Tuesday, January 8, 2013

long sleeeeep

Winter holiday has been so good! I have totally enjoyed sleeping so long. I usually go to bed pretty late and of course I sleep so long in the morning. But it's allowed and almost as requested since you can do that only when you have a holiday (or a weekend). Even though I have been sleeping so long I can't say that I have slept very well. The bed at Jay's apartment isn't the best. If I sleep there alone I can sleep right in the center of the bed and it feels good. Jay says the same. But when we both sleep there together then it is quite uncomfortable. One night we even slept in different beds (he has another bed too, but it fits just one person). So, I slept in a single bed. It was so comfy! And Jey got to sleep in his bed alone and he said he slept so well too. But it felt so weird to sleep in the same roon with Jay but not next to him. Whenever he turned in his sleep I was checking out on him. I even don't know why. Anyway, last night we were supposed to sleep in seperate beds again, but we watched The Walking Dead on his bed before going to sleep. After we finished watching he asked if I wanna sleep with him tonight. So of course I wanted! We decided to change our sides. I always sleep on the left and he's on the right side of the bed, but we changed last night. I also took another blanket for myself. And I must admit I haven't had such a good sleep for months probably. I just slept like a baby. I was so tired and I felt so comfortable, I felt his hand next to me and I just fell asleep. The fact that I woke up about two times in the middle of a night to go to toilet didn't disturb me at all. And even though I saw a nightmare it didn't matter at all. I just felt so overly good last night. I haven't felt like that for pretty long. Last couple of weeks I have been laying on a bed for hours before I fall asleep, thinking different thoughts. But last night I didn't think of a single thought - I just fell asleep and slept so well! I hope tonight will be the same way!
I just finished making a late dinner for Jay. He's work is going to finish in 15 minutes. I think we'll watch The Walking Dead after he's eaten and then we'll go to bed. I seriously hope that I will fall asleep as quickly as last night and that I will sleep well. I have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow because I am going to Helsinki to meet Rebecca and then we are going to Estonia for three days :) Will be a nice trip, but I am going to miss Jay! (as crazy as I am).

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