Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tortilla pizza - super quick and easy!

I have been wating to make pizza with tortilla for so long, but now I finally made it! This pizza is very easy and quick to make and it tastes so good!

You need: 
*Any kind of tortilla 
*ketchup or tomato sauce
*grated cheese
*any topping you like (I had chopped onion, tunafish, shrimps)

How to make:
Just put ketchup on your tortilla, add your topping and grated cheese. Then put it in the pre-heated oven (200 C degrees). Let it bake till the cheese have melted!

before going to the oven

dinner is ready!


caramelized almonds!

The other day I made caramelized almonds  for my best friend for Valentine's Day and seriously they were so easy to make. It took less than 10 minutes. And oh how good my apartment smelled after caramelizing them. I made them quite a lot so I had a little bowl for myself. Now I have eaten them all of course, but I plan to make these soon again! :) 

PS! I love this little glass bowl. It had Nutella chocolate cream in there actually and now I am reusing it!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

food experience - peanut butter

Sometimes I want to try something I have never had before because I think I might like it. I just get that feeling. Sometimes I try it and regret - I realize I do not like it.
Anyway, I blogged about my love for KitKat peanut butter chucky chocolate bar. Yeah! I love that taste! So, after that I started thinking about peanut butter like crazy...Don't ask why, I don't know. I just started dreaming about having a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. But I had actually once had peanut butter sandwich before. My friend sent me a jar of peanut butter from USA. He also sent me different sweets with peanut butter (candies and cookies). I loved the sweets very much, but I just couldn't eat the actual peanut butter that came with the jar. I don't know why, but I didn't like that taste at all!!! But now I thought my taste might have changed and I might like peanut butter now. When I came back to Estonia I bought a jar of peanut butter. I was so excited to get home and to have a good peanut butter sandwich (I also bought a freshly baked white bread!). But what a disappointment. It didn't taste not even closed to what I dreamed of.  I just didn't like it at all. Yuk! 
I don't know why I keep thinking I might like some things when I actually don't. The same was with chai tea. I couldn't wait to buy it and try it, but when I did I didn't like it. 
There's one more thing I want to try because I am just curious to know if I like it. It's avocado. But I have a bias to think I don't like it. We'll see. I will definitely post about my avocado experience when I have had it!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

mixed feelings

I arrived back home few hours ago. When I was leaving Jay and Finland I left so weird. I was excited to get home and to start university again, but I didn't want to leave without Jay. And when I arrived home I realized how empty I feel without him. It's nice to be at home, but not without him. Our apartment seems so empty and I really really miss Jay. It's true what they say - home is where your heart is! My heart is always with Jay and I really feel so good with him anywhere we are. Good thing is that he's coming home on Saturday morning already! So I don't have to be sad very long. I hope university keeps me busy this week! I cannot wait to have a nice weekend with Jay :) I am waiting him home :)
When Jay was at work yesterday I finished knitting my second sock of the second pair. When I got them ready I put them on, watched figure skating and started knitting a new pair of socks - this time for Jay :) I just want to try to knit a bigger socks. I choose dark gray color for him. 
I had a delicious wrap for dinner, from Deli Express. I bought it when I arrived to Tallinn. Now I am going to have an apple for snack and then I will take a hot shower and watch one of my favorite tv shows.

 Watching figure skating end ejoying my new socks :)
Knitting a sock for Jay :)
Delicious wrap for dinner :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

