Saturday, July 26, 2014

what you can find from youtube!

Okay, youtube is my favorite place to be on the Internet. I love watching "beauty" videos, vlogs, trailers and sure music videos ( still first two are my favs!). So, I decided to share some things that make me either happy or excited right now...

First of all, trailer of Fifth Shades of Grey. I read the trilogy and I am so excited to see the movie. I know people who haven't read the books won't truely understand it's fenomen, but all I can say is that the story is much bigger than all the sex parts that the books contains. I don't know yet what to think of the movie (since I haven't seen it, it comes out on 15th Feb 2015), but the trailer seems to me quite plain for some reason. I wouldn't have picked those actors for the main roles. But maybe I will change my mind once I have seen the movie. 

Like I said I love youtube beauty vidoes that are actually much more than beauty videos. They are lifestyle videos. I have quite many favorites that I watch daily. Some of them make vlogs too (videos where you can see their everyday life). My fav vlogger is definitely Essiebotton. I decided to share her latest vlog :)

And last but not least a good song from a good band :)

These happy summer days..

I cannot believe that my summer holiday is slowly but surely going to end... I'll go back to work on 30th July. But I know that summer and hopefully good weather are going to continue! :)
When we came back from our 4-days trip in Estonia my sister came to my place and so we enjoyed few days together. We went to zumba together and she loved it as much as I did :) We also had long walks, went to pick blueberries (it was my second time this summer) and we cooked good food! She went back to Estonia on Wednesday. I went to Estonia the next day. I had doctor's appointment in Tallinn. I was really sure whether to go or not, but I decided to go because health is so important. But came out that everything was okay (my throat was the problem why I went in first place..). Since I was in Tallinn for a day I tried to do other "important" things. I copied my diploma that I need to send to the Board of Education in Finland. I also had delicious smoothie (from Coca Cola Plaza), went to the shops and had lunch at Lido. I took a book with me so whenever I was bored I just sat somewhere and read :) I was reading "Before I Fall" by Lauren Oliver. It was such a great book!!!!!!!! I am so sad that I read it through. I just love reading good books!

I bought super yum milk custard from Estonia and I ate it with  fresh strweberry jam that I made! Delicious summer dessert!

Anyway, yesterday and today I have mainly been at home, reading. :D Actually I have been riding my new bike, as well. Yes, I have a new bicycle :D I am super happy! My dad bought it for me as a graduation gift. I love the bike. It's called Raleigh and it's perfect! My white horse :D 

You can see bag of peas and buffed corn in the basket (I just came from the shop:P)
Today I went to the outdoor swimming place, sunbathed for a while (and read a book) and then later I went to the shop to buy peas. Oh how I love peas! I have been buying them so much this summer :D I can't get enough! And to end my day perfectly, I went swimming with dad to the near by lake. The water was sooo warm! We are going again tomorrow :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

4 days in Estonia

We had a nice 4-days vacation in Estonia. On our first day we visited Jay's dad in Tallinn, went to the movies to see Transformers: Age of Extinction, and enjoyed good food! Very first thing we did was renting a car. We got a nice Skoda Superb that looked so cool and pretty! And it was so comfortable to drive it! Anyway, that was Wednesday. We stayed at my sister's house. Next morning we started our drive to Pärnu. We visited Jay's grandmother on the way there. So, we spent about an hour in Türi. I love her garden. It's kinda exotic and flowers are just soo tall! Love it :) And it was really old and small swing set there. I was swinging, eating gooseberries and blackcurrants. Summer, oh how I love it!

Then we kept driving and soon we arrived to Pärnu. First, we found our hotel and registered in. Our hotel room was very cozy and homey! Very clean and just lovely for a couple :) We were pretty hungry so we went to have a lunch at restoran Kroon. I really recommend their food! I got a stuffed pancake with mushrooms, zucchini and salad and for drink I had delicious fresh berry smoothie. After that food I was so full but at the same time I felt so good :) After that we went to the beach where we spent rest of our day. The weather was very nice and the sea water was just perfect! Only negative thing was that you have to walk soooo long before you can actually swim because the water just isn't deep. 

We triedto throw stones to each others belly buttons :D I won!

On the third day we decided to go to the water center Tervise Paradiis. We spent there over three hours and had so much fun :) We got to slide down these crazy tubes, sunabath at the balcony, I drank so yummie strawberry-mint smoothie and more and more swimming! I have always been afraid of jumping to the water, but finally I had courage to do it..and sure I kept jumping and jumping because I really liked it :D
So, after the long day in the water we had dinner ar Steffani's and then we drove back to Kohila where we stayed overnight. 
Next morning we visited my grandparents and then went to Tallinn and gave back the rental car. We still had about 6 hours until we had to go to the ship, so we walked around. There were Sea days near harbour. We also went to the Energy center (which was pretty borning) and then we had lunch and went to the movies to see Dawn of the Planets of the Apes. It was quite good :)
There 4 days were so nice :) We really got to enjoy ourselves, we laughed a lot, took our time with things and just relaxed and enjoyed warm summer days!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Great summer books!

