Sunday, January 13, 2013

new year wishes

There's so much exciting to wait from 2013. I have so many hopes for this year. There are three big things that I hope to happen this year. And I cannot wait to get to these exciting points of my life. Every year when new year comes I open an envelope and read the letter where are written my wishes for last year. I will read them and see how many of them came true. Then I take a new paper and write down my wishes for upcoming year. And when the year has passed I open the envelope and see again how many of my wishes came true. It's weird how I forget what I wished for.
I was in Finland on New Years Eve and so when new year started I couldn't read my last year wishes. But as I went to Estonia for few days, I took the paper with my wishes with me :) I read them just today. Most of them came true and that makes me happy. I also wrote new wishes for 2013 :) This year I wrote very concrete wishes/resolutions. All previous years my wishes have been just wishes...not so much resolutions. This year I wrote them both. In my opinion everybody needs some miracles and their wishes to come true. So, every year I have been writing down wishes that I hope would come true. Usually they are pretty big but realistic (for example: good health for my family, good grades at school ect). Like I said this year I was more concrete. I decided to wrote some resolutions that I know will need my will and work. Sometimes wishes come true without your help, but mostly not. But if you have some resolutions for a year, then it mostly means it's something you really want to make happen YOURSELF!
I also think of a wishes as something secret. I can't tell what I wished for because they might not come true.
But, I can write down my New Year's resolutions:

* learn to speak finnish
* cook more at home
* eat less chocolate and more fruits/vegetables
* knit at least 3 pairs of socks
* do postcrossing
* have a successful year in university
* swim a lot in the summer!
* make hot chocolate sticks
* make cards of the photos I have taken
* be more positive and optimistic :)
* read at least 20 book in a year! (I came up with that right now)
* have a "water day"
* watch Anna Karenina and Les Miserables

This is just a little short list of my New Year's resolutions. Like I said they are pretty concrete. But they will keep me working :)

And I just have to mention that my wishes for 2013 are pretty big! I am so excited to see what this year will bring me! I have a feeling it might be one of my favorite years of my life!

But now, my New Year wishes and resolutions are in envelope and I can enjoy this amazing year! I will open the envelope next year :)


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