Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year

My New Years Eve with Jay was very nice. I am so glad we decided to spend this year more quietly! We had a nice dinner, watched fun tv programme, danced a little, went outside at midnight, watched the fireworks and had our own too, took some photos and enjoyed champagne, snacks and each others company! We went to sleep at 3am I think. The older I get the earlier I go to bed on New Year, but it's okay because we had a nice night!
I forgot to mention that the weather was quite bad - it was raining a little bit and o'boy how slippery it was!!! I don't remember any other New Years Eve with such a weird weather.
I will post here some photos of this night. They don't have the best quality because I didn't have time to choose the right program when I took the photos.
Ready for dinner. Ovenbaked chicken, potatoes and salad!

And a little bit of snacks!

It's 2013 :) My funny and cute guy!
I was pretty afraid to burn my hands that's why I look so weird, but happy!

And let another year with my Prince begin :)


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