Monday, January 7, 2013

sometimes it just happens..

Jay is back at work. Usually when he goes to work in the morning, he wakes up at 6am. I always wake with him, give a hug and kiss when he leaves. Then I go back to bed. But yesterday morning I must have been so deep in my sleep that I didn't hear her morning alarm, I didn't hear him changing, burshing his teeth or leaving. When I woke up of my nightmare the first thing I did was look for Jay. But he was gone. Then I checked the time and it was already 7.50am :/ How could I have not heard him waking up? I don't know but I felt so bad. Later when I went to his work by 3pm the first thing he said when he saw me was: Hello! Sleepyhead! I asked him why he didn't wake me, but he said I was sleeping so nicely. He said he was talking to me, but I didn't hear at all.
After his work we wanted to go for a walk, wanted to go to Lidl to buy some delicious crossiants, meatpies and maybe some donuts. These are the best at Lidl. We knew it was Sunday and also a holiday so before we went to the store we checked from the Internet if the store is open at all. According to their website it was open. So, we fought the coldness and walked the long way to the Lidl, but came out it was closed afterall :/ That made us both sad. Since we had walked so much and were so near to the city center we decided to try our luck at other bigger shopping centers. But no, they were all closed. Only restaurants and other foodplaces were open. So, we ended up at McDonalds. I do not like eating junk food, but since we had walked for sooo long, we were cold and hungry, I let me self to have a little treat. I had a hot tea and ruis feast (it's a burger between brown bread, with salad and cheese). Basically like a sandwish. After getting some warmess into our bones and some little food to our stomaches we walked back home. It was sooo good to be finally at home and to be able to sit down. My legs were so tired!!! I rested for about half an hour and then I started preparing the dinner. I made potatoes and sausages in the oven and I knew it would take about an hour to bake in the oven, that's why I started making it pretty quick after getting home. Dinner was delicious. For a little treat I had fuit salad.
Another funny thing that happened. On Friday night we wanted to go to the sauna. Our time was from 8pm to 9pm. Our neighbor got done pretty fast and told us the sauna is empty and we can go. It was 7.30pm. So we did. But the door was locked. We thought someone else is still in. We went back to Jay's place and waited till our official sauna time came up. When it was 8pm we went back downstairs to the sauna. The door was still locked. Jay tried to unlock it, but his key didn't open it. So we thought someone must have been in there eventhough it was our turn. Jay got pretty mad. He went to check at 8.30pm too, but it was still locked. Next day Jay said that he thinks he didn't turn the key to the very end, that's why the door didn't unlock itself. Nice! He said that he didn't know if his apartment key was supposed to unlock the sauna door at all and that's why he didn't try so hard. But later he heard from his friend that yes, his key also opens sauna door. Next time we are smarter. We are planning on going to sauna this Friday again.. Hopefully this time we actually get into there and can enjoy the hot sauna.
When we go to Estonia on 16th January then we want to go to my parents' place to the sauna. I cannot wait. I wanna run to the snow after the hot sauna. It feels so good!!!
We also want to visit Jay's dad because he will be back from USA by that time. We gave him money so he could bring us some things we wanted. I cannot wait to see if he got what I asked for :)
I think I haven't mentioned, but I am going to Estonia on Wednesday for three days. My friend Rebecca from USA is in Finland and we are going to take a little trip to Estonia for three days :) I'll probably blog about it later after the trip!
Last but not least - I didin't go to the Internet yesterday at all. And it felt so good. Instead I was reading a book. What book? I will blog about it after I have finished reading it!

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