Thursday, January 24, 2013

~ on Thursday you have to smile ~

It was so beautiful weather outside today again! So, when Jay went to work I was walking with him. The sky was clear and blue, sun was shining. It was pretty cold though. But we were walking so fast that I felt quite warm. But yeah, when I was walking back home I was somehow so tired..and so I walked quite slowly. When I arrived home I was so cold. I was shaking. And I still am. To prevent getting sick, I decided to have a huge and strong lunch - potatoes, chicken&creme sauce, little piece of meat and beet&garlic salad. I know chicken and meat are wierd together, but like I said I really needed a strong lunch! The beet and garlic salad was so good! It had so muh garlic in it, so I guess I just can't get sick now :) I'm having some chocolate for lunch now!
I was watching Pretty Little Liars yesterday night. O.M.G! It's getting more and more scary! I love how interesting the storyline is! I can't wait for next week's new episode!!!
Aww, my best friend Elisa just sent me a video where she's opening the Christmas gift I sent her. It took pretty long to arrive there, but finally it did. She and the video totally made me laugh and now I am wearing a huge smile on my face the whole day long! She's the bestest friend anyone could ever have! I am so lucky!
Elisa was trying on these slippers I sent her for Christmas :)

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