~ on Thursday you have to smile ~

It was so beautiful weather outside today again! So, when Jay went to work I was walking with him. The sky was clear and blue, sun was shining. It was pretty cold though. But we were walking so fast that I felt quite warm. But yeah, when I was walking back home I was somehow so tired..and so I walked quite slowly. When I arrived home I was so cold. I was shaking. And I still am. To prevent getting sick, I decided to have a huge and strong lunch - potatoes, chicken&creme sauce, little piece of meat and beet&garlic salad. I know chicken and meat are wierd together, but like I said I really needed a strong lunch! The beet and garlic salad was so good! It had so muh garlic in it, so I guess I just can't get sick now :) I'm having some chocolate for lunch now!
I was watching Pretty Little Liars yesterday night. O.M.G! It's getting more and more scary! I love how interesting the storyline is! I can't wait for next week's new episode!!!
Aww, my best friend Elisa just sent me a video where she's opening the Christmas gift I sent her. It took pretty long to arrive there, but finally it did. She and the video totally made me laugh and now I am wearing a huge smile on my face the whole day long! She's the bestest friend anyone could ever have! I am so lucky!
Elisa was trying on these slippers I sent her for Christmas :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

my new pair of socks :)

I finished knitting the second sock of the pair yesterday. So, now I have a new pair of socks. I am so proud of myself. LOL
Of course I started a new sock yesterday after the other got done. I just couldn't wait to see what pattern this new yarn will have on my sock. It's really pretty I think. But I will post the photo of my new pair of socks when they are done. Right now I am knitting the first one. It looks so nice :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

a perfect winter day!

When I woke up today morning and removed the curtains from my windows, O M G ! I saw the most perfect and most beautiful winter day! There was so much beautiful white snow, the sky was so clear and blue and sun was shining! I love today's weather! It just doesn't feel right to be inside! The weather asks you out for a walk. I will go walk to Jay's work in about 2 hours. I hope the weather stays like that. I want to take some photos! Right now I took some photos from my window :)
These photos aren't the best to show off this wonderful weather, but believe me - it's so beautiful outside!!!

KitKat peanut butter chunky - obsession

When Rebecca visited Estonia she gave me a little bag of different candies from USA. I have eaten them all. One of the candies were Reese peanut butter little cups. I must say that I don't like peanut butter on my sandwich, but I do love peanut butter in candies! So, I fell in love with these Reese peanut butter candies. But when I had eaten all I wanted more.
Then I saw a KitKat peanut butter chunky chocolate bar in the foodshop. I had seen it before too, but I thought I didn't like it because I don't like peanut butter. But after eating these Reese candies I decided to buy that KitKat bar, try and see if I like it. O'boy! I love it! While being in Estonia I ate at least 6 KitKat peanut butter chunky chocolate bars! It's my totally favorite right now! I love the peanut butter saltiness in chocolate. So yummie! I could eat them forever (or so I think). Jay of course discovered my obsession/attiction and bought me so many KitKats :)
I actually know that if I start liking something and I eat it very very much then soon I get sick of it and don't want it at all. So, I try not to eat it every single day... I just don't want to loose my love for that amazing chocolate!
Me with my new fav chocolate bars!

at home in Estonia

I have realized that I blog much more when I am in Finland than in Estonia. Probably because in Finland I have always so much time.. But yeah, I spent 5 very nice days at home in Estonia with Jay. When we arrived on wednesday we were so hungry and bought a huge pizza, ate that and then went to his dad's place. His dad spent a month in USA so we went to his place to hear about his trip. We had given him some money so he would buy us some things we wanted from USA. I wanted two things: Hershey white chocolate and a candle from Bath and Body Works. Jay asked for much more. But what a dissapointment. I did get the chocolates, but not the candle. I also got yoga pants from Victoria's Secret and also to tops from VS, and a t-shirt from Ecko Red. All I got was very nice and I like them a lot, but still I was dissapointed for not getting one thing I wanted. I know for sure that they went shopping a lot and Bath and Body Works is in every bigger shopping center. But it's okay. I might get one when I go to USA one day.. whoknows when. Jay got two pairs of jeans and two t-shirts. I saw from his face that he was dissapointed too. We gave quite a lot money and I supposed we were waiting for much more things..But at the same time I know it wasn't our trip and his dad of course wasn't thinking of our gifts to much as about everything else that was going on on his trip :)
He also gave me a mug from Florida with my name on it and two fridge magnets. I will take photos and add them here when I'm back at home.
Anyway, on Thursday I went to Rocca al Mare school to give 3 classes in 4th grade. After that I went foodshopping and then just spent time at home with Jay. I made a dinner and so on. On Friday and Saturday I was in university. Every evening after getting home I made a dinner. And on Sunday before going to harbour to go back to Finland I also made a lunch. Jay said too that wow, we didn't go out for lunches and dinners not once - I was cooking every single day! It was very nice actually! :)
Now we are back in Finland and I am cooking tonight again :)
While being at home I managed to knit a sock a little bit and oh, I did a lot of cleaning.. I threw tons of things away (mostly university paper works). I didn't get everything done yet, so when I go back at home I want to finish the winter cleaning :)
PS! It was so nice to see my friends in university again! It was so good just to talk to them and hear how their break was!
But now I am enjoying my last week of winter break! I am going back to Estonia on 27th Jan evening..and on 28th Jan starts uni classes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what I managed to do in autumn

