Monday, January 21, 2013

at home in Estonia

I have realized that I blog much more when I am in Finland than in Estonia. Probably because in Finland I have always so much time.. But yeah, I spent 5 very nice days at home in Estonia with Jay. When we arrived on wednesday we were so hungry and bought a huge pizza, ate that and then went to his dad's place. His dad spent a month in USA so we went to his place to hear about his trip. We had given him some money so he would buy us some things we wanted from USA. I wanted two things: Hershey white chocolate and a candle from Bath and Body Works. Jay asked for much more. But what a dissapointment. I did get the chocolates, but not the candle. I also got yoga pants from Victoria's Secret and also to tops from VS, and a t-shirt from Ecko Red. All I got was very nice and I like them a lot, but still I was dissapointed for not getting one thing I wanted. I know for sure that they went shopping a lot and Bath and Body Works is in every bigger shopping center. But it's okay. I might get one when I go to USA one day.. whoknows when. Jay got two pairs of jeans and two t-shirts. I saw from his face that he was dissapointed too. We gave quite a lot money and I supposed we were waiting for much more things..But at the same time I know it wasn't our trip and his dad of course wasn't thinking of our gifts to much as about everything else that was going on on his trip :)
He also gave me a mug from Florida with my name on it and two fridge magnets. I will take photos and add them here when I'm back at home.
Anyway, on Thursday I went to Rocca al Mare school to give 3 classes in 4th grade. After that I went foodshopping and then just spent time at home with Jay. I made a dinner and so on. On Friday and Saturday I was in university. Every evening after getting home I made a dinner. And on Sunday before going to harbour to go back to Finland I also made a lunch. Jay said too that wow, we didn't go out for lunches and dinners not once - I was cooking every single day! It was very nice actually! :)
Now we are back in Finland and I am cooking tonight again :)
While being at home I managed to knit a sock a little bit and oh, I did a lot of cleaning.. I threw tons of things away (mostly university paper works). I didn't get everything done yet, so when I go back at home I want to finish the winter cleaning :)
PS! It was so nice to see my friends in university again! It was so good just to talk to them and hear how their break was!
But now I am enjoying my last week of winter break! I am going back to Estonia on 27th Jan evening..and on 28th Jan starts uni classes.

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