Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Days rolling

I have been really enjoying my days here in Finland. I actually don't do anything special. I just watch a lot of tv, spend time on the Internet, read a book, do some crosswords, make lunch and dinner and so on. Pretty typical lazy days. Jay and I went to the foodshop on New Years Eve morning to buy some food for dinner. He also bought me a new hat. I like it because it's simple and pretty :)
We also bought one of my favorite candies - P├ĄtKis!!! These are mint truffles covered with milk chocolate. And I loveee them. I have eaten them before too. I am obsessed with these candies! They taste soo delicious! I think they are also sold in Estonian foodshops because on the back of the package the ingredients are also written in Estonian. 
I have been eating here a lot of fruit salad which I love. I actually eat that a lot at home too. I cut different fruits into little pieces and just enjoy a bowl of heavenly fruits :) Some mornings I have had donuts for breakfast. I love sweet breakfasts! Donuts and tea are so perfect for breakfast!!!
Jay and I started watching The Walking Dead and we are both really enjoying it. We are going to watch episodes 9, 10 and 11 from second season today. Then we have two more episodes of second season to watch. After that we can catch up with the third season!

Easy fruit salad of a kiwi, banana and mandarin.
Fruit salad of kiwi, banana, grapes, pineapple and mandarin.

Tea and vanilla donut for breakfast!

One of my favorite candies!!!

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