At the end of Ocotober I wrote an autumn list..things I wanted to do in autumn. It's already winter (since 21st Dec) and I think it's the last time to check what I managed to get done.. and some time this week I will write a to-do list for winter!

I want to do:
  • drink hot chai latte - DONE (didn't like it at all!)
  • succeed as a teacher (have an intrernship coming!) - DONE (internship was fun and went very well!)
  • burn a lot of scented candles - DONE
  • cook a lot! - HALF DONE (could have been cooked more)
  • bake a blueberry-banana cake - NOPE (totally forget about it:/)
  • enjoy dark days as much as possible - DONE (I did! I burnt candles and listened to music!)
  • have a bowl of Ben&Jerry's New York Chunky flavor!!! DONE
  • spend awesome time with Jay - DONE (I had an amazing time with him whole autumn long!)
  • go to movies to see the last 2nd part of "Breaking Dawn" - DONE (I really liked it!)
  • read Cecelia Ahern's new book - DONE (I ordered it, read it and loved it!)
  • do all the Christmas shopping (so I wouldn't have to deal with it in December!) - HALF DONE (I always get new ideas just right before Christmas, so I had to do some more shopping)
  • celebrate 13th of November with Jay - DONE (was such a wonderful day!)
  • go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner! - DONE (we had such a lovely time!)
  • be well and healthy! (not getting cold anymore!!!) - HALF DONE
  • have a shoulder haircut?! (still deciding to do or not to do that) - DONE!!! (can't believe I actually did it. Lol. But I will let them grow them long again)
  • drink fresh smoothies for breakfast - NOPE (I had them usually after dinner time!)
  • have fun and my dad's 50th birthday! - DONE (it was very fun!)
  • clean windows :/ (it needs to be done before winter!) - NOPE (decided to do that in spring)
I am pretty happy with myself. My autumn was pretty sucessful and I got to do and enjoy the things I wanted! It's actually pretty hard to write to-do list for such a short yet such a long period of time. I might start thinking what I want to manage to do in the winter. There are few things, but I feel it's much easier to write some resolutions or wishes for the whole year (like I did in one of my previous blog posts).

these two days..