I love reading and when I graduated university and my holiday started I was so happy to be able to read as much as I wanted!
I have already written reviews of some of the books that I have recently read. But I haven't written anything of the following books:

"The Longest Ride" by Nicholas Sparks
All N. Sparks books are very romantic, but very realistic and true to life. He's books tend to end either happily or very sadly. So, while I am reading I am always wondering which was the story is going to turn out. I was so pleasently surprised with the story he had greated. It was interesting, flowing and eventhough suspected what might happen at the end I wasn't sure. And I wasn't entirely right either. But reading this book and prediction what might happen made me somehow so excited and happy! It was such a beautiful story of LOVE! 
"Picture Perfect" by Jodi Picoult
This is quite an old book, published in 1995. But that didn't make the reading experience less boring. I love Jodi Picoult as an author. All her books are so compelling, you really can't know what comes next, how the story will end ect. She has some sort of mystery in her book. 
This book is a story of companionship and love, but not in an typical romantic andeasy way. It really is something that might happen in real life...and how hard it is to love someone and at the same time get hurt and hate the one you love. But much harder it is to turn your back to the person who loves and needs you...
I felt many emotions when I was reading this book.. sometimes it made me mad, then sad, then happy, angry, excited ect. At the end I was just neutral. 

"Shattered" by Teri Terry
It is the last book of her trilogy series. I love the whole consept of this trilogy. I have written about the first book here.
I feel it's very hard to write about this book because the story is just so rich. There are so many layers and so much action. But I highly suggest to read this book. I have never come across a writer who writes with such a flow. There really isn't time to take a breath. She has lots of dialog in her books. She also just makes everything happen. In lots of books you feel like that something is about to happen, but it takes like 20 pages.. In her books it takes 1 page! And that's why it's so interesting to read! Even thinking about it makes me so excited all over again :D

"The Kite Runner" by Khaled Hosseini
I have read all Khaled Hosseini' books. I like how truthfully he writes about life in Afghanistan. It's cruel, sometimes ugly, mostly sad. But it's so realistic. I leant so much new from this book. 
It's a story of a boy who's dad is rich and well known. They have a housekeeper who has a son. So, both of the boys are good friends inside of the house and in their garden. But out they are not because it's not normal to be friends with different social status people. These boys are like brothers. But one day changes everything... 

Recipe: Homemade granola

Like I mentioned in my last post, I made granola yesterday. I was so excited to wake up today morning and have a nice breakfast of greek yogurt, homemade granola and strawberries. It was delicious! The granola is grunchy and sweet (even too sweet to my liking). Next time I would add less sugar and I would keep it in the oven a bit less that I did yesterday because the granola is quite hard. But despite these two mistakes I still love the granola so much! It's not entiarly healthy because it does have quite a lot of sugar in it. I used healthier sugar: rawsugar.
I got the recipe from Byron Talbott's youtube channel. I will copy the ingradience list and the video here! It's so easy to make it, I promise ;)


1 1/2 cups Brown Sugar
1 1/2 cups Honey
1/2 cup H2O
1/4 cup Grape seed oil
3 cups Rolled Oats
1/2 cup pistachio
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1/2 cup sliced macadamia nut
1/2 cup hazelnut meal
pinch of salt

I personally didn't measure the nuts. And I didn't use all the nuts he did. I just added everything I wanted, as much as I wanted. I also added a bit of raisins. Overall, you should give this granola a try ;)

Friday, July 11, 2014

What's up?

When I got back from Turkey I was so excited to just be at home! Home is the best place ever! And I have really been enjoying doing whatever and just being at home! So what have I done?
I have gone by the lake to swim with dad and Jay few times. The next day after I came back from  Turkey I went swimming with dad and o'boy the lake water was so cold. But I got used to it ;) Oh how much I love swimming!!!

