Tuesday, January 29, 2013

food experience - peanut butter

Sometimes I want to try something I have never had before because I think I might like it. I just get that feeling. Sometimes I try it and regret - I realize I do not like it.
Anyway, I blogged about my love for KitKat peanut butter chucky chocolate bar. Yeah! I love that taste! So, after that I started thinking about peanut butter like crazy...Don't ask why, I don't know. I just started dreaming about having a peanut butter sandwich for breakfast. But I had actually once had peanut butter sandwich before. My friend sent me a jar of peanut butter from USA. He also sent me different sweets with peanut butter (candies and cookies). I loved the sweets very much, but I just couldn't eat the actual peanut butter that came with the jar. I don't know why, but I didn't like that taste at all!!! But now I thought my taste might have changed and I might like peanut butter now. When I came back to Estonia I bought a jar of peanut butter. I was so excited to get home and to have a good peanut butter sandwich (I also bought a freshly baked white bread!). But what a disappointment. It didn't taste not even closed to what I dreamed of.  I just didn't like it at all. Yuk! 
I don't know why I keep thinking I might like some things when I actually don't. The same was with chai tea. I couldn't wait to buy it and try it, but when I did I didn't like it. 
There's one more thing I want to try because I am just curious to know if I like it. It's avocado. But I have a bias to think I don't like it. We'll see. I will definitely post about my avocado experience when I have had it!

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