When I woke up yesterday I decided to go to the shopping center. I wanted to buy a new yarn. Rebecca told me that the yarn is in Finland cheaper than in Estonia. At least the kind of yarn I wanted. So, I went to the CityMarket and I was sooo happy when I saw that the yarn was in sale! It's normal price was 7.89 euros, but now it was only 5 euros. I choose two different yarns. They both are 150g which means you can make two socks with one yarn..and you will probably have some yarn left! I love the yarn I bought because it has different colors in it and the sock you are knitting has different colors and a pattern.
While in the shopping center I also bought a hot chocolate to make it at home. It's a different one because it's already liquid in the package (like a melted chocolate). So, I made that last night and it was good. Maybe I should have put more milk because the chocolate itself was pretty sweet!
I saw quite a few things that I couldn't decided either to buy or not. I decided to go home and ask advice from Jay (that's how I am, really hard of deciding wheather to buy something or not!).
At home I sure started knitting a new sock with my new yarn. It's so fun to knit if they yarn is new and colorful. It doesn't get boring at all! I got the heel done yesterday and today I have been knitting some more. I hope I'll finish the sock today so I can start knitting the second one of the pair tomorrow in the ship on our way to Tallinn.
Anyway, today I actually went back to the shopping center. To buy these few things I saw yesterday. Lol. These weren't anything big nor expensive, but I have hard time deciding even with the small and cheap things. I just don't want to buy things I might not need or use.
But yeah, I ended up buying a salad spinner. Every time I buy salad leaves (or a mix of different leaves) and want to make a salad of them I realize it's so hard to get them dry. I need to wash them before making salad..but I don't want wet salad. So every time I have been making salad of salad leaves I have thought that I need a salad spinner. And I saw it on Anttila yesterday, on sale! Only 5€! Today I bought it :) I also bought two things from Tiger Shop (one of my fav shop). I bought a new traveller mug (such a cute one with mustage!) and a box for sewing tools. It actually has some sewing tools inside of it (needles, scissors, floss ect). From Tiimari I bought a little purple cup for my makeup table. I can put there my brushes, nail file, mascara, eyebrow pencile and other things I am using. The cup I have right now is just too small...
Well, these are the small things I purchased yesterday and today.
This is the hot chocolate I bought..

I only had to heat the milk and add this melted chocolate to it..

My new yarn and the sock I started knitting yesterday.

I got mail: two letters from my friends from USA and a book that I got from PetronePrint as a reward of writing a review of one of thier books.

My today's shopping bag..
By the way, the other day when I was the foodshop I bought Mcennedy ice-cream Chocolat Fudge. It's basically the same as my fav Ben&Jerry's ice-cream New York Super Chunk, only Mcennedy's one is exaclty half cheaper. When I bought it I was curious to see if they actually taste the same. So, yesterday night Jay asked me to serve some ice-cream (he bought himself some strawberry ice-cream). As I was eating Mcennedy's ice cream I realized it tastes exactly the same - rich chocolate taste, walnuts, chocolate covered almonds and white chocolate pieces! Appearently this Mcennedy's ice-cream isn't sold in Estonia, but if Finland I am enjoying this cheaper ice-cream with the same rich taste! Here's the photo of this ice-cream:
I am off to the kitchen now. It's time to start making the dinner - boiled potatoes and minced meat sauce. Simple but good!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

new year wishes

There's so much exciting to wait from 2013. I have so many hopes for this year. There are three big things that I hope to happen this year. And I cannot wait to get to these exciting points of my life. Every year when new year comes I open an envelope and read the letter where are written my wishes for last year. I will read them and see how many of them came true. Then I take a new paper and write down my wishes for upcoming year. And when the year has passed I open the envelope and see again how many of my wishes came true. It's weird how I forget what I wished for.
I was in Finland on New Years Eve and so when new year started I couldn't read my last year wishes. But as I went to Estonia for few days, I took the paper with my wishes with me :) I read them just today. Most of them came true and that makes me happy. I also wrote new wishes for 2013 :) This year I wrote very concrete wishes/resolutions. All previous years my wishes have been just wishes...not so much resolutions. This year I wrote them both. In my opinion everybody needs some miracles and their wishes to come true. So, every year I have been writing down wishes that I hope would come true. Usually they are pretty big but realistic (for example: good health for my family, good grades at school ect). Like I said this year I was more concrete. I decided to wrote some resolutions that I know will need my will and work. Sometimes wishes come true without your help, but mostly not. But if you have some resolutions for a year, then it mostly means it's something you really want to make happen YOURSELF!
I also think of a wishes as something secret. I can't tell what I wished for because they might not come true.
But, I can write down my New Year's resolutions:

* learn to speak finnish
* cook more at home
* eat less chocolate and more fruits/vegetables
* knit at least 3 pairs of socks
* do postcrossing
* have a successful year in university
* swim a lot in the summer!
* make hot chocolate sticks
* make cards of the photos I have taken
* be more positive and optimistic :)
* read at least 20 book in a year! (I came up with that right now)
* have a "water day"
* watch Anna Karenina and Les Miserables

This is just a little short list of my New Year's resolutions. Like I said they are pretty concrete. But they will keep me working :)

And I just have to mention that my wishes for 2013 are pretty big! I am so excited to see what this year will bring me! I have a feeling it might be one of my favorite years of my life!

But now, my New Year wishes and resolutions are in envelope and I can enjoy this amazing year! I will open the envelope next year :)


how sweet!

Last night when I was in bed already I was just thinking that the time has passed so quickly. Especially in January. And then I found myself from the thought that it's already 13th January (it was after midnight!). So, I sent a text message to Jay and wished him happy 2 years and 5 months anniversary! Actually it's also 1 year since we got engaged! It was so good to go to sleep with such a nice toughts.
In the morning I heard when Jay came from work (he had a nigth shift). He went to the kitchen to eat and so I decided to wake up and go there too. When I entered the kitchen he hugged me and gave me package of chocolate cupcakes, Toffifee candy box and Fazer chocolate! He's so sweet! He wanted to buy me little treats for our anniversary and he went to the foodshop early in the morning. He said it took him 1,5 hours longer to arrive home because the foodshop was pretty far (he went to the gas station foodshop because everything else was closed that early in the Sunday morning).  He is just the sweetest guy ever! We had a nice breakfast together. I love my fiance! He's totally spoiling me with all the sweets! But in a good way! :)
Such a nice surprise in the morning!

knitting a sock

When Rebecca and I were in the ferry on our way to Tallinn then she was knitting a sock. It looked so pretty and that made me want to knit a pair too. So, I bought knitting tools and on our way back to Helsinki we were both knitting and talking. These two hours went to fast!
Now in Finland I have been continuing my sock. I didn't remember how to knit a heel parts, but I found very good videos on youtube and I got it done :) I only have to finish the toe part and then my sock is ready! I only have one barn of yarn with me and it was enough only to make one sock. I might be going to the yarn shop tomorrow here in Hyvinkää to buy more yarn. I will just start with a new pair of socks and hopefully in Estonia I'll find the yarn that matches my first sock!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

In Tallinn with Rebecca

Like I mentioned I went to Estonia on 9th Jan for three days. Why? Well, My friend Katie who lives in USA wrote me in the beginning of December and told me that her friend Rebecca is going to travel to Finland and she could like to visit Estonia too. She asked if I could be able to show her around. I sure agreed. So, for that one Rebecca and I wrote to each other on Facebook and we were planning our short trip to Tallinn. I suggested that we should stay there more than one day. And that's how it went. A day before we were supposed to meet I got a mail from her. She sent me a Christmas card. So sweet of her!
We met in Helsinki at the railway station on 9th Jan a bit before 8am. Then we took a tram to the harbor and a ferry to Tallinn. It was nice to talk to hear and learn more about her life. She's very friendly and fun girl!
The whole trip was very nice. We got to do a lot in these three days. We had a walk in the Old Town, visited KUMU museum and Kadrioru park. We also went to the movies to see The Impossible. It was such a good but sad movie. We also had very nice lunches and dinners in different foodplaces. Of course we went to the Viru Shopping Center. I guess the most we spent time in the Old Town. She took a lot of photos. Even I took quite a lot.
I really had a fantastic time with her. She's been travelling so much and it was so awesome to hear her stories about her trip. She also gave such a lovely present!!! She really likes photography and she made me cards of the photos she's taken. Amazingly beautiful! And an awesome idea! She also made me fridge magnets of beer caps. They look exaclty like these are bought from a shop. But she actually made them! On top of that she made some delicious sweets that I loved and a CD which I can't wait to listen to :) And I also got really cute earrings of one penny :) Everything she gave me was so speical especially because I know she took time to make these herself! My friend Katie also sent me a little gift with Rebecca - two Hershey chocolates! My favorite ones!
I really hope Rebecca will be visiting Estonia again. Maybe in the summer time when everything is green! I am so happy that I got a new friend like her. I feel we have so much is common - we both watch the same tv shows, our fav books author is Cecelia Ahern, we both love photography, she's very tolerant, she also talks a lot (like I do), we both love postcards and travelling, we both love food (hehe) and so on. I think we had a really fun time together in Tallinn and I am looking forward to meeting her again!!!