I also have been walking every day..or night to be more accurate. Jay has had evening shift at work which means he finishes his work at 11pm. I have walked to his work every night and then we walk back home together. It's a nice reason to go out and walk.. They whole journey takes about an hour :)
And seems like walking isn't enough exercise for me, I went to zumba yesterday. I was thinking how I should do some exercise but I have been too lazy to go out for a run. And since I have summer holidays and plenty of time I decided to go to zumba class. It was so cool :)I love dancing :D I am planning on going next week again. 
Few days ago I went to Helsinki to meet my friend. We had a nice lunch at Greek cafe and later we just had ice-cream and went to the kindergarten for a minute. I finally had time to go over there and got some of the gifts that kids had left me there. How cute :)
My blog post wouldn't be real if it didn't have food included. I have been loving halvaa that I bought from Turkey. Other than that I have been trying to avoid sweets. I came across of two recipes I wanted to made and today was the day I made them: 1) granola and 2) chia seeds pudding. The granola came out so good! I can't wait to have it for breakfast with greek yogurt tomorrow. The pudding must stay in the fridge overnight. I hope it turns out as nice as it seemed in the recipe :) I might even do blogposts of both of these recipes!

Next Wednesday we are going to Estonia to have a little 4-days vacation. We are going to rent a car so we could move around easily. We already booked an hotel in Pärnu because that's where we want to go. PÄRNU! We wanted to go to Pärnu beach last time we were in Estonia, but weather was not good at all (most days it was raining:S), but this time the weather sould be nice! I am sure we are going to enjoy our stay there. I am actually so happy we are going to Estonia because it'll be my last vacation this summer before my work starts again. When we come back to Finland I still have a week and an half before my work starts, but I will just be home..hunging out with my sister (who is coming over), going swimming, reading books ect. 

Talking about books. I have read quite many books this summer. I like writing book reviews, but since I have read quite many I feel like it would take me so much time. So, instead I will probably just mention all of these books soon in a post :) I already ordered 4 new books that should arrive next week! Something else should arrive next week too, but I will write about it when it's actually here! I am excited :D

Oh, I almost forgot. I went to the movies today. Since I knew Jay wouldn't want to see that movie, I went to the movies alone when Jay was at work. I went to see "The Fault in Our Stars". I have read the book so I was sure courious to see the movie. I must say I wasn't very touched... most people in the cinema were really crying with voice and everything. For some reason that made me laugh :O But I tried to control myself. I find the book much better than the movie.. like it is with most of the books/movies I guess. I think the book was more emotional. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Turkey trip

Käisin oma vanema õega Türgis ilusat ilma nautimas! Nagu ma juba enne mainisin, pole ma just suur päikesereiside fänn. Vähemalt ma arvasin nii. Ja kuigi Türgis oli ülilahe, ma siiski eelistaks rohkem kultuursemaid kohti ja vaatamisväärsusi. Tegelikult on Türgis palju vaadata ja palju kultuuri, aga me lihtsalt olime tüüpilisel päikesereisil, kus veetsime aega Kemeri linnas ja rannas :) Meil juhtus seal mitmeid äpardusi, nalja sai palju ning tõesti lõbus oli :) Puhata saime!

//I went to Turkey with my sister. We stayed in Kemer for a week. It's a typical resort area with beautiful Sandhill beach. We had all included, so we had breakfast, lunch and dinner in hotel + free pool bar. Eventhough I like to travel to the places where I can see more culture and sightseeings, I still enjoyed the trip very much! I had fun with my sister and I got to rest and relax :) //

 Even if the hat doesn't look very good on me (no hat looks good on me!), it was essential not to get sunburn in my head or sunstroke.

 I loved looking at mountains! Aren't they mysterious?!

Esimesel päeval käisime türgi saunas, kus meid kooriti, pesti ja saime massaaži ka. Väga mõnus oli! Nahk oli pärast pehme kui beebi pepu :D Meil oli kõik hinnas pakett, seega saime hotellis hommikust, lõunat ja õhtust süüa. Lisaks oli koguaeg avatud tasuta baar. Toit ei vastanud päris minu ootustele. Oli kuidagi väga ühekülgne. Lõpuks enam väga ei isutanud see riis ja juurikasegu. Aga iga päev käisime ka kohalikus toitupoes, et proovida mõningaid Türgi maiuseid jms. Iga päev sõime palju arbuusi, mis oli nii hea ja magus. 

//On our first day we went to the Turkish sauna and bath. Two men were peeling our skin and then we had nice long massage. Our skin was so soft after the treatment!
The food in our hotel wasn't anything special. At first it tasted very bad, but then we got used to it. It varied only a little. Mostly we had rice and some sort of veggies.. very little meat. It's not that we needed meat, but all the fresh salads were so tasteless..and really weird. But every day we went to the local foodshop and bought some turkish delights ect. Turkish watermelons were sooo ripe, sweet and juicy! //
Half a watermelon for me, another half for my sister.
 Delicious nuts covered with sugar glaze. 
 Freshly squeezed orange juice was so sweet and refreshing!

