that I actually don't like at all. And then I must throw them away or find somebody to give these to.. And either way that would be a waste of money. With the same money I could actually buy a product or two that I know I love! But this Petit Vour box is definitely perfect for those who would like to know more about new and small business beauty products, plus all the products are natural, vegan, and overall very good for you! 
In august Petit Vour box were:
  • Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Eyeliner - I was pretty excited about that because I didn't have any eyeliner. I got a brown one and will definitely use it!
  • Earth Body Beauty Mask (and cleanser) - I have been using it ever since I got it every night before bed and I like it!It's powder that you have to mix with water and then you use that mixture to wash your face. But for the mask you need some other ingredients and that I haven't had chance to make yet. 
  • Harvey Prince Journey - perfume that first smelled really good from the bottle, but for some reason on my skin it doesn't smell so good..
  • Mi-Me Tangerine Lip Butter - I use that every night to moisturize my lips and I really love it!!!
  • Rosemira Organics Sweet Coconut Body Butter - I don't like coconut flavored things (or coconut in general) so I was quite disappointed receiving that. Since it is a very small jar of butter I will probably still use it (it will take probs 2-3 times to run out of it..).
These were the products that I received with August Petit Vour box. I was happy to open the box and see all these products and use them, but this "get random products" isn't for me. My skin is so sensitive and I have quite many products that I love and are rather expensive I better spend my money on these ones. 

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