PS! She helped me to download Whatsapp to my phone :) I'm so glad I finally got it too :)
She's taking a photo of the sea. It was so cold and windy outside.

Dessert after lunch. Frozen yogurt with toffee and cherries :)

Gifts from Rebecca :) Love them!

She also got me these awesome 1 penny earrings :)

My favorite chocolate!

Snowy Tallinn.

We were taking loads of photos.

Little birds eating.

We saw this funny squirrel street sign.

Kadrioru museum.

Kunst = art. On our way to the KUMU art museum.

Such a beautiful painting.

Probably my favorite painting from KUMU art museum.

Rebecca took tons of photos of the paintings. I did too :P

Lunch at a cafe "6 pelmeeni".

Little dessert before the movies. I had Tosca cake (yum!) and hot chocolate (which I didn't like at all)

Dinner at Vapiano. We both had pesto pasta:) One of my favorite!

Back in Helsinki. Jay took this photo.


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

long sleeeeep

Winter holiday has been so good! I have totally enjoyed sleeping so long. I usually go to bed pretty late and of course I sleep so long in the morning. But it's allowed and almost as requested since you can do that only when you have a holiday (or a weekend). Even though I have been sleeping so long I can't say that I have slept very well. The bed at Jay's apartment isn't the best. If I sleep there alone I can sleep right in the center of the bed and it feels good. Jay says the same. But when we both sleep there together then it is quite uncomfortable. One night we even slept in different beds (he has another bed too, but it fits just one person). So, I slept in a single bed. It was so comfy! And Jey got to sleep in his bed alone and he said he slept so well too. But it felt so weird to sleep in the same roon with Jay but not next to him. Whenever he turned in his sleep I was checking out on him. I even don't know why. Anyway, last night we were supposed to sleep in seperate beds again, but we watched The Walking Dead on his bed before going to sleep. After we finished watching he asked if I wanna sleep with him tonight. So of course I wanted! We decided to change our sides. I always sleep on the left and he's on the right side of the bed, but we changed last night. I also took another blanket for myself. And I must admit I haven't had such a good sleep for months probably. I just slept like a baby. I was so tired and I felt so comfortable, I felt his hand next to me and I just fell asleep. The fact that I woke up about two times in the middle of a night to go to toilet didn't disturb me at all. And even though I saw a nightmare it didn't matter at all. I just felt so overly good last night. I haven't felt like that for pretty long. Last couple of weeks I have been laying on a bed for hours before I fall asleep, thinking different thoughts. But last night I didn't think of a single thought - I just fell asleep and slept so well! I hope tonight will be the same way!
I just finished making a late dinner for Jay. He's work is going to finish in 15 minutes. I think we'll watch The Walking Dead after he's eaten and then we'll go to bed. I seriously hope that I will fall asleep as quickly as last night and that I will sleep well. I have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow because I am going to Helsinki to meet Rebecca and then we are going to Estonia for three days :) Will be a nice trip, but I am going to miss Jay! (as crazy as I am).