Teisel päeval me käisime Sandhill rannas. Sealne merevesi oli nii soe, aga samas õhutemperatuurist jahedam, nii et jahutas mõnusalt :) Ilm oli kogu reisi ajal vahemikus 35-45 C kraadi. Kuna õhk on seal kuivem, kui Eestis ja Soomes, siis sealne kuumus mõjus teisiti. Mina näiteks väga higistama ei hakanud. Aga janu oli küll koguaeg. Ja selline lämbe kuumus väsitas väga ruttu! Rannas oli kõige parem, sest seal oli väike jahutav tuul. Seetõttu päevitades ei saanudki aru, kuidas päike kõrvetab. Teisel päeval rannast hotelli jõudes avastasin, et mul on vasaku jala säär põlenud :S Suur-suur punane laik. Muidugi põles ka rindade vahelt, ja veel mõnest õrnast kohast, mis pole harjunud eriti päikest saama. See punane laik säärel on ikka veel alles, hetkel tuleb sellelt nahka..
Kuid see oli mu esimene suur probleem sel reisil. Teine probleem oli sääsepunnid! Kuna õues oli nii kuum, siis loomulikult oli hotellitoas ka täielik leitsak. Aga meil konditsioneer ei töötanud. Hoidsime iga öö rõdu ust lahti ja nii ma hommikul ärkasingi sääsepunne täis!!! Häbi oli küll ringi käia, kleit seljas ja jalad suuri punaseid punne täis. Õnneks keegi ei tundnud mind seal :P

//On our second day we went to the Sandhill beach. The water temperature was so high, but it was still cooler than the air temperature. It really was sooo good to cool down in the sea :) The air in Turkey is much more dry and therefore the hotness was more bearable. I didn't even sweat. But the hot weather made me tired very fast! Being at the beach was the best because there was more windy. I got sunburnt after my first day at the beach :/ I still have a huge red mark on my skin :S
Second bad thing that happened to my skin were mosquito bites :S My legs were full on red dots. We were keeping our balcany window open every night because it was so hot in our room and we thought our conditsionere didn't work. Later we found out there was a remote for that.. We felt really blond that that moment! //

 This photo was taken on our last day.. which was the only cloudy day :P

Alles kaks päeva enne ära lendu küsisime alt registratuurist konditsioneeri kohta. Selgus, et me ei osanud seda lihtsalt käima panna..selle jaoks oli pult, aga me arvasime (õigemini mu õde arvas), et see on teleka pult (mis pani meid koguaeg imestama, miks telekas selle puldiga ei funktsioneeri :D). Nalja igatahes sai!
Kolmanda päeva veetsime jahi peal, mis nägi välja kui piraadilaev. Jaht tegi vahepeal peatusi ja siis sai end erinevate randade vetes jahutada :) 
Ülejäänutel päevadel käisime ikka igapäev poodides, veetsime osa päevast rannas, sõime jne. Ühel päeval otustasime hotelli õhtusöögist loobuda ning läksime hoopis linnapeale ühte kohalikku söögikohta kebabi sööma. Saime küll soovitust veits erineva toidu, aga see-eest saime tasuta türgi teed juua ning koju saime kaasa imehead türgi saia!!!
Türgis on väga populaarne õunatee, mis tõesti maitseb nii hästi. See on mõnus hapukas! Me jõime seda enda hotellis :)
Ostin koju kaasa türgi halvaad, külmkapile magneti ning ühe käsitöö kausi, mida kasutan nüüd kommikausina :D Perekonnale ostsin tüüpilisi türgi maiuseid. 

//Our third day we spent on a yacht that looked like a pirateship! We got to swim, sunbath, eat good food and just to enjoy Turkish nature that we saw :)
Rest of our days we mostly went to shops, spent lots of time at the beach, ate and also rested in our hotel room. We had long conversations, we both read a book, ate Trukish snacks and over all enjoyed our stay!
One evening we decided to ditch our dinner in hotel and dined out. After our meal we got a real Turkish tea that was very dark, and we got free Turkish bread that we took to the hotel with us. It tasted sooo good!!! 
From Turkey I bought halva, fridge magnet and handmade bowl for candies. And for my family members I bought Turkish sweets :) //

 Very salty but clear and perfectly warm/cool water :D
 Vacation means you can rest and relax. It also means you can read :D:D:D
 Our typical night before going to bed :P (it didn't capture our dances and other crazy things we did in our balcony :D)

 Sisters. Do we look alike?! :D
 Our yacht!
 Dinner at local Turkish kebab place :)
 Time to fly home...