book review - The Host

On Friday I realized that I have been in Finland for pretty long already and I still hadn't read a book that I took with me to Finland. So, I decided to focus on reading. This is the reason why I didn't go to the Internet on Sunday at all. I was reading the whole day! The book I was reading was The Host. I have had this book for about 3 years or even longer. I started reading it when I first got it, but for some reason I stopped after reading 80 pages. The storyline seemed quite boring and a bit confusing. Then I met Jay and I gave him the book to read. He said it was very good book. So, I thought I should still read it. Then I forgot it. Last summer I started reading it again, but then stopped again after readin a little over 100 pages. But I promised myself that I will find time and I will read it through when I have more time. I took the book to Finland because I knew I had so much free time here to enjoy reading this book. Of course I found myself doing everything else besides reading. But hey, I finally realized that and found time to read The Host through. I actually finished reading it today about an hour ago. I have NO idea why I didn't read it through right when I bought that book. It was amazing! The storyline was actually so interesting. The author is Stephenie Meyer, so you can imagine how great book it is! To be honest, I think the first 100 pages aren't that interesting. It takes time to understand what's going on. But then at some point there is so much going on, there's a complicated lovestory, lots of action, different caracters and lots of hope. Throughout the whole book I had my favorite caracters - Wanda (Wanderer) and Ian. I kept telling Jay that I want Wanda to be with Ian. I did't like Melanie or Jared. I didn't care for them. The story had an happy ending (if you can call it like that in a changed and mixed up world like they were living in). I am very care with the way it ended, I feel like everybody got their peace. I am actually so happy that I finally finished reading this amazing book. It was a great experience, I almost feel like I was part of that story and that crazy world. Thanks, Jay, for telling me how good book it actually is!
PS! A good news - The Host movie is in production right now and should be out in the end of March, 2013! Yes! This year!!!!
A short summary of the book's storyline:
Wanderer, the invading "soul" who has been given Melanie's body, knew about the challenges of living inside a human: the overwhelming emotions, the too vivid memories. But there was one difficulty Wanderer didn't expect: the former tenant of her body refusing to relinquish possession of her mind.
Melanie fills Wanderer's thoughts with visions of the man Melanie loves-Jared, a human who still lives in hiding. Unable to separate herself from her body's desires, Wanderer yearns for a man she's never met. As outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie unwilling allies, they set off to search for the man they both love.

Monday, January 7, 2013

sometimes it just happens..

Jay is back at work. Usually when he goes to work in the morning, he wakes up at 6am. I always wake with him, give a hug and kiss when he leaves. Then I go back to bed. But yesterday morning I must have been so deep in my sleep that I didn't hear her morning alarm, I didn't hear him changing, burshing his teeth or leaving. When I woke up of my nightmare the first thing I did was look for Jay. But he was gone. Then I checked the time and it was already 7.50am :/ How could I have not heard him waking up? I don't know but I felt so bad. Later when I went to his work by 3pm the first thing he said when he saw me was: Hello! Sleepyhead! I asked him why he didn't wake me, but he said I was sleeping so nicely. He said he was talking to me, but I didn't hear at all.
After his work we wanted to go for a walk, wanted to go to Lidl to buy some delicious crossiants, meatpies and maybe some donuts. These are the best at Lidl. We knew it was Sunday and also a holiday so before we went to the store we checked from the Internet if the store is open at all. According to their website it was open. So, we fought the coldness and walked the long way to the Lidl, but came out it was closed afterall :/ That made us both sad. Since we had walked so much and were so near to the city center we decided to try our luck at other bigger shopping centers. But no, they were all closed. Only restaurants and other foodplaces were open. So, we ended up at McDonalds. I do not like eating junk food, but since we had walked for sooo long, we were cold and hungry, I let me self to have a little treat. I had a hot tea and ruis feast (it's a burger between brown bread, with salad and cheese). Basically like a sandwish. After getting some warmess into our bones and some little food to our stomaches we walked back home. It was sooo good to be finally at home and to be able to sit down. My legs were so tired!!! I rested for about half an hour and then I started preparing the dinner. I made potatoes and sausages in the oven and I knew it would take about an hour to bake in the oven, that's why I started making it pretty quick after getting home. Dinner was delicious. For a little treat I had fuit salad.
Another funny thing that happened. On Friday night we wanted to go to the sauna. Our time was from 8pm to 9pm. Our neighbor got done pretty fast and told us the sauna is empty and we can go. It was 7.30pm. So we did. But the door was locked. We thought someone else is still in. We went back to Jay's place and waited till our official sauna time came up. When it was 8pm we went back downstairs to the sauna. The door was still locked. Jay tried to unlock it, but his key didn't open it. So we thought someone must have been in there eventhough it was our turn. Jay got pretty mad. He went to check at 8.30pm too, but it was still locked. Next day Jay said that he thinks he didn't turn the key to the very end, that's why the door didn't unlock itself. Nice! He said that he didn't know if his apartment key was supposed to unlock the sauna door at all and that's why he didn't try so hard. But later he heard from his friend that yes, his key also opens sauna door. Next time we are smarter. We are planning on going to sauna this Friday again.. Hopefully this time we actually get into there and can enjoy the hot sauna.
When we go to Estonia on 16th January then we want to go to my parents' place to the sauna. I cannot wait. I wanna run to the snow after the hot sauna. It feels so good!!!
We also want to visit Jay's dad because he will be back from USA by that time. We gave him money so he could bring us some things we wanted. I cannot wait to see if he got what I asked for :)
I think I haven't mentioned, but I am going to Estonia on Wednesday for three days. My friend Rebecca from USA is in Finland and we are going to take a little trip to Estonia for three days :) I'll probably blog about it later after the trip!
Last but not least - I didin't go to the Internet yesterday at all. And it felt so good. Instead I was reading a book. What book? I will blog about it after I have finished reading it!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Days rolling

I have been really enjoying my days here in Finland. I actually don't do anything special. I just watch a lot of tv, spend time on the Internet, read a book, do some crosswords, make lunch and dinner and so on. Pretty typical lazy days. Jay and I went to the foodshop on New Years Eve morning to buy some food for dinner. He also bought me a new hat. I like it because it's simple and pretty :)
We also bought one of my favorite candies - PätKis!!! These are mint truffles covered with milk chocolate. And I loveee them. I have eaten them before too. I am obsessed with these candies! They taste soo delicious! I think they are also sold in Estonian foodshops because on the back of the package the ingredients are also written in Estonian. 
I have been eating here a lot of fruit salad which I love. I actually eat that a lot at home too. I cut different fruits into little pieces and just enjoy a bowl of heavenly fruits :) Some mornings I have had donuts for breakfast. I love sweet breakfasts! Donuts and tea are so perfect for breakfast!!!
Jay and I started watching The Walking Dead and we are both really enjoying it. We are going to watch episodes 9, 10 and 11 from second season today. Then we have two more episodes of second season to watch. After that we can catch up with the third season!

Easy fruit salad of a kiwi, banana and mandarin.
Fruit salad of kiwi, banana, grapes, pineapple and mandarin.

Tea and vanilla donut for breakfast!

One of my favorite candies!!!

New Year

My New Years Eve with Jay was very nice. I am so glad we decided to spend this year more quietly! We had a nice dinner, watched fun tv programme, danced a little, went outside at midnight, watched the fireworks and had our own too, took some photos and enjoyed champagne, snacks and each others company! We went to sleep at 3am I think. The older I get the earlier I go to bed on New Year, but it's okay because we had a nice night!
I forgot to mention that the weather was quite bad - it was raining a little bit and o'boy how slippery it was!!! I don't remember any other New Years Eve with such a weird weather.
I will post here some photos of this night. They don't have the best quality because I didn't have time to choose the right program when I took the photos.
Ready for dinner. Ovenbaked chicken, potatoes and salad!

And a little bit of snacks!

It's 2013 :) My funny and cute guy!
I was pretty afraid to burn my hands that's why I look so weird, but happy!

And let another year with my Prince begin :)